CompTIA A+ Testing Center

CompTIA A+ Testing Center: Where To Take The CompTIA A+?

CompTIA A+ provides different methods of taking the exam. This article will give you information about the CompTIA A+ testing center.

Updated at March 14, 2023

Any candidate will be interested in learning about the several ways to take the CompTIA A+ exam, yet not everyone is familiar with the most recent and correct information about this. As such, we will give you details on the CompTIA A+ testing center in this article, along with other crucial facts that you should be aware of both before and after taking the exam.

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Where can I get CompTIA A+ certified?

CompTIA A+ Testing Center

It is possible for you to take a CompTIA Certification Exam either online or in-person approach. Online testing provides you with the ease and comfort to test for your certification from any calm, distraction-free and secure area at any time. CompTIA In-person Testing will provide you with numerous testing choices at any of the hundreds of Pearson VUE test centers that can be found all over the world.

Can I take my A+ exam online?

Online testing provides you with the ease and comfort to test for your certification from any calm, distraction-free and secure area at any time. 

You are able to choose online testing in case you need:

  • A completely secure and simple way to test from your house, a closed-door office, or any put that contains a private zone accessible to you 
  • The adaptability to plan your exam at any hour is helpful to you 
  • Specialized support on the off chance that something goes wrong during the process of completing the exam

For online testing, you’ll need a:

  • The quiet, enclosed, distraction-free, and private area (can be your personal office or house).
  • A reliable technological device that can easily meet the technical requirements of what is published by the organizer (including a webcam is obligatory).
  • Strong, stable, and consistent internet connection that can ensure that you can minimize any technical risk during the exam session.

Keys to Make a Successful CompTIA A+ Online Exam

  • Run the strong system test. All test takers must confirm minimum system necessities and run the strong system test right before the process of planning an OnVUE exam.
  • Interface employing a solid, dependable web association. Taking your CompTIA A+ exam online with OnVUE needs a critical amount of web transmission capacity based on system necessities for both video and sound. If you’re in a family with more family individuals working and learning from home amid the COVID-19 widespread, it would be ideal if you plan your exam when there will be negligible clashes for website utilization. We energize you to inquire others not to utilize the website while you complete your CompTIA A+ exam, and to utilize a wired association in the event that is conceivable.
  • Don’t switch any devices during the process of completing the exam. Complete your exams on the same computer and network that are utilized for the system test.
  • Close all other unnecessary applications before and while the process of taking the CompTIA A+ Online Exam. The secure browser utilized for your exam requires merely near all applications but OnVUE. If you don’t follow this recommendation, you can hinder your exam.
  • Consider carefully your time zone before registering and scheduling for your A+ exam! When planning your online exam the time you select will compare to the time zone set inside your Pearson VUE candidate account inclinations. Affirm the time zone that is set in your profile is exactly the one you expected.

How do you test for CompTIA A+ in person?

CompTIA In-person Testing will provide you with numerous testing choices at any of the hundreds of Pearson VUE test centers that can be found all over the world.

You can choose online testing in case you need:

  • Unable to possess access to a private, safe, and distraction-free area
  • Unable to possess a reliable Internet connection
  • Have language barriers or have limited knowledge and understanding of both written and spoken English.

Other important information

CompTIA encompasses a wide range of testing approaches that you’ll get to sign before the process of taking your CompTIA A+ certification exam. Don’t forget to carefully study through all the approaches already. This incorporates a candidate understanding, candidate ID policy, the certification retake arrangement, and our proceeding instruction arrangements.

CompTIA Candidate Agreement

For purposes of this CompTIA Candidate Agreement, the terms characterized in this Segment might have the implications set forward underneath:

  • Candidate Information

CompTIA and all CompTIA Operators are able to collect, spare, transmit, exchange, utilize, convey and something else prepare Candidate Data for examination, inquire about, certificate fulfillment, promoting, or other purposes considered fundamental or suitable by CompTIA in association with any CompTIA Program. Candidate Data may be transmitted or exchanged exterior of the nation or geographic locale in which you dwell or in which you took any CompTIA A+ certification examination. 

  • CompTIA Certification

Your CompTIA certification relies on your passing of the imperative CompTIA certification examination(s) and your compliance with the terms of this Assertion. In arrange to realize the correct to utilize any Marks, it is possible that you will be required to enter into a separate symbol assertion with CompTIA taking after your effective passing of the essential CompTIA certification examination(s), which contains rules for the utilize of Marks. Furthermore, you can be required to inform the CompTIA organizer, without delay, of things that can influence your capability to proceed to fulfill the certification requirement as sketched out within the certification goals. It is possible that the CompTIA organizer alters any examination, test goals, or prerequisites for getting or keeping up any CompTIA A+ certification.

  • Candidate Conduct Policy

You may not have the right to take part in any cheating occurrence, breach of security, wrongdoing, or any other behavior that may well be considered a compromise of the judgment or secrecy of any CompTIA certification examination or any CompTIA certification.

  • Data Forensics

The CompTIA Security Organizer employs data forensics as an effective premise for authorization and activity. CompTIA certifications degree proficient competency through measurably verified, high-stakes examinations. Those candidates illustrating capability by accomplishing a substantial passing score are issued a CompTIA certification. CompTIA performs progressing support and factual examination, counting information forensics. In case the legitimacy of the examination score is brought into question because of factual peculiarities distinguished amid the investigation, CompTIA will negate candidate scores and inform you of any invalidations/ suspensions.

