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NCLEX-PN Practice Test

The NCLEX-PN® exam is aimed at candidates who desire to practice practical or vocational nursing in the United States. The test itself is computer-adaptive, meaning it fluctuates in difficulty until it assesses your level of competence. The questions vary between 85 and 205 while 25 of them do not count for or against your score. The categories and the percentage of the test they make up as listed below:
- Safe and Effective Care Environment
- Coordinated Care (18%–24%)
- Safety and Infection Control (10%–16%)
- Health Promotion and Maintenance (6%–12%)
- Psychosocial Integrity (9%-15%)
- Physiological Integrity
- Basic Care and Comfort (7%–13%)
- Pharmacological Therapies (10%–16%)
- Reduction of Risk Potential (9-15%)
- Physiological Adaption (7%–13%)

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