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What is AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification? [2024 Updated]

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

AWS is widely recognized as the most cutting-edge and widely used cloud platform in the world. It provides more than 200 services that are capable of being used in their entirety from data centers located all over the world. AWS is relied on by millions of customers worldwide, including some of the largest corporations in the world (including Fortune 500 companies), the most prominent government agencies, and the most innovative startup companies.

Companies may more easily discover, hire, and train workers with the necessary cloud implementation abilities with the aid of this certification. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential serves to confirm candidates' knowledge of AWS principles and cloud competency.

Learners may boost their reputation and self-assurance by demonstrating their understanding of the cloud by earning a certificate that is recognized by the industry. At the same time, employers can find ideal people to lead AWS cloud initiatives. Businesses are looking for someone who is skilled in the cloud to assist them in making necessary operational adjustments. AWS Certification and Training may provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your skills, allowing you to get the most out of using cloud computing.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate is designed for IT professionals who want to demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of AWS cloud services and cloud computing. This certificate is ideal for those whose duties include working with the AWS Cloud in any of the following capacities: management, sales, purchasing, or finances.

In order to get the designation of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, it is essential to pass the test (CLF-C01). The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is designed to test a candidate's knowledge of essential AWS platform services in addition to core architectural and cloud architecture concepts. In addition to this, you should be able to explain the core safety and regulation characteristics of AWS Cloud Services. The certification gives an overview of the fundamental services offered by AWS, as well as its security measures, network cloud pricing, and support choices.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification indicates that you have an in-depth grasp of the primary AWS services as well as the use cases for those services. Earning it also indicates that you are aware of the invoicing and pricing processes used by AWS and that you are able to articulate price, availability, and options to stakeholders. Last but not least, it suggests that you are informed enough about how the cloud impacts your firm to be trusted to make judicious decisions about how much money should be spent on cloud services in the future.

Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is recommended to be a prerequisite for attaining an Amazon Web Services certification at the Associate-level, Professional-level, or Specialty level. More than 12 percent of information technology experts in the United States want to get this certification by 2024.

Certification Process Details

The examination is the last step in the certification procedure. The following are the exam's essential features:


The exam comprises questions with multiple choice answers, and there might be more than one correct response to each question. Marks will only be given out if the appropriate choice (or options) are selected.

Content Outline

The 90-minute test consists of 65 multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions. AWS has a wide range of areas where these topics have been asked. For additional information about the test, see AWS's AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide. The following table shows the relative importance of the different AWS Cloud Practitioner test subjects.



Domain 1: Cloud Concepts

In order to succeed on the AWS exam, candidates need to demonstrate a fundamental familiarity with the ideas behind cloud computing. This area often asks broad questions that cover a wide range of topics, some of which include fault tolerance, high availability, scalability, and elasticity.


Domain 2: Security and compliance

Candidates seeking AWS roles should put a strong emphasis on their knowledge of security. This encompasses a wide variety of questions pertaining to security, compliance, and management that is accountable.


Domain 3: Technology

Technology is the subject that bears the lion's share of the weight on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. If you want to be considered knowledgeable in this section, you should be familiar with the most important services that AWS offers. You should be comfortable with a variety of AWS services, including Route 53, Lambda, S3, ELB, SNS, and EC2, among others.


Domain 4: Billing and Pricing

Due to the fact that the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam focuses on the usage of AWS for commercial purposes, candidates will find that the topic of Billing and Pricing is of the utmost importance. You are required to have a basic understanding of account information in general, AWS support, billing processes and how services are billed, cost calculation, taxes, and a variety of other issues.





You have the option of taking the exam in person at a PSI or Pearson VUE testing location, or you may do it online (proctored). Selecting a location for your physical examination gives you the opportunity to broaden your professional network.

Candidates who want to take an examination that is proctored online need to be fluent in the English language in order to communicate with the proctor who will monitor the testing environment. Candidates residing in Slovenia, South Korea, Japan, or the Chinese mainland are ineligible to take online proctored examinations. It's possible that you'll discover additional details here. You could find further information on the system's rules and requirements in this section.

