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January 1, 2022

One of the most well-known and valuable certifications that give job seekers the chance to secure possible positions in the IT area is the CompTIA A+ certification. The majority of candidates in this profession always hope to pass the CompTIA A+ with a spectacular score. However, how should one properly get ready for this exam, and what are the best sources of study materials? You will learn about various examples of CompTIA A+ practice questions in the next post, along with a reputable exam site.

Introduce CompTIA A+ Exam

CompTIA A+ Practice Questions

CompTIA A+ is one of the most popular certifications used In the computer engineering field that is widely accepted all over the world. Most students who have a passion to work in the assembly, repair, or technical support field want to possess this certificate. With CompTIA A+, you’re certified to understand and resolve network, operating system, mobile, and security issues. The certification focuses on 9 key IT skills including hardware, networking, mobile devices, Windows operating system, hardware, and network troubleshooting, operating system technology, software troubleshooting, maintenance security, and operating procedures.

Unlike CompTIA which is often considered to focus more on Strata IT Fundamentals certification, the A+ certification is considered the first step for many people in the IT industry, because it does not require mandatory conditions and the curriculum introduces students to the following sections. specialized hardware and software. The A+ curriculum even includes basic interpersonal skills – the key to long-term success in IT.

The CompTIA A+ certification could be a confirmation of your capacities and information in building, investigating, overhauling, and repairing computers. This will too be considered a reasonable common ask of bosses within the field of computer design. The CompTIA A+ certification exams are utilized to precisely survey the information and down-to-earth capacity of a computer professional after a preparation period of 3 months. In this unused technology era, technicians are all very requesting of their capacities, so taking the CompTIA A+ certification exam may be a savvy choice.

Examples of CompTIA A+ Practice Questions

Question 1: Which of these is a type of social engineering in which an unauthorized individual gets entrance to a controlled location by following someone who has legitimate access?

A. Shoulder surfing

B. Hacking

C. Spying

D. Tailgating

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Tailgating is the practice of following someone who does have access to an otherwise secure location. The other solutions are security concerns, but they do not alleviate the issue.

Question 2: To apply for default user account permissions, what Active Directory feature can be used?

A. Group Policy

B. None of these options

C. Least Privilege

D. Login scripts

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: A Group Policy in Microsoft Active Directory is a policy that applies to a large number of AD objects. Objects include user accounts, servers, desktop devices, and so on. Group Policies are used to govern user account rights, for example. For example, a policy might be written for each team that specifies the default account rights required for those people.

Question 3: What security measure makes use of a person’s physical characteristics to authenticate them?

A. Biometric lock

B. Pincode lock

C. Physical Token

D. Access Card

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: A biometric lock authenticates people based on their bodily characteristics. It may also employ non-physical qualities such as speech recognition, however, in a secure environment, fingerprints, iris scans, and face recognition are more prevalent.

Question 4: Which option is NOT an example of something a user has in the context of multi-factor authentication?

A. Password

B. Credit card

C. Cell phone with authentication app

D. Software token

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: “Something a user knows,” is known as a password but it is not something the user owns.

Question 5: What kind of vacuum should he use to clean out the printer in the case that Jeff is in the back room at work, cleaning out one of the old printers with a shop vacuum. As long as walking in, you ask Jeff to stop immediately and start informing him that he could be damaging the printer components by using the store vacuum.

A. Fireproof vacuum

B. Specialized anti-static vacuum

C. Laser vacuum

D. Dell all-in-one vacuum

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: Only specialized vacuums should be used when working inside computers or other electrical devices. Which are specially made so that they do not damage your electrical components.

Question 6: What special safety devices would fit his environment well in the following case? One potential client gives you a call about several network design work at his company after marketing yourself as an IT consultant. In the factory setting, where he works, there are tons of airborne particles afloat constantly. He wants to know what special considerations he should make while setting up his machines.

A. Enclosures

B. Air masks

C. Air filters

D. Surge protectors

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: Housings specially make enclosures for computers in factory settings or warehouses. From dust and particles moving around, they protect the computing devices in such an environment.

Question 7: What may be the cause of a user receiving a notification stating “Limited Connectivity” when connecting to a new wireless network?

A. The network service needs to be restarted.

B. The computer did not receive an IP address from the DHCP server after connecting to the network.

C. There are too many applications open at one time.

D. The computer is missing its network interface card

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: Limited connectivity is a kind of network problem that happens when the computer can view the network but the connection is broken. When the machine does not receive an IP address from a DHCP server, one of the most typical causes of this problem is.

Question 8: What would you tell Michael, a new employee at your company’s IT help desk if you have been tasked by your boss to train Michael to be one of the best system administrators on the team, he has been reading business best practices paperwork and asks you what the first step in standard troubleshooting theory would be.

A. Identify the problem

B. Test the theory

C. Establish a probable cause

D. Develop an action plan.

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: Identifying the actual problem is always good. This will make sure you are not wasting time troubleshooting something that was not the actual reported problem. To establish a solid base understanding, do this by first asking clarification questions

Question 9: What item can you utilize to best limit the danger of ESD if your supervisor requests a meeting to review your opinion on the IT department’s usage of proper safety and equipment handling? During the meeting, your employer shocks you by asking you to disassemble an end user’s computer while minimizing the potential of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

A. ESD glasses

B. Compressed air

C. ESD straps and mat

D. Steel-toed boots

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: ESD straps and mats efficiently decrease or remove the danger of ESD harming computer components by reducing or eliminating the danger of ESD. The straps and mat work together to keep the static charge between you and the components in check.

