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All you need to know about the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

You are about to take the compTIA A+ exam and you still have some questions about it? We're here to answer all your issue!

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The CompTIA A+ certification sets up the background for all IT careers. Obtaining this certification indicates a profound knowledge of the fundamental components of PC installation and troubleshooting. The latest version, for which our prep tool is made, is the CompTIA A+ Core Series and was first released in January 2019. There are 2 separate subtests that you must take both to be certified: CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002. Make sure you are using the proper preparation materials for the test you are taking.

Let's try our CompTIA A+ practice exam to pass on your first try!

How many questions are on the CompTIA A+ test?

There are no more than 90 questions on each subtest and you have 90 minutes to finish each. That means the combination of both subtests has up to 180 questions with these 3 quiz types: 

- Multiple-choice (some have more than one correct answer)

- Drag-and-drop (move an answer to the right place on the screen)

- Performance-based questions (in which you control parts of a screen diagram to answer)

What are the CompTIA A exam domains?

The 220-1001 exam covers the following domains: 

- Mobile Devices (14%) 

- Networking (20%)

- Hardware (27%)

- Virtualization and Cloud Computing (12%)

- Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (27%)

The 220-1002 exam concludes the following domains:

- Operating Systems (27%)

- Security (24%)

- Software Troubleshooting (26%)

- Operational Procedures (23%)

What does the CompTIA A+ exam cost?

You must purchase a test voucher for $226 per exam. You must pass both 1001 and 1002 to become certified. You can make purchases online via the CompTIA Marketplace or directly from a Pearson VUE test center. Vouchers are invalid after 12 months after purchase. You must register and take your test within that time frame. There is no way to enhance the voucher’s life. 

What should I bring?

Only two forms of ID are needed, and one of them must be government-issued. Any other thing, more than likely, will have to be put away in a locker as instructed by the proctor. The driver's license and passport are perfect. They should give you a notepad and marker for notes. 

How is it scored?

The A+ score range is between 100 and 900 on each test. You must score at least 675 to pass the 1001 test and at least 700 to certificate the 1002 exam. This means the required passing score is approximately 72% and 75% respectively, though it is hard to calculate the exact score of each question. You’ll receive your score on the computer screen after the exam finishes.

What kind of job can I get with A+ certification?

With the A+ certification, you will be able to apply for tech support jobs such as Service desk analyst, Technical support specialist, Field service technician, Associate network engineer, Data support technician, Desktop support administrator, End-user computing technician, Help desk technician, System support specialist, and other similar opportunities. Some companies consider CompTIA A+ certification as a needed requirement for their service technicians.

As an IT professional, you must catch up with all of the newest innovations in hardware and software, as well as being skilled in problem-solving and customer relations.

Who is eligible?

There are no age requirements and educational conditions for those who take the CompTIA A+ Core Series certification test. However, it is recommended that candidates should be at least 13 years old and 6–12 months of experience.

What salary can I expect with an A+ certification?

Remember that you may see different salary levels for one particular job because it depends on various factors such as companies, geographies, as well as your working experiences. A higher salary may also have more requirements – in terms of experience or responsibilities. 

The CompTIA website lists yearly specific salaries as follows:

IT support specialist: $54,500

Field service technician: $46,000

Desktop support analyst: $60,000

Help desk tier 2 support: $45,000

How to Register and Pay for a CompTIA Certification Exam?

Visit the Pearson VUE website to create your account at least 24 hours before registration if you are a first-time user or sign in if you already have an account. Then select your exam, convenient test center, and appointment time. Complete all other required steps and finalize your payment. You can pay with your credit card on the website or by an exam voucher from the CompTIA Marketplace.

The CompTIA A+ exam is available in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

We’ve made this CompTIA A+ prep tool to help you start learning in the right way. Start by reading the exam objectives, learn everything you need to know about the CompTIA A+ certification and take the A+ practice test to familiarize yourself with the exam format. There’s plenty of useful information to let you make a proper decision if CompTIA A+ is right for you all the way to taking your exam. We’re with you every step of your way!

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