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All Things About Wonderlic & Wonderlic Practice Test 2024

Employers might benefit from personality and aptitude tests to better understand job applicants' strengths and competencies. While tests cannot predict an applicant's future performance on their own, they can assist employers in determining how well a candidate will do in a given role. The Wonderlic test is a popular employee assessment tool that many companies and organizations use to assess potential hires.

In this post, we'll go over what the Wonderlic test is, how to pass it, and some strategies for effectively taking the Wonderlic practice test, improving your score, and increasing your chances of moving on in the recruiting process. 

Besides, we also answer some frequently asked questions to provide with you all things you need to know about this test.

What is the Wonderlic test?

Simply put, the Wonderlic test is the most widely used cognitive ability test for pre-employment. In English, Wonderlic is an IQ test administered to job seekers.

Employers often look for methods to quickly remove applications because hiring is a laborious (and expensive) process. The Wonderlic test is a quick evaluation that helps companies determine whether or not to hire someone straight immediately.

The Wonderlic test, short for Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test, is a standardized evaluation that employers can use to assess prospective employees' problem-solving abilities and mental proficiency. 

It's used in a variety of vocations to evaluate skills like math, thinking, and language. Average-intelligence test-takers score approximately a 20 on the Wonderlic exam, which is frequently consistent with results from popular intelligence quotient (IQ) tests.

One thing to keep in mind is that Wonderlic, Inc provides a variety of different Wonderlic tests. If you Googled "Wonderlic" and found that there is a Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, Wonderlic Personality Tests, and so on, you may have come across this.

When you hear "Wonderlic test," it usually refers to the Wonderlic Personnel Test (which is also sometimes called the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test).

There's no need to be intimidated by the sheer number of Wonderlic exam permutations available. It's the Wonderlic Personnel Test  (WPT-R) if you're told you're taking a "Wonderlic Test".

What is on the Wonderlic test?

Pre-draft professional athletes, such as National Football League (NFL) players, and corporations that want to scan employees' intelligence, motivation, and personality as part of the employment process are using Wonderlic tests.

The test, sometimes known as a speed IQ test, stresses speed. Only a small percentage of participants can usually complete all 50 questions in the allocated 12 minutes. General Knowledge, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Numerical Reasoning are the four broad categories that make up the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Each question type is briefly described in the table below, followed by a more thorough explanation and sample questions. There are many different question kinds to review, as you can see.

Administrators can use testing results to learn more about a possible hire's work, training, and educational prospects. The Wonderlic test asks questions about numerous major topics:


The questions will include tests of general knowledge, error detection, chronological sorting, and date recognition.

  • Detecting mistakes
  • Understanding dates
  • Broad facts

Abstract Reasoning

This portion evaluates candidates' spatial thinking, pattern recognition, and 2D and 3D shape manipulation and visualization skills. You may be required to manipulate shapes like tiles or folded pieces of paper in these problems.

  • Spatial reasoning
  • 3D shapes & tiles
  • Pattern recognition

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning questions assess your command of the English language as well as your capacity for logical and deductive reasoning. These tests typically ask you to form conclusions and use syntax, analogies, and vocabulary. There will also be questions on themes including word groups, recognizing similar or dissimilar words, anagrams, word scrambles, sentence scrambles, and metaphors. You will be required to determine whether two terms are unrelated, synonyms, antonyms, or both. You might be asked to rearrange sentences that don't necessarily make grammatical sense in other questions. Another question type will ask you to use deductive reasoning; you will be given a number of statements and asked to determine whether or not another statement is true or false using the information from the original statements.

  • Grammar
  •  Analogies
  • Vocabulary
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Synonyms & antonyms
  • Sentence structure & ordering
  • Word scrambles

Numerical Reasoning

  •  Word problems
  • Number series
  • Fraction value
  •  Number patterns

Your mathematics skills will be put to the most rigorous test in the Numerical Reasoning category. These questions frequently include words and numbers because they are word problems as well as arithmetic issues. Along with your mathematical skills, they will evaluate your reading comprehension.

Algebra, percentages, ratios, decimals, and averages are some of the subjects covered in the questions. There will also be questions requiring you to identify the following number in a series of numbers by looking at the preceding numbers.

Given that you are not permitted to use a calculator, these questions will probably be the most challenging and time-consuming ones.

Our Wonderlic Practice Test covers all these topics! Please go check above!