In response to COVID-19, firms that offer tests have imposed stringent standards for taking appropriate safety measures. Refer to the PSI and Pearson VUE guidelines for information on the availability of testing facilities and the safety measures that should be taken.


The exam will be ninety minutes long; however, the length of subsequent tests may be greater or shorter depending on the topic being tested.


A one-time payment of $100 is required to take the exam to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Beta Program

A beta certification program is available via Amazon for new certifications as well as updates to the curriculum of existing certifications. A certain number of candidates are granted early access (on the basis of first-come, first-served), at which point they are qualified to take both the beta and stable tests after they have been released from beta. Candidates have the opportunity to repeat the examination two times without being required to pay any additional costs. In addition, participants in the beta program will get a discount equal to fifty percent off the standard price of the test.

Additional Information

It is possible to reschedule the exam up to 24 hours before the time that it was originally scheduled to take place. If this is not done, there will be no compensation, and the next exam may only be organized after 24 hours have passed. 

In the event that your first effort at passing the exam is not successful, you have the option of retaking it after 14 days for the same price, regardless of whether or not you may use vouchers to retake the test. Certification as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner may be earned after a waiting period of three years. In the event that the examination yields satisfactory results, the certificates will be made available within five business days.

Our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Tests

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No Sign-Up Or Login Required: All of your progress is saved without an account, even if you close your browser. But login can sync your data between web and mobile applications.

Gamification: The learning process will be divided into small milestones. Let’s make your studying exciting as if you were in some interesting games.

Personal Study Plan: Just enter your AWS test date, and a study plan will be set up for you. A clear schedule will surely exceed your expectation and get you the best preparation for the reading shot.

3 Interesting Test Modes: 3 different test modes with increased difficulty levels let you experience the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice test in various ways.

Dark Mode: Experience a dark theme that is more friendly to your eyes, and get a whole new and marvelous experience.

No Internet Required: Study on the go conveniently without any Internet connection. 

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Test Bank:  3 features: Weak/ Medium/ Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should pay more attention to.

Required Competencies for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

In order to get the certification, you are required to have knowledge of the following items:

  • Recognize and explain the AWS Cloud infrastructure that is used all around the globe. Describe the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and how it works.
  • Provide an explanation of the value that the AWS Cloud offers.
  • Provide an explanation of the AWS Cloud's architecture ideas.
  • Describe the key services offered by the AWS platform as well as the usual applications of these services (like computation and analytics)
  • Provide a description of the core security and compliance elements supported by both the shared security architecture and the AWS platform.
  • To better understand the pricing, billing, and account management systems, please define them.
  • Describe the basic and necessary components that are required in order to set up and use the AWS Cloud.

What Experiences Do You Need for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

Candidates are strongly encouraged to have a minimum of six months of continuous usage of the AWS Cloud under their belts before attempting the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test. However, you should follow this warning: during those six months, you shouldn't only get accustomed to using the interfaces or sometimes check your accounts.

A person who wishes to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner has to feel comfortable with the AWS Cloud in all three of these areas: design, implementation, and operations. You should have sufficient real-world experience to be able to differentiate between solutions for the AWS Cloud that are better and ones that are worse.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner program places a strong emphasis on breadth; possessing this certification demonstrates that you are knowledgeable about the many services and capabilities offered by AWS and are able to provide a company with sound advice regarding those services and capabilities. Even though it is an associate-level certification, you could have problems passing the exam if you've only utilized a single kind of Amazon Web Services (AWS) product or service in the past.

Those that work with cloud databases, for instance, could be extremely familiar with Amazon Aurora and RDS. However, in addition to this, you will want knowledge of how to utilize and run AWS computing and serverless solutions such as EC2 and Lambda, in addition to analytics technologies such as Athena, SQS, and the remaining around 75.

Qualifications for Becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner

A cloud practitioner needs a mix of technical, business, and people abilities.

