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Proven CHSPE 3-step Practice Formula

After our 100.000+ users' success stories, we developed a 3-step strategy to provide you with the most precise and in-depth learning path while minimizing your prep time.

CHSPE Diagnostic Test

First, take this short test and get your detailed report showing your strong and weak areas. Save your time by concentrating on what is in demand.


With quick, bite-sized learning techniques and a detailed study guide for each CHSPE section, you can really strengthen your weakness (on step 1) and boost your scores.

CHSPE Full Test

The last step for your preparation is taking our full CHSPE practice tests and see how far you've come since the beginning. Repeat the 3-step formula until you satisfy with your results!
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A complete CHSPE Prep Platform, including a diagnostic test, detailed study guides for all topics, practice questions with step-by-step explanations, and various full simulator tests.

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All questions are categorized into the specific sections as on the real CHSPE: Same format & same difficulty!

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Easily & quickly grasp all the knowledge with our unique learning technique. And you can learn anytime, anywhere on any devices, even with a few free minutes.

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Are you ready to take your first step towards independence and embark on a new journey? Passing the CHSPE exam is your ticket to early high school graduation and an exciting future. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential tools and strategies you need to succeed on the exam and achieve your goals. With expert tips, practice tests, and step-by-step guidance, you'll be well-equipped to ace the CHSPE and unlock your full potential. Don't wait any longer to start your new adventure – let us help you get there!

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a state-mandated assessment program (Education Code Section 48412). By passing the CHSPE, you can achieve the legal equivalent of a high school diploma if you are eligible to take the test. If you pass the CHSPE, the California State Board of Education will grant you a Certificate of Proficiency, which is comparable to a high school diploma under state law (although not to finish all curriculum necessary for ordinary high school graduation). Despite the fact that federal agencies are not bound by state regulations, the United States Office of Personnel Management has determined that the Certificate of Proficiency will be acceptable in applications for federal civilian employment. In applications for federal financial assistance, the U.S. Department of Education, particularly the Federal Student Assistance Office, considers the CHSPE as the equivalent of a high school diploma. All people and organizations subject to California law who need a high school diploma for any reason must accept the certificate as proof of completion.

CHSPE Pros And Cons


Allows your adolescent to work as a "legal 18." As previously said, this implies kids may quit school, avoid engaging with a fixed teacher, and work as many hours as an adult. Life becomes easier. Work permits are no longer required. Studios appreciate this since it is much easier logistically to recruit a child who can work a whole day. It is also less expensive for studios to not have to pay a fixed teacher.

In their mid to late teens, there is a type of "sweet spot" for youngsters who can truly play their true ages, or a bit younger. You've seen audition notices that say, "Submit 18 to play younger"? This is especially true in leading positions. If your child is a "legal 18," their chances of being employed improve. This is because they are now competing on a level playing field with the 18-24-year-olds vying for those roles—but chances are, your child looks a bit more credible.

To be honest, it might be difficult for 16 or 17-year-olds to get a job if they have not completed the CHSPE. They are up against a slew of 18+ actors who are just simpler to find. Otherwise, those two years might be quite dry.

The CHSPE and the GED are sometimes mistaken since both are examinations that provide high school equivalent to individuals who pass them. However, because you can't take the GED until you're at least 18, it's worthless for adolescents who want to leave school early.

The CHSPE has the advantage of not requiring your child to leave school if they pass. You can save the certificate in case anything amazing happens.


This is something no one tells you. Once your child starts auditioning as a "legal 18," it's likely that's the only way studios will want to hire them.

This is reasonable. However, if you are attempting to keep your child enrolled in school for a little longer, all of their absences go unexplained because the studio no longer pays for a set teacher. Yikes! This is what happened to us. Dove opted to stay in high school after passing the CHSPE because she was in love with the show choir program. But it was a tense moment since we were on the verge of exceeding the limit number of excused absences for the year.

CHSPE Exam Details

Applicant Prerequisites

On the exam day, a person may only take the CHSPE if he or she satisfies one of the following requirements:

  • He or she is at least sixteen years old, or 
  • He or she has been enrolled in grade ten for one academic year or longer, or
  • He or she will have completed one academic year of enrollment in grade ten at the end of the semester in which the CHSPE regular administration (spring or fall) will be held.