Two Versions of the Wonderlic Personnel Test

Test for Wonderlic Personnel (WPT-R)

The Wonderlic Personnel Test has two significantly distinct variants. The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R), which consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and can be completed in 12 minutes, comes first. This exam, which is typically proctored, will be given at the beginning of the application process. The Wonderlic Personnel Test - QuickTest (WPT-Q) may, however, be required to be taken before the WPT-R.

QuickTest by Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-Q)

The Wonderlic Personnel Test - QuickTest (WPT-Q), which has 30 questions and takes 8 minutes, is a condensed form of the exam. The WPT-Q is frequently taken from home, is not proctored, and is typically used as a practice test for the WPT-R. This indicates that you might be required to take it from home, and that only if you perform well will you be called in to take the WPT-R.

Since the only difference between the two exams' content and length is their length, our practice materials will help you succeed on either examination.

What are Wonderlic test scores?

The scoring for the Wonderlic test is extremely straightforward. With fifty questions, each correct answer adds one point to your total score. A 15 signifies the participant correctly answered 15 questions. The maximum possible Wonderlic score is 50, and the lowest possible Wonderlic score is 0.

What is the Scoring Criteria Of the Wonderlic Test?

There will be no negative marking

The Wonderlic Test score is used to determine whether or not an applicant is a good fit for a certain job. The score in this exam, like any other IQ test, is based on a maximum, average, and minimum range. The number of questions you answered correctly determines your Wonderlic test score.

Is it WPT-R or WPT-Q?

A shortened version of the test is used by some employers. Instead of 50 questions, you'll only have 30 to answer. This is sometimes referred to as the Wonderlic people test (WPT-Q). It's a lot easier to administer and finish. Later on, you may be requested to take the complete Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R).

The scores for the WPT-Q and WPT-R are different

The test consists of 30 to 50 questions (depending on whether it is WPT-Q or WPT-R). Each exam should be completed within a certain amount of time (8 minutes for WPT-Q and 12 minutes for WPT). Each right answer receives one point in each edition. You will receive zero points if you skip a question or answer wrongly.

Each question is equally weighted

Keep in mind that every question, regardless of difficulty or placement, is regarded equally. There are no point deductions for wrong answers.

For all candidates, the same scoring system is used

The Wonderlic test is frequently graded the same way for all interviews. The distinction appears at many professional levels. This is due to the fact that many organizations and businesses have established requirements for the kind of positions that are accessible.

What is the Wonderlic test's average score?

The average test result is 20 out of a possible 50, according to Wonderlic, Inc. A person with a score of 10 or higher is deemed literate, and most companies consider them fit for less demanding occupations. The average test results of different occupations can differ greatly.

The average score for a chemist is 31, whereas the average score for a cashier is 21. These two occupations are very different, and they require people with very distinct skills to do them successfully.

When it comes to job applications, getting a good score can help you stand out from the crowd. You can only improve your chances of landing a job by recording a higher than average Wonderlic score, whether you want to be a nurse or an engineer.

For first-time test takers, a fast recommendation is to answer all of the questions. Only two to three percent of takers complete the test within the twelve-minute time limit, according to research.

What is a good Wonderlic score?

While the average Wonderlic score is 20, the concept of what constitutes an excellent Wonderlic score varies. The quality of a score is frequently linked to the type of position or employment that an applicant or test taker is seeking. The following are some average job title scores:

Job Title

Avg. Wonderlic Score

Systems Analyst




Electrical Engineer
















Investment Analyst




Electronics Technician














Bank teller






Clerical Worker






Train conductor




Security guard








When calculating the ideal score, there are several factors to consider. They are as follows:

Company-related factors

The test's threshold score will be determined by the testing company. Rather of aiming for the globally recognized score of 20, some businesses will opt for a Wonderlic score that is higher or lower. 

If an organization intends to accept as many candidates as possible, it will reduce the cutoff such that the proper number is obtained. An organization with a limited number of positions, on the other hand, will only consider candidates who score well.

Applicant-related factors

The threshold score will also be determined by the applicant's distinguishing qualities.

The characteristics of the job

The ideal Wonderlic exam result varies depending on the job. Some jobs need a high IQ in order to be successful. People who participate in sporting activities, for example, must be attentive and handle difficulties fast.

Workers in other professions are not expected to learn skills in order to perform properly. The Wonderlic scores are also designed to produce distinct perceptions about a profession.

How long is the Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions. You have 12 minutes to respond to as many questions as you can.

Before job seekers come in to take the full exam, they may be given a shorter version of the test.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q) is a condensed version that includes all of the same types of questions. The only change is that the test is 30 questions and takes 8 minutes instead of 50 questions and takes 12 minutes.