A cloud practitioner in the business sector should possess the following abilities:

  • Knowledge of how hardware and software systems address business issues.
  • Ability to evaluate user workflows and improve workflow efficiency.
  • Communication abilities to engage stakeholders in the project and explain technical intricacies.
  • Fix the scalability problems.
  • Manage integration issues with external applications.

Technical competencies for a cloud practitioner include:

  • The capacity to foresee and resolve scaling problems.
  • Integrate third-party software and technologies with current infrastructure and technology.
  • Control over the architecture being developed for AWS systems.
  • The capacity to install AWS apps and solutions.
  • Creating cloud-based solutions.
  • Creating strategies for implementing cloud solutions.
  • Platform management and cloud monitoring.
  • Knowledge of data security and compliance regulations.
  • Cloud application networking and security fundamentals.
  • Working familiarity with the AWS environment's toolkit.

Is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Worth It?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a credential that a great number of industry experts believe is beneficial. Those who are not employed in the information technology sector can benefit from the certification since it will increase their level of expertise with cloud technologies. Non-technical employees, particularly those who are in charge of making decisions or managing projects related to a company's network and cloud operations, will find the level of understanding that the certification provides to be extremely beneficial.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a good certification, especially for individuals who are just starting out in their professions and want to learn as much as they can about the many cloud-based options available.

Gaining knowledge 

In the realm of computers and cloud networking, it is a well-established fact that there are four types of unknowns: the Known Unknowns, the Unknown Unknowns, the Known Unknowns, and the Unknown Unknowns. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate is suitable for all four of these categories. Earning the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification will not only improve your professional attractiveness as a cloud expert, but it may also teach you things about the AWS Cloud that you weren't even aware you were losing out on.

You will learn about every tool and utility that the AWS Cloud has to offer, as well as its price, optimal use cases, and decision-making processes, if you enroll in a training course that prepares you to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. This is a requirement of the training course. You won't become an expert on any one topic, but you will become educated about the AWS Cloud and well-rounded overall.

Skills validation

Be sure to earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification if you have substantial experience working with the AWS Cloud and are familiar with all of its tools and utilities. This will allow you to demonstrate your level of knowledge in the field. If you are certain that you will have no trouble passing the exam, then the $100 charge to validate your proficiency in using AWS Cloud would be a reasonable investment.

By acquiring the title of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you can demonstrate to a firm that you are someone who can be relied upon to make the required decisions on the AWS Cloud and to pick the relevant tools and utilities for the needs of the company.

Display your devotion to technology

You will be able to show that you are committed to the industry as well as the standards that act as its foundational pillars if you acquire an AWS certification. If you are an employer looking to hire a new employee, it is imperative that you take both experience and AWS certification into thorough and equal consideration before making that all-important offer. Experience does not in any way trump AWS certification.

When seen from this perspective, hiring managers are able to easily and rapidly evaluate a candidate's main competencies and level of technical experience by glancing at the candidate's certifications. It acts as a flag, indicating to them that you are skilled in a certain area of AWS knowledge, and it lets them know that you are.

Boost your potential for higher income

In addition to appearing good on your CV, having an AWS certification may significantly improve the kind of compensation or rate you expect from employers. According to the findings of our objective research of earnings, seventy percent of AWS professionals who were polled reported a rise in their pay of up to twenty percent as a direct consequence of earning their certification.

A survey that was carried out in 2018 in both the United States and Canada found that professionals who had credentials made an annual average salary of $113,932, whilst those who did not have qualifications paid around $20,000 less.

How to Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

Even preparation for a relatively straightforward class like the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner might seem overwhelming at times. The following section offers some guidance on how one may become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Put in the work to create a solid base

If you want to quickly arm yourself with the necessary learning resources so that you can concentrate your study time on your weakest areas, the best course of action is to enroll in an online test preparation course. This is the best plan of action because it allows you to quickly arm yourself with the necessary learning resources. These well-organized courses provide just the right amount of content to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the AWS ecosystem without being too technical.

