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About us – ABC Elearning

1. Mission and vision

Passemall was founded on the solid belief that anybody can earn their certificate successfully. We provide people with unique training and testing services. With our cutting-edge technology, we create a simple and effective system for everybody who wants to pursue their career.

In the next 5 years, to become a trusted brand on the e-education platform and to be positioned as one of the top 5 biggest education companies in the US.

2. From APPs to Website

Our Education Platform

Beginning with the aforementioned/ priority mission, our best and brightest minds created a practice tesst app for users, which is friendly for the IOS and Android. We are proud that our product is definitely FREE and never outside of the top 5 on both App Store and CH play. 

Our professionals have spent the time to look at each state’s manual and a huge of reference books, then a Free practice tests bank was created. Furthermore, our system also was designed corresponding to users’ levels and schedules to make sure people will pass their tests.

When experiencing our TEST platforms, you will realize that all questions are much easier thanks to gamification, detailed explanations after each question, and our recommendations for your improvement.

After years of success on the app platform, we decided to launch a new place for people to learn, to be more flexible with users’ devices, which means you can take practice tests both on smartphones and laptops. And we guarantee there is no difference between our app and website.

Quality Controls and Updates

Whenever a prep question is collected and ready, a triple-check was made before publishing it to users, to certain the fewest errors possible. In addition, we also offer a button both on 2 platforms which people can report any issues, we encourage and appreciate all reviews from the test takers or anyone interested in driving safely and try to evaluate then fixing it in an appropriate and the fastest way.

We understand how important accuracy is, hence all our practice tests are updated immediately, normally after the official tests within a few days.

Our Results

We know that the importance of holding certification for your career. That is the main reason we always do try to be better than other practice test websites, in terms of offering quality questions and protecting your privacy. 

We care about not only the training, but your success in your career, we want to able to provide any answers that you should ever need. Because your success is motivated to our development.