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All you need to know about the TEAS exam

You are planning to take the ATI TEAS test and you want to find out more about all you need to know about the TEAS exam. Then all is here!

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The ATI TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, is designed specifically to assess a student applying to the registered nursing program and the practical nursing program. The test covers 4 areas of Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. 

Do I need to bring a calculator to the ATI Testing? 

A four-function calculator will be available. If you are taking an online version, a drop-down calculator will be built into the test. If you are taking a paper-pencil test, the proctor will provide it for you.

Is there a fee to take the exam? 

Yes, the exam cost is an $87 non-refundable base fee. Additional score reports are $27 for each. Both credit card and debit card paid are accepted. You have to pay that fee every time you take the exam.

What score do I need to pass the TEAS test? 

The minimum score really varies school-by-school. For example, one school that you are applying to may have a lower required score than another one. As such, It is best for the candidates to confirm the minimum TEAS scores required for the school they apply to. See more tips about "how to pass TEAS test at your first try" here!

When will I get my TEAS test results? 

This depends on the permissions set by the school.  Most schools show candidates' scores immediately after the test.  However, some others publish scores at 2 business days following the test. Check your school or the testing center where you are taking the test to know specific information.

How many times can I retake the TEAS test? 

Students can take the ATI TEAS maximum 3 times per year. Each school has its own requirements on how many times you can retake the TEAS test and the time interval between attempts. Make sure you know clearly the school’s requirements so that you have enough time to retake the exam a second or third time if allowed.

How long should I study for the TEAS? 

ATI recommends that you should spend at least 6 weeks preparing before taking the TEAS test. Don't just prepare to pass – manage to get your highest score. We’re sharing helpful “How to pass the TEAS test 2020” tips here. One thing to note is that the tips are best to pair with our TEAS Practice Test.

Otherwise, studying for your test is one of the most important preparations. Our free ATI TEAS tests are simulated as closely to the actual exam as possible. Thousands of TEAS practice questions are available for your training!


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