Mock exams and documentation

Before you can have a complete comprehension of the primary services that AWS provides, you must first have a complete understanding of the exam description. Practice examinations are often included in online courses. At least one of the tests should be given your full effort, but you shouldn't allow a low score to discourage you. The purpose of this exercise is to determine which domains need more attention than others.

Whitepapers published by AWS

Because so many of the sample questions on the mock exams are derived from the whitepapers, the significance of these documents cannot be emphasized. Whitepapers published by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are an excellent resource for furthering one's education in the areas of design, economics, and security. Whitepapers produced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are designed to speed up the implementation of technology while also educating candidates on a particular subject.

Get familiar with the outline of the examination

Knowing the structure of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam is crucial to developing a strategy. It can undoubtedly aid in your test performance. Additionally, being aware of the kind of test questions to expect makes it easier for you to manage your time. So without further ado, let's look at the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam's structure.

The overall number of questions on the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam is between 65 and 68. The test will offer candidates a total of 90 minutes to finish it. The test will also be given in four other languages for the convenience of applicants who speak various home tongues. English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese are also included in this list.

Additionally, the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam includes two different sorts of questions, including Multiple Choice Questions, where there is only one right answer and three wrong ones (distractors), and Multiple Response Questions: These have two or more correct answers out of a possible selection of five or more.

Negative Marking - There won't be any negative marking if the response you indicated is wrong. This indicates that you may attempt to estimate the right response. If your speculation is accurate, you'll end up receiving better grades. If not, there is no damage since there is no punishment for giving incorrect replies.

Unscored Questions: You can encounter some ungraded questions when taking your test. Your scores won't change whether you try or don't attempt these questions in any way. These ungraded questions are merely included on the exam to collect data statistically.

Proceed with the registration process 

You are required to create an AWS Certification Account before you can proceed with scheduling the certification exam. Your AWS Training Account serves as the source of the authentication for your AWS Certification Account via the usage of single sign-on (SSO). Go to, locate the Sign In button in the top right corner, and then follow the instructions there to create an account if you do not already have one.

Select Certification from the drop-down box that appears when you have successfully entered into your account. There will be a request for some demographic information from you. Check them again to ensure that the first and last names that appear on the identification you will need to submit at your scheduled exam appointment are the same as those that appear on this form. In the event that the names are different, you will not be permitted to take the examination.

Pearson VUE and PSI are the two companies that are now offering AWS Certification tests to candidates. Candidates have the ability to choose the testing service that best suits their requirements in terms of policy, geographic location, and testing possibilities (including online proctoring or testing centers). 

In order to successfully complete an appointment that is being proctored online, you are required to communicate with a proctor. Proctoring in English may be done online using PSI and Pearson VUE respectively. While Pearson VUE provides online proctoring in Japanese, PSI offers it in addition to English and Mandarin.

Tips for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam 

It is advised that the applicants choose the best response to the question while answering these questions. Selecting the ideal response, however, may not be as simple as it first seems to be. The majority of the questions won't be too challenging, and if you carefully study them, you'll be able to provide the right response.

Review all of the possible answers

After reading the question, take your time and thoroughly review all of the provided answers. For one specific question, you will have four to six alternatives. Don't overlook any options; doing so will enable you to make an educated choice.

Remove the responses that seem incorrect

There are instances when one or more solutions seem entirely unorthodox. Search for responses that include the words "always," "never," and "none of the above," since they are often erroneous. Eliminating these possibilities will save you a lot of time since you won't have to think about them anymore.

Search for an answer that fully responds to the question

If there are alternatives that are partially right, you must choose the one that best fits the question on the AWS cloud practitioner test. The partially right answers may also be selected in multi-response questions if there are many options available.

Answer each question in turn

This helps you save a ton of time, particularly on scheduled tests like the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam that need careful time management. Every single question must be answered one at a time. This will guarantee that you respond to every inquiry.

Don't fail to respond to any questions

It will be a good choice to respond to every question on the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam since there is no negative marking on the test. If you don't know enough, try speculating on the best possible solutions. If your estimate is correct, this won't hurt you and could even help you earn more points.

