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If you want to study in college studies in allied health sciences or nursing, you need to earn an acceptable score on the TEAS test in order to be admitted to one of these programs. How to pass the TEAS test? It is important to create an effective study plan. Here are some tips for you through this test easily.

Tip 1: Know the TEAS test

The TEAS consist170 multi- choice questions and you need to complete them after 3 ½ hour. Each section has time limit:

  • Reading: 64 minutes

  • Mathematica: 54 minutes

  • Science: 63 minutes 

  • English and language usage: 28 minutes

There is a 10 minute break included in the test.

It is important to take advantage of resource information study for the TEAS exam. 

Tip 2: Access reliable study materials

Reliable study materials are important. You can review the right material for the test and that study guides have been developed by educational professionals who are equipped to put information together in a helpful manner.

Tip 3: Find the your own way to learn

Taking the online practice tests is an effective way of determining if you know the test material as well as you need to. And you can find the way that works for you.

Some postsecondary institutions requiring individuals to pass the TEAS in order to be accepted also provide study materials. You can find an outline of test objectives and other materials on college websites that can be useful to prepare for test day.

Tip 4: Set your study time

One of the biggest mistakes is that we don’t have enough time to review all the material for their test without checking their schedules. 

You need sure that you have enough time to review the information that's covered on all 4 subtests. That’s so important.

Tip 5: Join a study group is good idea

When we have someone who has the same goal, it is amazing. You can share how to study, how to find materials, and talk about the test. Working with other people can also be helpful if you're struggling to understand something in this test.

Tip 6: Practice

The more you practice, the higher score you can get.

Tip 7: Take care of yourself

It's important to take care of your own health. You can spend a lot of hours studying and preparing but you should eat well, drink lots of water, exercise... These actions will help one focus during the material review as well as during the exam.

You should be confident in what you are preparing for the TEAS test. The tips listed above will help build confidence and self-assurance.