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Are you preparing for ASVAB test? Here's all about the ASVAB test  and our free ASVAB practice test. Let’s try and find your own way which works with you and get your goal on this test.

1. What is the ASVAB test?

ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and is a test that every military recruit has to take before even being sent to boot camp. This is not depend on  branch in the military you are enlisting in and you have a college degree or not. It also determines your location of boot camp and type of training you will receive.

The ASVAB measures your knowledge and ability in 10 different areas. It helps the various branches of the military assess which jobs you are best suited. 

2. Our free ASVAB practice test

Our free ASVAB practice test have some advantage like:

  • Free ASVAB practice test: Hundreds of questions help you pass ASVAB test and get started with a career in the army. 

  • Exam like the real test: Our ASVAB practice test must be completed in a specific time limit and has 4 domains. It helps you get similiar with this test.

  • Detailed explanation: Every question has a detailed explanation. It helps you a lot when studying by yourself.

Specifically, you can note some question as a favorite and review later. Not only your time will be saved when practice everytime with our app, but also you get similiar with ASVAB test.


Let’s try and find your own way to get your goal. The ASVAB isn’t hard like you used to think.