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What is CISSP: All you need about CISSP Certification

How much do you know about the CISSP exam? Do not ignore essential background listed below.

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Are you preparing for your coming CISSP exam? What do you know about this test? Figure out the operation of the CISSP proves by reading the most common questions.

1. What is the CISSP Certification?

The CISSP exam is one of the prestigious certifications in the Information Security sector all over the world. It stands for Certified Infomation System Security Program granted by (ISC)2. Until now, there are approximately 141,607 (ISC)2 members holding the certification worldwide. Those people are considered to be the top-notch experts in the IT professionals community.

2. Which organization owns the CISSP format? 

The CISSP designation is accredited under the ISO standard by International Information System Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC)2.

3. How many domains that I have to pass?

In total, there are 8 domains in the test you need to cover. They are:

D1. Security and Risk management;

D2. Asset Security; 

D3. Security Architecture and Engineering;

D4. Communication and Network Security;

D5. Identity and Access Management;

D6. Security and Assessment Testing;

D7. Security Operations;

D8. Software Development Security.

All mentioned subtests are associated with Information Security, you have to answer at least 70% of questions correctly to get CISSP proves. From 1st May 2021, these domains will be refreshed that may only impact the weighting of them, domains themselves wouldn’t be changed.

4. What are the requirements for candidates?

CISSP exam would pass with ease by practicing with our FREE CISSP practice exam. However, attendance to the CISSP test inquires a thousand conditions. That is the main reason why the CISSP test is daunting.

5. How to register for the CISSP exam?

The progress is quite simple, following 3 steps:

  1. Create an account with Pearson VUE, the worldwide administrator of all ICS exams.

  2. Select the ICS exam you want to combat.

  3. Schedule your test date and confirm your location.

6. Who should attend the exam?

The exam isn’t suitable for everyone. One of the policies of the test is the candidate must experience a 5- year direct full-time job in the  IT industry. If you are fresher you probably could earn the CISSP proves by passing the CISSP examination, which validity lasts a maximum of 6 years. During this time you need to empower your competencies and knowledge to abide by CISSP procedures.

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7. Can I get more additional certification after achieving certified CISSP?

Once you accomplish the CISSP, you definitely earn additional certifications in the field of specialty. There are 3 possibilities:

  1. CISSP-ISSAP: focus on the architecture aspects of information security. The test consists of 125 questions covering 6 domains.

  2. CISSP-ISSEP: focus on the engineering aspects of information of security across the systems development cycle life. The exam consists of 150 questions covering 5 areas.

  3. CISSP-ISSMP: focus on the management aspects of information security. The exam consists of 125 questions covering 6 domain areas.

8. Why should I get the CISSP certification?

As aforementioned, the CISSP certificate is a gold standard to judge the ability of IT experts. Anyone who holds the certified CISSP is hunted by famous major corporations. This means that your opportunities are opened into a new whole level, then gain a lucrative salary as an obvious result.

Regarding a recent survey in the US, IT professionals with CISSP qualification are always paid 26% higher than others with similar experience levels who don’t have such certificates.

Hope you are well-prepared with our FREE CISSP practice questions. Find more practice questions for other IT exams HERE to get career prospects.

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