Why is the Wonderlic exam so difficult?

When taking the Wonderlic test for the first time, many people do not perform as well as they think. Several factors contribute to this:

1) Timing is quite tricky

You have only 12 minutes to respond to 50 questions. This equates to approximately 14 seconds for each question. Knowing and using the correct Wonderlic tactics can help people significantly increase their results.

Knowing and applying the correct Wonderlic tactics can help people significantly increase their results by reducing the time element.

2) They are easily tricked

If you don't know what to look for, the Wonderlic contains a lot of trap responses that are simple to fall for.

You can improve your score significantly if you understand the traps and how to avoid them.

3) Their math skills are rusty

People make mistakes because they are unfamiliar with the types of questions on the Wonderlic or because they haven't encountered much math since school. 

Even if your math skills are rusty, keep in mind that you only have 14 seconds to answer each question. Knowing how to answer each question and being familiar with the format of the questions is quite beneficial.

How to pass Wonderlic test?

One of the most demanding online pre-employment exams for graduates and job seekers is the Wonderlic Personnel Test. 

The test isn't simple by any means, with only 12 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. Many brilliant and successful individuals have been turned down for interviews solely because they failed the exam.

You won't fail the exam, though, because you'll be well prepared to take the test with these 9 straightforward Wonderlic test recommendations from psychometric professionals.

If a future employer or group requests that you take a Wonderlic test, follow these steps to prepare:

Tip 1: Check the test's format

It's a good idea to review the test format before taking it. Learning the Wonderlic test format will help you prepare for your exam. Knowing what to expect might also help alleviate some of the stress that comes with taking an exam. If it's been a while since you've taken an exam, practicing Wonderlic tests can help you become more comfortable with the testing style.

The exam is multiple-choice, with 50 questions in the normal, full-length test. You can skip questions on most online examinations and come back to them later. Reviewing these rules will help you gain confidence and enhance your ability to react promptly to questions.

Tip 2: Take more Wonderlic practice tests as possible

The Wonderlic was created as a simple I.Q. test to be given to potential employees during the hiring process. I.Q. predicts success better than practically any other element, according to current psychology.

Many studies have been published in the 70 years since the Wonderlic was first issued, claiming that the Wonderlic does not accurately assess I.Q. While there may be some link between the Wonderlic Personnel Test and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) score, the results have been inconsistent.

Some practice Wonderlic tests are offered for free online. Some tests are timed, while others are completed at your own pace. To become acquainted with the test, take it in a short period of time.

Most businesses provide a 12-minute test, while shorter versions of the test can be completed in as little as eight minutes. You can get used to the pressure of a ticking clock by practicing taking a test with the added constraint of time.

Instead of concentrating on the remaining time, read the questions quickly and select the best answer before moving on to the next. If you think you're spending too much time on a question, you can either guess or skip it.

Improve your score with our sample Wonderlic tests right now!

Tip 3: Review common question topics

The Wonderlic test assesses your ability to answer problems rapidly in logic, language, and math. Consider re-familiarizing yourself with these topics or testing your knowledge if it's been a while since you last reviewed them or tested your knowledge. Several areas in particular demand extra attention:

  • Decimals: In certain Wonderlic challenges, you'll be required to identify little and big decimal numbers. The test can, for example, ask if 0.008 or 0.09 is the smaller value.
  • Ratios: Other Wonderlic questions test your knowledge of ratios, including questions concerning proportionate investments and returns. While you may not even have time to improve your math abilities, getting familiar with common word issue language and basic math approaches may help you solve these problems faster.
  • Analogies: Some exam questions need you to compare and contrast words or make connections between them. Review analogies to prepare for your exam.
  • Proverbs: The test also evaluates your ability to grasp and compare the meanings of obscure proverbs. Consider looking up uncommon phrases and seeing how well you can decipher their meaning.

Tip 4: Create test strategies

On tests, some people do extraordinarily well. Others have nervousness when taking tests. If you're nervous about taking exams or it's been a long time since you've taken one, develop some strategies to help you stay calm and focused.

Consider the following strategies:

Arrive early: Allow yourself some time to relax before the Wonderlic test if you know you'll be taking one as part of your interview. To be as comfortable as possible throughout the exam, practice breathing and becoming familiar with your surroundings.

Prepare: Practice exams and diligent study might help you gain confidence and improve your exam readiness. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with taking the test.

