How Much Does CompTIA A+ Exam Cost in 2024?

CompTIA A+ certification is the standard for help desk and computer repair positions. In this essay, we will discuss the CompTIA A+ exam cost and information.

Updated at April 3, 2024

There are a few things you should be aware of before deciding to take the CompTIA A+ certification test. The cost should be the first thing brought up. On the other hand, there can be more than one answer to that query. The short answer is that you must spend $253 per test on a voucher. To get certified, you need two vouchers and to pass two tests. For more details on the CompTIA A+ exam cost, keep reading.

Table of contents:

1. CompTIA A+ Exam Cost

2. Free and Almost Free CompTIA A+ Certification

a. Government-sponsored IT programs

b. Nonprofit Charitable Programs

3. Time Investment

CompTIA A+ Exam Cost

The CompTIA A+ test cost is now $253 per exam in the USA, thus the total cost to acquire your A+ certification, assuming you pass both examinations on the first try, is $506. Savings are frequently offered through training materials and training centers, and students who attend an approved CompTIA Academy education facility are also eligible for exam voucher price discounts. Exam costs for other accuracy and areas (Official CompTIA data) are listed in the following table:


According to, the CompTIA A+ exam prices are 253 USD for the USA, 142 USDe for Emerging Market, 150 GBP for Great Britain, 228 EURO for EURO, 29764 JPY for Japan, 343 AUD for Australia, and 1950 ZAR for South Africa.

Student Discounts Are Available

If you are a student in the United States with a valid student ID and a .edu email address, you are eligible for CompTIA’s student discounts. The CompTIA Academic Marketplace offers substantial discounts on certification vouchers and training materials. At the moment, students may purchase a single voucher for CompTIA A+ costs $97.

Free and Almost Free CompTIA A+ Certification

Based on where you live and the type of sponsorships you are eligible for, special programs might assist you get educated and certified for free (or almost free). These programs typically target one or more of those groups:

  • Unemployed or underemployed people
  • Displaced workers
  • Military veterans
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Women

Normally, such free educational opportunities are divided into two main groups: government-sponsored and nonprofit charitable programs.

Government-sponsored IT programs

These projects are often supported by the federal government and publicized via your county’s workforce investment board or the American Jobs Center. To find nearby training programs, visit Career One Stop.

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Nonprofit Charitable Programs

These programs are distributed around the United States and might be more difficult to find. Here are some highlighted ones on our radar:

  • Per Scholas: Locations in New York City, Atlanta, National Capital Region, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Columbus.
  • IT-Ready from Creating IT Futures: located in Minneapolis-St. Paul and other places. Visit the location section to see a list of current training places that are taking applications.
  • Stride Center: locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Tech901: exclusively located in Memphis.

Since these courses are primarily designed to train people for entry-level IT positions (like help desk or technical help), they sometimes reject candidates who already hold such a job and simply want to add a credential to their résumé.

As you can expect, competition for these programs is often severe. However, if you reside in one of the regions where no-cost education is available and fall into a population that such programs are attempting to assist, it might be worth enrolling.

Time Investment

Though there are no hard and fast requirements for A+ certification, CompTIA suggests that applicants have between 9 and 12 months of practical experience in technical positions in academia or industry to minimize study time. Still, an effective preparation course can make up for the needed experience; see our recommendations in Training Costs.

A+ study resources will provide you with an understanding of how hardware and software function. If you’re fresh to IT, attending a local hackerspace will provide you with hands-on experience with different hardware components. This type of engagement gives you an in-depth knowledge of how the hardware performs and will help you with technical issues.

If you have some experience with IT, preparing for both examinations can take as little as 3 or 4 weeks; otherwise, it could take many months, if not a year, before you’re prepared to sit for the tests.

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You can acquire the skills necessary for a lucrative career in IT and technology with the help of the CompTIA A+ collection of study guides and learning resources. You will feel more confident as you study for the test. You will also have access to live labs for better practice. Complete your study plan, then ace the test. Hopefully, our post will assist you in your quest to learn more about the CompTIA A+ exam cost. Best regards!