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What is a good score to get on the Asvab test (2020 updated)?

You should gain a minimum score of 31 to serve in the US army. The higher score you get, the higher opportunity you gain.

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Taking the ASVAB test is the compulsory requirement for the enlistment of the US military. What is the standard score to pursue an army career? The post below will provide all the essential information you have to know.

1. What is the AFQT score?

AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score is the most important mark to decide whether or not you are eligible to enlist in the US military and which jobs you might be best.

The AFQT score is upon on your scores on the following subtests:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Mathematics Knowledge

  • Paragraph Comprehension

  • Word Knowledge

It uses a scale of 1-99. This is percentiles, or how well you did compare with others. The higher your percentile, the better you did on the ASVAB.

2. What Is a Good ASVAB Score? 

The AFQT score is the most important of the ASVAB score. So what is a good ASVAB score?

Each branch has its minimum required AFQT score. Another way, the minimum ASVAB scores required for enlistment will vary slightly depending on whether you have a high school diploma or a GED. Someone with a GED instead of a high school diploma typically must earn a higher AFQT score in order to qualify for enlistment.

Here is the table which shows the minimum AFQT score for each branch of the military. Note that for some branches, it is very rare for them to accept applicants with only GEDs.

Military Branch

Minimum AFQT Score (High School Diploma)

Minimum AFQT Score (GED)

Air Force






Coast Guard



Marine Corps







According to this table If you’re applying for the Army with a 31 air force ASVAB score, you have a chance to serve in the military.

3. How to practice ASVAB?

After selecting your target, you should get down to practice with a detailed schedule. We suggest our plan which may be useful for your achievement.

Step 1: Find materials

Do not practice the ASVAB test right away if you have no idea about the format and the knowledge of the exam. Having an overall image plays a vital role in your progress. You should search on the Internet or people who passed the ASVAB test, it helps you to have appropriate materials to learn. If you don’t have enough time to detect which is suitable, click HERE to save your effort.

Step 2: Study with ASVAB practice test

You totally could study and practice ASVAB sample tests simultaneously. That will help you to improve the knowledge you have already got from the materials. In this way, you could save your time and know not only your strengths but also your weaknesses. The FREE ASVAB practice test is adaptive for both the mobile app and website, you should familiarize yourself with the ASVAB exam whenever you are free, even just only 5 mins. 

Step 3: Join any communities you know

Talking with others about what you are doing is a good idea to go. It’s simple, wandering on your social platforms, you can find a thousand groups of like-minded people. Discussing with them or studying from their experiences, you could avoid mistakes and keep your knowledge fresh.

Step 4: Take a break before the test day

Do not try to cram knowledge before the ASVAB test happens. Not effective as you expect, conversely you push unnecessary stress on yourself. As a result, depression is detrimental to your performance.

You should have healthy meals on that day, limit your time screen, and go to bed early. Your body needs to nourish and these mentioned tips will boost your ability at the peak.

Step 5: Go ahead to the center test early

Waking up early, going ahead early. Extra time before the test will reduce your nervousness.

Remember that you could take the ASVAB test without a limited time. However, success in the first attempt is always cool. Gain a good ASVAB score with our FREE ASVAB practice test to brighten your future.

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