Take it one question at a time: When taking your test, try not to get too caught up in the difficult questions.If you don't know the answer, skip to the next question and see if it's any simpler.

Don't leave any questions unanswered. Because no points are lost for erroneous replies, it's best to answer every question. You have a % chance of getting it right. Plus, you should be able to remove at least one of the solutions in most circumstances. Your chances of answering correctly increase by 20% if you can eliminate just one answer.

Even if you have no idea what to answer, you have a high possibility of earning an extra point if you can check off at least a couple of incorrect responses and make an educated guess. Take care to mark an answer as soon as possible.

Make sure to read carefully: Even though you have limited time to answer a lot of questions on the Wonderlic test, read questions in a way that allows you to thoroughly absorb the question and understand what it's asking. Slowing down your reading the first time through will help you absorb the material better and save time when revisiting questions.

Tip 5: Don't check the time too frequently

Though it may seem little, you should avoid looking at the clock too frequently. While checking the time is necessary to ensure effective time management, looking up too frequently will cause you to lose attention.

When you get to the evaluation facility, you'll need all of your concentration. The constant distractions of constantly checking the time will damage your attention.

Tip 6: Eat and sleep well

You've probably heard this advice a hundred times, but we're going to say it again since it's the finest Wonderlic test tip we have. You can't expect your mind to function at its peak if you don't look after your body. Time and time again, regular sleep has been related to greater test scores and grades.

Believe it or not, according to a Time Magazine article, losing only one hour of sleep is nearly similar to losing two years of cognitive development. When a fifth grader is sleep-deprived, he will perform like a third-grader.

Not only on the morning of the test but also on the days leading up to it, you should make sure you're consuming nutritious, balanced meals. To function effectively, your brain needs nourishment.

Tip 7: Recognize that perfection isn't the aim

Your score is determined by the number of questions you successfully answer. Only approximately 5% of people answer all 50 questions on the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which has a maximum score of 50 points.

You'll get four out of every twenty questions accurate on average, so even if you can only answer 30 questions, guessing on the remaining 20 questions could earn you four points.

Those four characteristics could spell the difference between landing that high-paying management job interview and returning to your cubicle to fix your boss's spreadsheets.

Tip 8: Keep your calm

One of the most difficult things to practice with any test is managing the pressure and anxiety that comes with the actual, real test. You can make your practice exams as realistic as possible, but they will never be as significant as the real thing.

If you find testing to be stressful or even frightening, practicing being cool is a good idea.

Breathing exercises, listening to a specific sort of music right before the test, meditation, and physical activity are all effective ways to stay calm. Experiment with various items to see how you respond.

Tip 9: Be confident

In Wonderlic testing, it is possible to achieve high scores. Many others have answered the same questions and had excellent results. Do not be alarmed; doing so will just reduce your chances of winning.

Before the test, do some breathing exercises to help you stay calm. It's also beneficial to speak with others who have gone through the procedure before. Some of them may be willing to assist you in the process.

Keep in mind that the job market is extremely competitive today. Consider advanced example exams to practice and modify your abilities for the chosen career in this regard. The good news is that a sample test result does not guarantee that you will obtain the same result on a genuine employment Wonderlic test.

It only assists you in evaluating your skills before taking the test. You may considerably improve your chances of landing the job you desire if you have the necessary abilities, expertise, and dedication.

Wonderlic Practice Exam Study Guide

On many Wonderlic practice tests, there is a section that describes the response possibilities. Reading the explanation and assuming that you now understand it completely can be seductive. The majority of the time, an explanation, however, just touches on a small piece of the question's greater context. Even if the explanation seems straightforward, review it again and carefully explore each concept related to the topic until you are certain that you understand it.

As you go, keep in mind that the Wonderlic mock test is just that—practice. Memorizing these questions and answers won't be very helpful because it is unlikely that any of the exact questions from this test will appear on the actual one.

If all you are familiar with are the right answers to the practice questions, you won't be prepared for the actual exam. If you properly understand the topics through studying them, you will be able to respond to any question on the test.

It's important to hold off on taking the Wonderlic sample test until you're ready. If you take an exam on the first day of studying, the amount of material offered and what you need to understand could be daunting. You should progressively get ready.


What math is on the Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic Math practice test is free and will assist you in preparing for the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Thousands of companies take this test as part of the hiring process and as a team-building exercise. 

The Wonderlic Math practice test will assist you with the test's math section. This involves covering the fundamentals of 

  • Whole numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Currency
  • Estimate
  • Measurement
  • Percent and ratio
  • Averages and rounding
  • Basic operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry

An answer key is included with the Wonderlic Math practice exam to assist you in reviewing your results.