  • Violations

Any test-takers decided by CompTIA to have abused the terms of this Understanding or decreased the security and astuteness of CompTIA’s Certification Program in any way should, in a case decided fundamental or suitable by CompTIA based upon the seriousness of the occurrence or infringement.

  • Confidentiality of exam materials

The materials of the CompTIA exam are the exclusive, secret, and copyrighted materials of CompTIA. Any divulgence of the substance of any CompTIA certification examination is entirely precluded. You concur to preserve the secrecy of all Examination Materials and you concur not to reveal, distribute, replicate, disperse, post or evacuate from the examination room, any parcel of the Examination Materials. Violators of copyright law are subject to directives, gracious obligation, relinquishment of benefits, corrective harms, and other legitimate sanctions. CompTIA will take fitting lawful activity against you to ensure CompTIA’s rights on the off chance that you breach the arrangements of this Segment or any appropriate laws.

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  • Candidate appeals procedure

After a test-taker has gotten composed take note of infringement and pertinent sanctions from CompTIA, such a candidate will have 1 month to file a request compatible with CompTIA’s Candidate Appeals Process. The candidate is required to file a written request, in conjunction with an explanation portraying the grounds for the request, why the offer ought to be allowed, and all supporting prove within 1 month of receipt of the take note of infringement and appropriate sanctions from CompTIA. A candidate’s offer will not be considered after a 1-month period has been terminated.

  • Term and termination

This Agreement might commence right after your acknowledgment of its terms. Either party has the right to end this Agreement, with or without cause, by giving at least 1 month before by noticing the other.

  • Marks Policy

After you successfully get your own CompTIA certification, CompTIA will allow you a non-exclusive and non-transferable permit to just utilize Marks on advertising materials to publicize your CompTIA certification or to advance your items or administrations compared to your CompTIA certification and as it were by expressing the title of the CompTIA certification that you simply accomplished taken after by “Certified” (for example A+ Certified). Any other utilize of Marks by you is entirely prohibited by the official organizer.

Candidate ID Policy

Candidates taking professional-level exams must have professional-level primary identification. It is required for the State I.D’s to be readily available and accurate identification should be obtained before the process of registering to take any exams. Exceptions will not be made.

  • Testing Center (In-Person for details) ID Policy
Primary ID Secondary ID
- Global Travel Passport

- Driver’s license

- Military ID

- Identification card (national/province/state)
- Alien registration card (including permanent resident or visa)
- Local language ID is accepted only in the case issued from the nation the test-takers are participating in.
- Any ID valuable that contains at least a specific name and signature, or photo that is recognizable.
- In Japan, the Blue Japanese Health Card is permitted.
  • ID Policy of OnVUE Online Proctored 

By law, several types of IDs must not be digitized, photocopied, or even captured on different types of cameras. Because of this, Pearson VUE cannot acknowledge confined IDs (containing but not restricted to U.S. military or certain secure get to IDs) as distinguishing proof for online testing. Subsequently, U.S. military-issued IDs cannot be utilized for ID confirmation with Pearson’s OnVUE inaccessible proctored exam in any cases.

ID can pertain to students who only have one form of school ID. However, it is required for the students to be accompanied at the CompTIA testing center by their parents or adults who have an accurate government-issued ID. The adult who goes with the students has to sign next to the student on the sheet to confirm the identity of the student.

In case you’ve got any questions approximately the ID, you’re required to bring it with you to the CompTIA testing center for permission for your exam, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Pearson VUE at the domain Any special cases to the ID approach must be pre-approved by the Pearson VUE client support center at least about 3 days before the planned exam appointment.

CompTIA Certification Retake Policy

On the occasion that you can not pass any CompTIA certification examination, CompTIA does not require any holding up period between the primary and the next examination. But before your third exam, you should be required to hold up for a period of at least 2 weeks from the date of your last exam.

  • In the event that a candidate has passed the CompTIA exam and accomplished a certification, he/she is unable to take the exam once more time, utilizing the same exam code, without earlier assent from CompTIA. 
  • CompTIA certification beta examinations can only be completed 1 time by each test-taker.
  • An exam found to be in infringement of the retake approach will be negated and the test-taker may be subject to a suspension period by the organizer. Repeat violators can be for all time prohibited within the CompTIA Program.
  • It is obligatory for the test-taker to pay for the CompTIA A+ fees each time they participate in the exam. CompTIA does not provide any free re-tests or rebates on CompTIA A+ retakes.

FAQs – CompTIA A+ testing center

CompTIA A+ Testing Center

Where is the location of Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers?

It is possible for you to find the exact location of the Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center by accessing the Pearson VUE website. Another method for you to find its location is using Test Center Locator.

Does Pearson VUE provide candidates with all CompTIA certification exams?

All CompTIA certification exams are accessible at Pearson VUE test centers.

By which method can I register for a CompTIA A+ exam?

Arrangements may be made in progress or on the day you want to test, subject to accessibility. Pearson VUE offers an assortment of planning alternatives: online planning, planning by smartphone, and planning specifically via the test center.

Do Pearson VUE sites accommodate test-takers with special demands?

Of course, test takers who are identified as having special needs are granted accommodations by Pearson VUE and CompTIA.

We hope that all of the details regarding the CompTIA A+ testing center and other important points will be useful to you. We wish you luck on your test.