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Do you think about how to get a Commercial Driver’s License without going to school? Here are some tips and free CDL practice tests to help you and get through this test.


1. Know about the CDL test

Most CDL knowledge tests include general knowledge, safe transport, and air brakes. The tests which you will take depend on the license classification that you are obtaining ( Class A, B, or C) and the type of vehicle that you will be driving. For more details in your CDL test, read What do you need to know about the CDL?


After passing the knowledge exam, you should schedule a road skill test. You need to know how to complete pre-trip inspection, demonstrate basic vehicle control, and drive on roads with the examiner. All of them you can prove by practice.


2. Learning on your way with free CDL practice online 

CDL practice tests online will help you to practice knowledge. Most states have a CDL exam which includes a vision test, knowledge exam, and road skills exam. CDL practice tests online from Passemal are based on your state's official manual so it will give you confidence and prepare carefully for the actual thing. 

After knowing the CDL test, you need to find out your own way which helps you learn easily. You can try one by one to find the best for you. You need to find out the parts which you struggled with the most. What parts were easiest? That can help your guide as to where you need to spend time more.

You need to know how to complete a pre-trip inspection, demonstrate basic vehicle control, and drive on roads with the examiner. Otherwise, you should bring a vehicle matching the type of vehicle you intend to use. Many states require evidence of trucks from a commercial driving school, but not all of them. 

3. Give yourself a timeline


Setting yourself a timeline is a good way to help you be ready for the CDL test. It will help you with how much time you need to study and when you’d like to pass this test. Also you should have your own tips to study effectively, you could find your way on How to pass your CDL written test in 2020?

It can be easy to take a rest when you finish the training program. And that can be useful if the material is fresh in your mind.


Getting a Commercial Driver’s License is not too difficult like you used to think. Just practice with free CDL practice test and find your way to make it easier.


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