How many questions are on the Wonderlic test?

It has 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 12 minutes. Eldon F. Wonderlic (1909–1980), a graduate student at Northwestern University, developed the test in 1939. The number of correct answers submitted in the allocated time is used to compute the score.

Can you fail a Wonderlic test?

Yes. You will not be hired as a correctional officer if you do not pass the test needed by the province.

There are a few things you may do to improve your Wonderlic exam passing odds. One of the most effective strategies to assist yourself in success is to practice for the test.

How much does the Wonderlic test cost?

It depends on which company you apply for. Some build the test free, while some cost you an amount, but not too much.

Can I take Wonderlic test online?

The Wonderlic Test is usually given online by most companies. For many people, doing the Wonderlic Test online makes sense because it is how most companies administer it.

What is the 8-minute Wonderlic test?

Quicktest Wonderlic Personnel Test During the interview process, professionals are given an 8-minute, 30-question Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q). The WPT-Q assesses a candidate's ability to reason logically, mathematically, and verbally.

What is assessed by the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic test assesses your mental aptitude and predicts how well you will perform on the job. You'll need to be able to think on your feet, make quick choices, and perform a variety of jobs as a prison officer.

The Wonderlic test, on the other hand, does not assess your IQ. Instead, it assesses your ability to plan ahead of time in order to complete the test in the specified time and with a satisfactory result. As a result, it is critical to study for the test before taking it. Successful test-taking requires a lot of practice.

What factors are used to assess the Wonderlic Test?

The test will decide your chances of becoming a prison officer. So, in that length of time, you must accurately answer as many of the fifty questions as possible.

A correct answer is worth one point, whereas an inaccurate answer is worth nothing. You will also receive a zero if you do not respond to a question. For example, if you properly answer thirty questions, your score will be 30. 50 is a perfect score.

You can skip a question if you get stuck and come back to it later. This will allow you to respond to more questions in the time allotted.

What Wonderlic Test Score do I need?

It's better if you try to answer as many questions as possible, and do it correctly. Although the recruiting of prison officers has a confidential aim, we do know some numbers:

  • Only about 3% of those who take the test will complete all fifty questions.
  • The average score is 21, which translates to 42 percent out of 100.

For your convenience, you can see our list of jobs with median scores above

During the Wonderlic Test, can you use a calculator?

You will not be allowed to use a calculator on the Wonderlic test because it tests your cognitive abilities. Instead, you will be able to answer the questions with paper and pencil.

Because you must answer the questions fast, you must have a thorough understanding of what will be on the Wonderlic prior to the exam. An excellent test prep course will provide you with example questions to evaluate your knowledge and discover which topics may require additional attention.

What is the most effective way to get ready for Wonderlic?

Taking a practice test is one of the greatest ways to prepare for a Wonderlic exam. You can see example questions and feel more comfortable with the subject by completing a Wonderlic practice test.

Can you skip questions on the Wonderlic test?

You can skip questions on the Wonderlic test, even on the computerized version. You will have an opportunity to go back to any skipped questions before you submit your answers at the end of the exam.

It is important to note that you are not penalized for wrong answers, so you should never leave any answers blank!

What types of Wonderlic tests are there? How will I know which one to concentrate on?

As the "Wonderlic test" refers to any exam prepared by Wonderlic, Inc., there are multiple "Wonderlic exams."

There are three types of Wonderlic tests in general:

1) Cognitive Ability Tests:

These examinations, which are akin to IQ tests, are given to job applicants and students (Wonderlic Personnel Test) (SLE).

2) Basic Skills Tests:

These are tests in math and English. Some entry-level job seekers and students take them because they are lengthier than cognitive ability tests.

3) Personality Tests:

Wonderlic, Inc is the company behind some of the most widely used corporate personality tests.

Learning With Our Wonderlic Practice Test

Our Wonderlic practice exams include every subject, and the questions are the same as those on the actual Wonderlic tests. If any of your responses are erroneous, you will be given a thorough explanation. Additionally, you can create your own study schedule.

Our website offers you a stunning user interface and an easy learning process that will help you do better on your actual Wonderlic exam. You can also download our mobile application and learn both online and offline. I hope you like it!


That’s all! The Wonderlic Personnel Test is one of the most demanding online pre-employment exams for graduates and job seekers. However, effective preparation will help you ace this daunting exam. Remember to take our Wonderlic practice test to boost your scores!