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Start your Free EPA Practice Tests 2021

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Free EPA 608 Practice Test 2021

What is the EPA 608 certification?

The EPA 608 certification is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Section 608 of the Clean Air Act (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) as a requirement for technicians who work in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry. This means that any technician who plans to do services like maintenance, repairs, or disposal of any equipment containing or releasing refrigerants must be certified by the EPA. EPA 608 certification does not expire so there is no need to take it repeatedly every few years.

As the people who are required to take this exam were mentioned, the word "technician" was defined by the EPA regulations under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act that can be found at 40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F for specificity. Technicians are defined as any person who is expected to cause damage to equipment with a refrigerant circuit and release the refrigerants stored inside while maintaining, servicing, or repairing them except for equipment with motor vehicle air conditioning. Technicians are also those who are expected to inflict any form of damage to equipment installed with a refrigerant circuit while disposing of them which exclude small appliances, motor vehicle air conditioning, or similar appliances.

People who offer these services below are also considered as technicians:

  • Anyone who offers services involved in appliances, specifically the attachment or detachment of the hoses and gauges present inside them.
  • Supplying or taking out refrigerants from an appliance that contains and/or can contain them.
  • Performing the addition or retrieval of parts of an appliance.
  • Cutting or splitting off an appliance's refrigerant circuit or line.

Any technicians who are planning on offering the services mentioned above are required to have the EPA 608 Certification by the type of appliances they will be working on. However, apprentices are mostly excluded from this as long they are under the supervision of a certified technician.

EPA 608 Exam

Listed below are questions about the things a technician will encounter when planning or taking the EPA 608 Exam:

  • How many questions are there on an EPA 608 exam?

There are a total of fifty (50) items in the exam which will be divided into two portions. Twenty-five(25) items for the core portion of the exam while the other half is taken from each of the relevant technical groups. Meanwhile, those aiming for a Universal Certification are expected to answer 100 questions in total.

  • What is the passing score?

Closed-book types exams or those which are monitored by a proctor, for Type I, Type II, Type III, and Universal Certification has a 70 percent passing score. Mail-in or open-book type format exams for a Type I certification require a passing score of 84 percent.

  • How long is the test?

The examinees are given two (2) hours to complete the tests.

  • Exam fees

Exam fees vary depending on the type of certification a technician is aiming for as well as the certifying programs. Type I Certification exams are typically the least expensive of the examinations.


  • Core Exam

The first section in the certification consisting of general information that every technician should be aware of. It is taken by all examinees and covers topics regarding the EPA 608 regulations, the Clean Air Act, ozone depletion caused by refrigerants, substitute refrigerants and oils as well as the regulations in handling them, safety measures, and a few more information stated under the Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. The Core exam will consist of 25 test questions as a required portion of any certification and acts as the other half of Type I, II, and III exams or one-fourth of the Universal Certification.

  • Type I

     This is an exam for technicians working on small appliances and that while doing so are expected to violate the integrity of a refrigerant circuit and release refrigerants to the environment. Type I exams can either be a closed-book exam with a required 70% passing score or an open-book exam with a required 84% passing score. Open-book or mail-in exams require proof of identity to ensure honesty. All Type I exams consist of 50 questions with a half consisting of the core exam and the other half for the Type 1 technical group.

  • Type II

This is the exam for technicians who are planning on maintaining, servicing, repairing, or disposing medium, high, or very high-pressure appliances except for small appliances, MVACs, and appliances similar to MVAC. It is a strictly closed book exam and the examination has to be monitored by a proctor. The passing score required is 70% and has a total of 50 questions, 25 items for the core exam and 25 for the technical group/(Type II). It is also part of the exam for the Universal Certification.

  • Type III

         This is the examination for technicians who are planning on doing maintenance, servicing, repairs, or disposal of low-pressure appliances. Type III exams require the examinee to be monitored by a proctor. Meaning, it will be a closed book exam. The passing score is also 70%. Just like the Type I and I exams, it will also be a part of the exam for the Universal Certification.

  • Universal certification

The Universal Certification examination consists of four sections which include: the core exam, and the three technical groups which are the Type I, Type II, and Type III exams. Note that core exams that are taken from an open-book exam are not allowed. There are a total of 100 multiple choice questions and has a passing score of 70%. It is proctored and therefore, the examinee has to attend to a physical location. Passing this examination means that the technician is privileged to act like a Type I, Type II, or Type III technician.

We have available EPA 608 practice test for type I, type II, type III, and Core exams. Take it now!

EPA 608 FAQs

  • Can the EPA exam be retaken?

 In the case that the examinee failed the exam, they are allowed to take another one but with a corresponding fee. Certified technicians who lost their cards are also allowed to retake the exams if they are unable to present any evidence that they previously passed or if they are not able to get a replacement from the program that certified them.

  •  What to bring on exam day

Exams are taken on a physical location typically require the examinee to bring a valid form of identification to verify their identity. Pens are also required especially if the exam is paper. Online exams normally require a laptop or computer, and a Webcam for the proctor to facilitate the exams.


  • Can I take the EPA 608 test online?

Yes. EPA 608 exams can be taken online but only for Type I certifications since it can be an open-book exam. Type II and Type III on the other hand must be taken at a physical location under the supervision of a proctor.

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