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What is PMP certification?

In this blog post, we take you to a closer look at "what is PMP certification" and all other information you need to know about it.

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Project management is a crucial part of any successful organization.In recent days, the price of failure is sky high, every mistake costing countless losses. To combat this issue, any organizations or businesses have started finding experienced, qualified, and certified project managers. Many project management credentials are created by authorities. However, the PMP certification is one of the most outstanding ones as the most in-demand certification.

In this blog post, we take you to a closer look at "what is PMP certification" and all other information you need to know about it.

What is the PMP Certification?

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional, an internationally recognized certification professional designation administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. The PMP exam is created to help you to plan projects and incorporate various activities to achieve the success of each project with minimal obstruction.

This certification is active across all industries and accepted all over the world. It indicates that you have the qualified experience, education, and good ability of competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

How many questions are on the PMP test?

The PMP exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions. Test-takers have 4 hours to complete the test. Out of the only 175 questions are scored. The remaining 25 questions are used to evaluate the response of the candidates. However, you will not know which ones are unscored and they are distributed throughout the exam. 

How Many PMP Exam Questions Should I Answer Correctly?

PMI would adjudicate your passing score according to the difficulties of the PMP exam set questions you have answered. As it is now based on “psychometric analysis”, participants would earn a better score if the harder questions were correctly answered and a lower score for the easier questions. This means that the harder questions are, the more scores you can get. 

Therefore, when preparing for your PMP Exam, take as much as PMP practice exams/exam simulator you can to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Try our free PMP practice exam to pass on your first try!

What are the covered in PMP exam domains?

The PMP exam questions are broken down into 5 domains:

Initiation – 13%

Planning – 24%

Executing – 30%

Monitoring & Controlling – 25%

Closing – 8%

You will immediately know if you have passed or failed when you complete your exam. Candidates have 3 attempts to get PMP certification within the year time frame. If you fail in all of them, you must wait a year to take the exam again. If you pass the exam, you are entitled to attach the designation “PMP” after your name in your resume, email signature, and in any publications.

If you are looking for a test prep tool that can help you prepare for the PMP exam, you can join our free PMP Exam Preparation Tool.

PMP Certification Cost – Exam Fee

There are 2 different pricing for the PMP exam fee. The PMP Certification exam fee is 555 USD for the people who are non-member of PMI and it is 405 USD for the PMI members. If you choose to be a PMI member at the time you register for taking the test, you will just have to pay 555 USD for both the exam fee and the membership fee.

PMP Re-attempt Examination fees are $275 and $375 for PMI members and non-PMI members respectively. We recommend you opting for membership so you will have one-year free access to PMI resources including PMBOK. 

Who is eligible?

You can read more detailed requirements on PMI's website, but high-level recap, you will need at least 36 months of project management work experience within 8 years (or at least 60 months if you don't have a 4-year college degree) and 35 hours of qualified project management training.

What will PMP Certification bring for you?

Every industry needs project managers; whether it is IT, garment, or aerospace. All of them want to find the best project managers who clearly understand the latest tools and techniques, catch up with the trends, are capable of leading and controlling projects, and have indicated that capability using the best methods.

If you have PMP certification, employers can have a strong faith in your abilities because you have already demonstrated your professional achievements. Moreover, you can boost clients’ confidence in your organization, make you a more appealing job candidate, and raise your self-confidence.

The most important activity before taking the PMP exam is to answer as many sample questions as you possibly can. To help you improve your knowledge, we have designed these free preparation tests with thousands of PMP sample questions. Start by taking the practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format and get 100% ready for your big day.

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