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The GED practice test is an effective tool for someone who is preparing for this test. Let's try our GED test and find what you need to do for this test.

1. What is the GED test?

The GED Test, or General Educational Development Test, includes four tests. These tests are designed to measure your proficiency in standard high-school subjects for anyone 16 or older who is not enrolled in high school. 

Bypassing the GED test, you will earn a high-school equivalency diploma.

2. The GED exam details

The GED exam includes 4 tests. They are:

  •  Reasoning Through Language Arts: focuses on both reading and writing skills

  • Mathematics: The two primary foundations in the GED test will be quantitative (45 %) and algebraic problem-solving (55 %). Problems will require procedural knowledge and fluency so practice is important.

  • Science: you can see inquiry, or the methods and processes used to "do" science in the GED test. 

  • Social Study: questions in the GED test will be based on practical documents. 


3. Our Free the GED practice test

We have hundreds of free sample GED questions. These practice tests include Mathematics, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies questions, complete with answers and detailed explanations.

After doing practice tests you can know what is your weakness, your strength and find a way to improve your knowledge.  It’s easier to create an individual study plan for yourself efficiently. You can note some questions as favorites and review them later.

For most people who attend the GED exam, the most challenging subtest is the Math portion. You can solve every math problem included in our Math practice tests. Taking a practice test gives you the chance to simulate the same conditions that you will experience on a test day example like how to use time limit effectively.

There is a lot to know and our free practice test for the GED test will help you find out where you need to work and make the most of your study time.