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What is the driving theory test?

Having deep knowledge about the theory test is the first step for your success. Save your time and effort by reading all essential details below.

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Are you preparing for the theory test? Are you flooded by unnecessary information? In this post, we provide some useful answers to the most common questions in the driver community.

What is the exact definition of a driving theory test?

The driving theory test is a series of exams that authorized individuals to have the knowledge and practical experience to deal with dangerous circumstances.

How much is the driving theory test?

The driving fee depends on the module test and test day you registered. There are 5 models and its price is listed in the table below. 


£23- £150

Car and trailer

£115- £141

Lorry, minibus, bus, and coach

£26- £141

Motorcycle and moped

£23- £177

Tractor and other specialist vehicles

£62- £75

(Note: the price might be changed day by day, you should contact your center test to confirm how much you will pay for the test. Or you could check details on the official website of Driver Theory Test)

How to book a theory test?

Candidates can book driving theory tests online via the website of the Test Center or you can also call directly to the hotline: 1890 606 106 for your coming driving test.

How long does the driving theory test last?

You will be given a specific timeframe and the number of inquiries depending on the driving test category you pursue. Normally, the theory test extends approximately from 45 mins to 120 mins. 

How many questions are there in the driving theory test?

As we mentioned before, the number of questions is varying. During the given period, you have to answer as few as 40 questions or as many as 140. All of them are designed for the multiple-choice form via computer-based.

What to bring to the theory test?

Before arriving at the test location, you must bring your UK photocard driving license. If you have possessed the license from Northern Ireland, you must take it to the test along with your photocard. Your theory test will be canceled and you will not give back money in case you don’t take the right things to the test.

What is a pass for a theory test?

According to the official test account, your mark is 86% meaning that you must answer correctly 43 to 104 questions. The number of correct answers is up to your test category. 

There are over 700 questions in the official bank, and it is chosen randomly for each person. Therefore, you must have a wide range of knowledge. Practice right away with FREE DRIVING THEORY Practice test 2021 to get over the daunting task!

What happens if you are caught cheating during your test?

You should be aware that any attempt by participants to cheat during the test is seriously taken. The organization named Prometric Ireland Ltd. employed by the Road Safety Authority to deliver the Driver Theory Test to make sure the fair and equal opportunities to all candidates who take the theory test. 

If you cheat, your action will be reported to the Authority and you will be applied a non-testing period. During this time, you aren’t permitted to take the license test. The maximum non-testing period is 3 months from the day you are caught cheating.

If you fail your exam, what should you do?

Don’t worry too much about this issue, you definitely re-book the theory test again. There is no limit on how many times you take the driving test. However, if you fail, you have to wait for 3 business days from the previous one.

How long does the driving license valid?

The validity of a driving license is 2 years from the date of your test. You will be asked to take and pay for the test again unless you submit an application to NDLS (National Driving License Service) within 2 years of your test.

Can I change or cancel my driving test?

The answer is YES. You can reschedule or cancel your theory test at least 5 business days prior to your test day. You should call the Candidate service team to take more information. The hotline: 1890 606 106.

What happens if I lose my driving certificate?

You could contact the Candidate service team to request a duplication for the Driving theory license. Getting the copy you might be asked some personal information such as name, address, date of birth, the confirmed number test (provided in the email/ letter you got prior to the test).

Then, you have to pay £15 for the process via Master cards/ Debit card/ Visa Card/ Credit Card. And no refundable payment.

Am I required to wear a mask during the driving theory test?

YES. All candidates must wear a mask because of their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mask will not be provided in the Theory Test Center.

Slay the test with our FREE Driving theory practice test 2021. If you have some questions, please contact us straight away HERE.

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