Time duration

The CHSPE will need a total of 312 hours of testing time. There is no time limit on the exam, and you may spend as much time as you like on any component until the testing session concludes. You are accountable for managing your own testing time.

Content covered in the exam

Language Arts section

The English Language Arts portion is divided into two parts: Language and Reading. You must pass both subtests to pass the English Language Arts portion. (The two subtests do not have to be taken at the same time and can be taken separately.) The Language subtest consists of 48 multiple-choice questions and one writing exercise that must be completed at the same time. Multiple-choice questions assess linguistic mechanics and expressiveness. The writing task asks you to create an expository essay, which will be graded based on your writing abilities and ability to handle the subject in your essay. It should be noted that the Language subtest's writing exercise must be completed in combination with the subtest's multiple-choice questions. You will not pass the Language subtest if you solely complete the writing job or the multiple-choice questions. The Reading subtest includes 54 multiple-choice reading comprehension questions and 30 vocabulary questions. The reading comprehension questions assess initial comprehension, interpretation, critical analysis, and techniques through the use of three genres of text: literary, informative, and functional. The vocabulary questions evaluate synonyms, words with various meanings, and context cues. The figure below depicts the number of test questions assigned to each topic cluster on the Language and Reading subtests.

The number of test questions in the English Language Arts Reading Subtest varies by content cluster.

  • Comprehension: Initial Understanding- 10, Interpretation - 20, Strategies - 14, Critical Analysis - 10.
  • Vocabulary: Context clues - 12, Synonyms - 12, Multiple meanings words - 6. 
  • Mechanics: Capitalization - 8, Usage - 8, Punctuation - 8.
  • Expressions: Sentence Structure - 10, Prewriting - 5, Content and Organization - 9.
  • Writing - 1.
Mathematics section

There are 50 multiple-choice questions in the Mathematics portion that test content in the following areas: number sense and operations; patterns, relationships, and algebra; data, statistics, and probability; and geometry and measurement. The questions also examine mathematical communication and representation, estimate, mathematical relationships, reasoning, and problem-solving. A reference sheet with all of the relevant formulae is given. The figure below depicts the number of questions assigned to each topic cluster in the Mathematics section.

  • Number Sense and Operations - 9.
  • Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra - 15.

Exam registration process and fees

Title 5, Section 11523 of the California Code of Regulations mandates the principal of any school that maintains grades 11 and 12 to distribute an announcement describing the CHSPE to each student in those grades. The distribution must occur in sufficient time for interested students to complete all examination registration criteria for that year's autumn test.

Individuals can register for the CHSPE online or via mail. They must either print and complete the registration form or online submit a CHSPE Registration Form along with evidence of eligibility. Those who register online can pay with a credit or debit card. All mailed registration forms must be accompanied by a cashier's check or money order for correct payment or a price waiver request from a homeless adolescent or foster youth. The Information Bulletin contains registration instructions and a registration form.

The normal CHSPE test price is $162. This is the price if you register before the regular registration deadline, which is about 31 days before the exam date.

Each CHSPE exam date has a registration deadline for ordinary enrollment. If you do not register for the exam by the usual registration deadline, you will be charged a $187 late registration fee. The deadline for late registration is generally two weeks before the planned test date.

If you missed the late registration deadline, you may be allowed to make emergency arrangements to take the CHSPE. The test's emergency registration price is $212. You can register for the test as soon as four days before it is scheduled. Please keep in mind that seat availability at various testing venues may be restricted at this time, so attempt to register early.

There are various circumstances in which the test fees are waived. If you qualify for a Homeless or Foster Youth Fee Waiver, you will not be required to pay any costs for taking the CHSPE. Applicants must be 24 years old or younger to qualify for a homeless waiver, among other restrictions. A certification form must also be completed. You must produce confirmation from your local social services department to qualify for the foster youth waiver. The California Department of Education (CDE) has further information on how to apply for one of these waivers on its website.

The method you use to register for the CHSPE will affect how you pay your exam expenses.

If you want to use the CHSPE website's online registration method, you must pay the test costs using a credit card.

