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Proven MBLEX 3-step Practice Formula

After our 100,000+ users' success stories, we developed a 3-step strategy to provide you with the most precise and in-depth learning path while minimizing your prep time.

MBLEx Diagnostic Test

First, take this short test and get your detailed report showing your strong and weak areas. Save your time by concentrating on what is in demand.


With quick, bite-sized learning techniques and a detailed study guide for each MBLEx section, you can really strengthen your weaknesses (from step 1) and boost your scores.

MBLEx Full Test

The last step for your preparation is taking our full MBLEx practice tests and seeing how far you've come since the beginning. Repeat the 3-step formula until you are satisfied with your results!

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All questions are categorized into the specific sections as on the real MBLEx: Same format & same difficulty!

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Free MBLEx Practice Test 2024

The MBLEx exam is used to measure a would-be practitioner’s level of massage knowledge in 44 states, along with Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Island, and the District of Columbia. The test can be taken nationwide and has been assembled and updated with the input of more than fifty content experts utilizing input from over 7,000 bodywork professionals across the country.

As of 2017, anyone seeking to sit for the MBLEx exam must demonstrate that they’ve received education from an approved massage therapy program or course of study: one that’s been recognized by the official regulatory agency of the state in which it’s located.

Time limit: 2 hours

MBLEx formats: multiple-choice questions 

Number question: 100 questions.

Passing score: To be considered as passing for the MBLEx exam, you must receive a score of 630. You will receive a numerical scaled score total as well as diagnostic information indicating your performance in each content area.

What should I study for MBLEx?

Anatomy and Physiology (11%)

  • System structure and function
  • Each system of the human body is covered, including: circulatory; digestive, endocrine; integumentary; lymphatic; muscular; nervous; reproductive; respiratory; skeletal; urinary; and special senses. Both structure and function are included.
  • Tissue injury and repair
  • Energetic anatomy concepts

Kinesiology (12%)

  • Muscle components and characteristics
  • Muscle contractions
  • Proprioceptors
  • Muscular locations, attachments (both origins and insertions), actions, and fiber directions
  • Structure and function of joints
  • Range of motion
  • Concepts include active, passive, and resistant ranges of motion.

Pathology, contraindications, special populations, areas of caution (14%)

  • Pathology overview
  • Contraindications
  • Topics covered include site-specific and pathology-related contraindications. Also included are tools and special applications.
  • Areas of caution
  • Special populations
  • Medication classes

Physiological benefits associated with soft tissue manipulation techniques (15%)

  • Identifying the physiological effects of the manipulation of soft tissues
  • The benefits of touch included psychological components
  • The benefits of soft tissue manipulation, especially for particular client populations
  • Techniques associated with soft tissue
  • Topics include types of strokes and sequences of application.
  • Application of heat and cold

Client assessment, reassessment, and treatment planning (17%)

  • Organizing a massage or bodywork therapy session
  • Client evaluation and consultation
  • Topics include verbal intake and client health history.
  • Collection of written data
  • Visual assessment, both general and postural
  • Palpation assessment
  • Range of motion in clients
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Topics include ruling out contraindications, setting goals for client treatment, evaluating the client’s response to previous treatment, and creation of an overarching treatment strategy.

Ethics, laws, regulations, and boundaries (16%)

  • Foundations of ethical behavior
  • Boundaries in the professional environment
  • Violations of code of ethics
  • Defining and understanding the therapeutic relationship
  • Dual relationships
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Laws and regulations related to massage therapy and bodywork
  • Scope of practice for massage therapists and bodywork professionals
  • Communicating professionally
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethical principles

Professional practice guidelines (15%)

  • How to properly and safely utilize equipment and supplies
  • Hygiene for massage therapists
  • Cleanliness and sanitation
  • Safety practices
  • Topics include facilities, client safety, and personal safety for therapists.
  • Care for therapists 
  • Proper body mechanics, protective equipment, injury prevention, and self-care.
  • Draping techniques
  • Business practices for therapists
  • Topics include strategic and business planning, office management, hiring and interviewing employees, effective marketing, recordkeeping (both client and business records), and proper documentation.
  • Terminology associated with business and healthcare

How do I pass the MBLEx?

As you know, there’s a lot of information covered by the MBLEx exam. So, what’s the best preparation for it?

These MBLEx tips will help you prepare, gain confidence, and pass your exam if you do your part.

  • Challenge Yourself
  • Practice Timed Exams
  • Be Flexible.
  • Understand the Exam Itself
  • Know That You Cannot Study It All
  • Invest in Good Study Resources.
  • Most Importantly, Believe in Yourself.

It might seem feasible to simply review the materials covered as part of your course of study at massage school on the surface. We can’t deny that this isn’t a bad place to start. But it’s far from ideal in terms of preparing you for the MBLEx exam due to reviewing course materials is a far cry from gearing up for a standardized test.

When preparing for a standardized MBLEx exam, all you need is custom-tailored MBLEx test prep. Don’t waste your time on disparate materials from massage school that may or may not pertain directly to the test. You should focus your time and energy on studying the material that’s most likely to be on the exam itself instead.

Besides reviewing the correct material, you also devote an amount of time to practice tests. After all, you’re not attempting to approach new material: your aim is to train yourself to carry out well on a specific standardized test that is administered in a particular format. Highly targeted test prep will go a long way towards getting you really ready for MBLEx.

Maybe what you need is an online test prep company with the actual formatting, focused and specific practice questions, accurately simulated practice tests, and customized review content that’s tailored to suit your needs as an individual learner.

Free MBLEx practice tests by ABC E-learning

Our Practice Tests has more questions

Preparing for a test is not easy. There’s a lot of material to cover. In addition, there are many different ways that this material might be approached on the actual test. The more practice questions you review ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be. 

Unlimited Exams

When you’ve studied adequately, the best method to prepare for a test like the MBLEx is to take as many practice exams as possible. When some of our competitors limit the number of times you can take a test, we provide you with unlimited opportunities.

Animated Review Courses

Reviewing for a test is very necessary, but let’s face it: it’s not exactly exciting or stimulating. There are times when studying can put you to sleep. That’s the reason why we have made our review courses exciting and engaging: we use animation to keep things not boring anymore, which means better retention of the material.

Customized Content

Depending on your background of knowledge before entering massage school, you’ll likely find that some areas of the exam are easier for you. When studying and taking practice tests, it makes sense to focus on the areas where required the most improvement. We do things differently from any competitors which have the same questions: depending on your performance, our content is customized to help you improve your weakness. That implies that less time spent studying overall, and a higher grade on the examination.

Available both web and app versions

It would be to sit down and study when you’re at home in front of your computer, that’s not always practical or possible. We realize and we’ve made our review courses and practice test content compatible with both mobile phones and tablet devices. You can take the test along with you and practice anytime, anywhere, and when you have a minute to spare.

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