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How to prepare for GED Math test 2020

Have well-rounded preparation of the GED Math test will helps you to slay the test with ease.

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Table of contents

Among four GED exam sections, mathematical reasoning is considered as the most challenging. Many people are scared of this math test, but if you have proper guidance and hard work, you can easily achieve your goal.

1. General information of GED Mathematical Reasoning Test

The mathematical reasoning section is a 115-minute test that consists of basic mathematics topics, quantitative problem-solving and algebraic questions. The GED math test is divided into two sections. The first section includes 5 questions where calculators are not allowed. The second section includes 41 questions. You may use a calculator in this part.

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2. Smart tips for GED Math test

2.1. Set your Schedule

A study schedule should be as specific as possible. You can merely understand that “I’ll study 2 hours per day” is easy to measure, but something like “I’ll be better at math” doesn’t show a specific goal post. A schedule helps you see your progress and make the most use of your time to cover all required knowledge before your real test. The more specific your schedule, the easier it is to accomplish.

2.2.  Learn daily

Don’t skip the brain even a day! Learning is just like exercise, if you skip a day, it requires stronger effort to go back the next day. Even only studying for a few minutes also helps you build a routine and reinforces your mental pathways to keep your brain active and your memory strong!

2.3. Practice as much as possible

Practice as much as possible to familiarize yourself with the GED’s math test format. You can take an online FREE GED practice test or written practice tests included in many test prep books. Setting a test time will both increase your solving speed and help you to manage your time better. Managing time is another key tip. Many test-takers fail their test because of lacking time. So testing yourself multiple times before your big day is always a great idea. By this way, you won’t be so stressed when taking your real test.

3. While taking the real GED test

3.1. Read questions carefully

Not understanding the question is a common reason leading to mistakes. Read each question thoroughly to ensure you know what it’s exactly asking because they can be tricky. If you’re unsure, read it again to double check.

3.2. Eliminating Wrong Answers

If you’re unsure about an answer, eliminating the answers you know aren’t correct is a good way. This reduces the number of options, and increases your chances of choosing the right one!

3.3. Answer problems you know first

Because of the time limit, it's important to divide the time you spend on each question wisely. One tried and true test-taking strategy is that don’t be afraid to skip questions that you can't immediately answer. Test time is limited, so answer the questions you know which answer is particularly correct first.

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