To pay your test cost if you want to fill out a paper registration form and mail it in, you must include one of the following payment methods with your registration form:

  • Fee Waiver for Homeless or Foster Youth
  • Cashier's check issued by a bank

CHSPE Preparation Strategies

Make use of CHSPE Sample Questions

After obtaining a password, you can receive access to a section of the CHSPE website designed to help you prepare for the test. This password will take you to a website with test standards and sample questions, which you can use to familiarize yourself with the terminology of the questions and the sorts of subjects you will be asked about when taking the CHSPE.

Collaboration with Study Partners

When it comes to studying, everyone is aware of his or her own skills and flaws. Some people skip studying or limit their study time if they lack adequate motivation and accountability. If this fits you, you should look for other people studying for the CHSPE and join them for regularly scheduled study time. Studying with others might help you focus on areas of review that you may not enjoy working on as much. It might also encourage you to study individually so that you are prepared for group study sessions.

Make a Study Schedule

Do not overestimate the amount of study time you have available in your schedule. Schedule time to go through all aspects of the CHSPE. Make sure you have enough time before your exam date to go through all of the pertinent content.

Taking And Passing The CHSPE

You can take the Mathematics section, the English Language Arts Language section, the English Language Arts Reading section subtest, or any combination of the three on a test administration day. That decision can be made on the day of the exam. The test cost, on the other hand, remains the same regardless of whatever sections of the exam you take. To complete the CHSPE and get a Certificate of Proficiency, you must pass both the Mathematics and English Language Arts sections (which include the Language and Reading subtests). You do not have to pass both portions on the same day, nor are the two English Language Arts subtests required to be taken on the same day. It should be noted that on the Language subtest, both the multiple-choice questions and the writing exercise must be performed at the same time. You are not required to retake any sections or subtests that you already passed during the exam administration on June 20, 2020. The number of times you can take the CHSPE is unlimited, but you must register and pay the current exam cost each time.

A scale score of at least 350 is required to pass the Mathematics section. You must pass both the Language subtest and the Reading subtest to pass the English Language Arts portion. A scale score of at least 350 is required to pass the Reading subtest. The Language subtest passing criteria is based on the sum of your multiple-choice and writing task scores, as stated below.


Is the CHSPE the same as a high school diploma?

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a state-mandated assessment program (Education Code Section 48412). Bypassing the CHSPE, you can achieve the legal equivalent of a high school diploma if you are eligible to take the test.

Is the CHSPE exam difficult?

The CHSPE is comparable to the CAHSEE in many ways, although the questions are more challenging. A student has three and a half hours to complete the test and must get a passing mark on both portions.

Can you go to college if you pass the CHSPE?

Those who pass this test receive a Certificate of Proficiency, which is comparable to a high school graduation in legal terms. If you pass the CHSPE, you may quit high school early (with your parent's permission). You can work, go to community college, or attend a 4-year institution or university.

What is the CHSPE test?

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a statewide optional assessment of fundamental reading, writing, and arithmetic abilities taught in public schools. The California State Board of Education awards a Certificate of Proficiency to eligible individuals who complete the CHSPE.

Can you go to UCLA with a CHSPE?

Yes, it is possible to attend UCLA with a CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) certificate, but it may not be straightforward. They will accept proficiency exams from other states and the General Education Development (GED) Certificate instead of a diploma. A GED from another nation will not be accepted by UC. Students with a CHSPE or GED must still complete UC's subject and GPA requirements.

Maximize Your CHSPE 

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Dark Mode: Experience a dark theme that is more friendly to your eyes, and get a whole new and marvelous experience.

No Internet Required: Study on the go conveniently without any Internet connection. 

CHSPE Test Bank:  3 features: Weak/ Medium/ Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should pay more attention to.

Congratulations! You've reached the end of this comprehensive guide on the CHSPE. By now, you should have a clear understanding of the exam format, content, and strategies for success. Remember that passing the CHSPE can open up new doors of opportunity for you, whether it's pursuing higher education, starting a career, or achieving personal goals. Keep in mind that preparation is key, so make sure to use the resources and tips provided in this guide to help you succeed. We wish you the best of luck in your CHSPE journey!