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What is a CNA?

Having deep knowledge about CNA certification will help you to determine whether you are suitable for a nursing assistant position.

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Are you interested in the healthcare industry? Let’s begin with CNA certification to facilitate your future.

What is the exact definition of the CNA certification?

CNA is a national certification that individuals are equipped with both necessary knowledge and practical experience to help patients on a daily basis and other healthcare needs. 

A CNAs will work independently or in a team under the supervision of an RN (registered nurse) or LPN/LVN (Licensed Practical/ Vocational Nurse).

In order to get a CNA license, you have to pass the final exam by the end of the course. There are 2 domains: hands-on-experience and multiple choices exams. 

The multiple-choice question is designed to cover 7 sectors, which might prevent participants from achieving CNA certification. The urgent thing is to practice a little with our FREE CNA practice exam day by day. You also could find more tips on How to become a CNA.

Which education requirements for a nursing assistant?

To become a CNAs, you needn’t have a Bachelor’s degree. However, a high school diploma or GED is a part of policies to the entrance. 

Educational requirements vary state by state. You should make sure which location you are planning to work. All candidates will attend formal training that includes a series of instructions for direct hands-on experience on patient bodies. 

You can look for the practical course in your college community, vocational or technical school. For the written exam, you can study and practice with our FREE CNA practice test

Where do certified nurse aides work?

After completing the CNA course, passing the exam and registering with your state. You’re ready to work as a healthcare professional. 

There is a range of possibilities for you to pursue where you work. For instance hospitals, nursing care amenities, private doctors’ offices, emergency centers,.... Moreover, a nursing assistant could work in a private home, which allows you more control over your schedule and work more independently.

What are the CNAs’ duties and responsibilities?

Nursing assistant programs are geared to the competencies of CNAs. That means they are ready to help people of all ages perform a basic daily task, for example:


Bathing and skincare routine;


Preparing bathrooms;

Report patient conditions to nurse;

Answering the calls from patients;

Taking patients’ blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and other vital signs;

Safety awareness;


How much CNAs get per year?

According to LBS (Bureau of labor statistics), the annual salary per certified nurse assistant is $30,720. Your income much depends on your location, experience, specialized skills, and other factors.

To improve your payment and career path, you totally upgrade from CNA to RN program.

Slay the CNA certification with our Free CNA practice test, or increase your opportunities with other certification HERE.

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