Question 10: What steps should you take to protect these settings in the situation that you are a system administrator for a high school and responsible for five student computer labs and you need to prevent students from accessing the system BIOS on the machines?

A. Assign a password to the system BIOS.

B. Install video surveillance cameras.

C. Require lab aids to closely monitor student activity.

D. Immediately remove the battery from the lab systems.

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: It is beneficial to assign a BIOS password to all systems. Because BIOS passwords are conveniently circumvented by students with access to the system, you should also think about locking covers or situation alarms for lab systems. Expecting lab technicians to watch systems or installing security cameras would be prohibitively expensive, and the password would not necessarily be as secure. Obviously, removing the BIOS battery would never work.

Where to take CompTIA A+ practice questions?

CompTIA A+ Practice Questions

CompTIA A+ is considered one of the foremost prevalent certifications for specialized support and IT operation and will help you to expedite your IT career. We have made it straightforward to start with orchestrating your way within the IT field. Begin by examining up the four basic steps towards your certification. Find everything imperative around the CompTIA A+ certification, and download the exam targets, and sharpen test questions to start learning from now.

CompTIA, at the moment, offers a wide range of comprehensive learning assets that incorporate books, eLearning, labs, and an exam preparation program. These assets are created in-house by CompTIA, based on input we listen from learners like you. Learn everything about the exam training options for CompTIA A+ that have been created to fit your specific learning method and studying plan, numerous of which may be utilized in combination with each other as you plan for your upcoming CompTIA A+ exam.

It can be said that finding studying material resources that incorporate efficient information as well as practice tests is amazingly imperative for anyone who needs to require the CompTIA A+ exam. It not only helps candidates familiarize themselves with the exam format but also enhances their confidence in knowledge and skills before taking the official exam. So, what is a perfect source for your arrangement preparation?

Our CompTIA A+ practice test is a completely free and easy-to-access website that can give the CompTIA A+ pre-test takers with the special CompTIA A+ Practice test and preparing program. All the lessons and exam questions are all made by IT specialists who have years working in this field and are based on genuine exam organization. In case you’re still apprehensive and not completely certain approximately your information and capacity for attending the CompTIA A+ test.

FAQs about the CompTIA A+ 

How many questions included in the CompTIA A+ exam?

The exam contains a maximum of 90 questions in total and you have to answer all of them within 90 minutes.

What are the advantages of possessing the CompTIA A+ Certification?

Taking this exam can do wonders for your IT career as:

  • It was credentialed with performance-based things to demonstrate masters can think on their feet to perform basic IT bolster assignments. 
  • The certification is trusted by managers around the world to recognize the go-to individual in endpoint administration & specialized bolster roles. 
  • Routinely re-invented by IT specialists to guarantee that it validates center abilities and capacities requested within the working environment. 
  • Passing the certificate will certainly increment the certainty of your bosses on the off chance that you’re as of now working, driving to advancements and compensation climbs. 
  • Getting the certification will expand the work advertise for you. Thus, giving you better opportunities and more work openings.

What is the exam certificate renewal policy?

The CompTIA A+ certification is valid for 3 a long time. After that, you have to experience the reestablishment preparation in arrange to resume your A+ certification. You’ll take an interest in a number of exercises and preparing programs, counting higher certifications, to resume your CompTIA A+ certification. Total CertMaster CE, a web, self-paced CE course, or collect at least about 20 CEUs (which stands for Continuing Education Units) in 3 years, transfer them to your certification account, and A+ will consequently recharge. CompTIA A+ is authorized by ANSI to appear in compliance with the ISO 17024 Standard and, as such, experiences several surveys and overhauls to the exam goals.

What are the detailed steps to register for the exam?

To register for CompTIA A+ Exam, let’s follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website of Pearson VUE.
  • Create your user account at least 1 day prior to registration.
  • In case you are a returning user, let’s sign in to your user account.
  • Select your exam categories, preferred test center as well as appointment time.
  • Complete all the required stages in the registration process.
  • Complete the payment method to finish your registration. 
  • There are two most popular payment methods for a CompTIA+ exam: Pay with a credit card from the Pearson VUE website or pay with an exam voucher bought from the CompTIA Marketplace.

What is the scheduling browser for the CompTIA A+ exam?

It is possible for you to schedule the exam on the website of Pearson VUE.

What are the languages used in the CompTIA A+ exam?

Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, English, German and Spanish are the official languages available in the CompTIA A+ exam.

What is the course outline for CompTIA A+ Exam?

The course outline for CompTIA A+ Exam is listed below:

  • Mobile Devices accounts for 14%
  • Networking accounts for 20%
  • Hardware accounts for 27%
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing accounts for 12%
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting accounts for 27%

The most general facts concerning CompTIA A+ practice questions are provided here, along with a trustworthy resource you may use to maximize your exam preparation. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your IT career after reading this article. To download, visit our website for your IOS or Android device.