FAQs About AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Who Should Take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam should be taken by non-technical employees, network administrators, and cloud administrators alike. If your job requires you to participate in decisions that might lead to cloud deployments, you should at the very least study for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

How Hard is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

If you are familiar with the AWS services and invoicing tools, the AWS Cloud Practitioner test is rather simple. However, you may find it a bit challenging if you're new to AWS. There are several test preparation resources offered by AWS that may be helpful. You may not need to pay for training for this exam, but you still need to put in a lot of study time if you want to perform well on it.

Getting ready for any certification program is not that easy, even if the AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner test is beginner-level and just looks at the candidate's most essential abilities. However, be confident that if you do get the certification, all of your efforts will have been rewarded.

How Much Money Can An AWS Cloud Professional Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, which lists annual salaries as high as $171,000 and as low as $22,500, the majority of Entry Level AWS Cloud Practitioners' salaries currently fall between $47,500 (25th percentile) and $124,000 (75th percentile), with the top earners (90th percentile) making $158,000 across the United States.

Why is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification so Popular?

For IT candidates looking to start a career in cloud computing or another similar IT industry, this certification may be required. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential is required for anybody working with AWS Cloud Services, which have a 32 percent market share.

Many people who get this certification go on to earn further AWS or IT certifications in order to qualify for jobs that demand ever-higher levels of knowledge.

What are the Objectives of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam?

The AWS CCP exam's objective is to assess a candidate's practical and theoretical understanding of cloud computing. By passing this exam, you might become a certified cloud-based developer or analyst. The certification examination gauges a candidate's proficiency in:

  • Describe the main features of using and deploying on the AWS Cloud.
  • Identify the primary technical support or documentation sources.
  • Define the terms "common security model," "security," and "compliance".
  • Explain the fundamental tenets of AWS Cloud Architecture.
  • Explain AWS cloud guidelines.
  • Describe the price, billing, and account management.
  • Describe AWS cloud and its fundamental architecture.

What Positions Are Available for an AWS Cloud Practitioner?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) qualifications might lead to a number of lucrative, rapidly expanding IT jobs. By earning an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner degree, you have the choice to progress to AWS Cloud Architect designation.

This position works directly with clients and engineers, in addition to providing technical leadership and acting as a point of contact for client-side stakeholders. Qualified AWS Cloud Architects create technical architectures and manage implementation activities to ensure that new technologies are effectively adopted into customer environments.

What Does an AWS Cloud Practitioner Do?

As various occupations that deal with AWS Cloud may need this degree, cloud practitioners may occupy a variety of positions within a business. Practitioners of the cloud often operate as a link between a company's technological and commercial problems. They could collaborate with business teams, IT developers, or both to ensure that organizational-wide business goals are matched.

The management of a company's cloud architecture is the responsibility of IT experts who pursue a career as cloud architects. They will oversee their development teams' efforts to lower long-term risk and technical debt, assist with site and data migrations, construct and manage technical infrastructure, and more.

Are Non-Technical Professionals Worth It to Become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential is excellent for those who work with IT professionals but aren't themselves IT technical experts. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential is unquestionably valuable for non-technical people who often utilize the cloud or must make financial decisions for network operations.

Is Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Beneficial for an Advanced Network Administrator?

Experienced network administrators won't be hampered or slowed down by the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, but it may not be the best certification for you depending on where you are in your career and what your responsibilities are.

It is never a bad idea to be aware of the technologies that support AWS Cloud environments, how they are billed and priced, what security and compliance tools AWS offer for network operations, or the advantages of AWS Cloud utilities. Many seasoned network administrators who operate in technical capacities may not need that level of understanding, however.

How Many Times Can You Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam?

There is no limit on the number of test runs. However, you are still required to pay the full registration fee for each exam try. You are not allowed to retake an exam for two years after you pass it. If the test has been updated with a new exam guide and exam series code, you are eligible to take the current exam version.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification? You have grasped the procedures to take to study for the test and pass it with the aid of this site. Develop the essential abilities and work toward becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner.