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GRE Test Dates 2024 & How To Register

Be sure to know the GRE test dates to prepare for it carefully. Let’s check the GRE test dates for 2024 and how to register for this test.

Updated at February 6, 2023

As we all know, there have been some significant changes to college admissions testing over the past few years. The testing facilities are also reopening, which is fantastic news.

You might feel a bit confused about picking the ideal GRE test day and figuring out how to register for the GRE because the GRE is given so regularly, both at home now and at several testing locations throughout many various time periods.

Fear not—we’ve created the definitive guide to selecting the ideal GRE test dates for YOU!

On this website, we offer thousands of free GRE practice test questions to help you thoroughly prepare for this exam!

gre test dates

What is the GRE Test?

The GRE test, often known as the GRE General test, is administered by ETS and is one of the most widely acknowledged graduate admissions assessment programs in the world for law or business schools.

The GRE exam is a standardized examination used to assess a candidate’s overall intellectual preparedness for graduate school. A candidate’s analytical writing, numeric aptitude, and verbal thinking abilities are assessed by the GRE General Test.

The GRE Topic Test assesses a candidate’s proficiency in a certain subject. Candidates should be aware that only Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology are available as GRE Subject Tests.

Thousands of graduate programs throughout the world accept GRE test scores that are made available 10 to 15 days after the GRE exam date for master and doctoral degrees.

The GRE results are accepted by law schools, business schools, and other organizations worldwide, according to the official ETS GRE website.

Candidates who wish to take the GRE must pay a $213 US examination fee. Candidates who choose to take the GRE Subject Test must pay a $150 US GRE Subject Test Fee.

GRE Test Dates 2024

The GRE Online Exam is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Everywhere, with the exception of Iran and Mainland China, offers the GRE Online Examination. After 24 hours of registration, the test schedule will be made available.

If you choose to take the test in a testing facility, you must reserve a test date. The number of seats available on a particular day determines the test availability. The more options you have, the earlier you sign up. You must be able to find a suitable date because there are many GRE dates available.

A. GRE General Test Dates 2024:

The General Test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. It is offered year-round at computer-based testing centers. Test takers can choose from a variety of dates and times, including weekends and holidays. It is recommended to schedule the test at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure availability at the preferred testing center and time.

B. GRE Subject Test Dates 2024:

The Subject Tests measure knowledge in specific academic fields, including biology, chemistry, literature, mathematics, physics, and psychology. Unlike the General Test, Subject Tests are offered only three times a year in the months of September, October, and April. Test takers should check the specific test dates and subjects offered in 2024, as the availability of each subject may vary. It is advisable to take the Subject Test as close as possible to the completion of the relevant coursework to maximize performance.

The official website allows you to register for either choice. Take our GRE practice test before enrolling if you want to practice.

How to register for the GRE exam?

Choose one of these methods to register for the GRE exam.

Online Registration

Online registration is available via the ETS website. Print the voucher after finishing the registration procedure. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card through internet banking.

Phone Registration

Call 1-800-473-2255 or 1-800-GRE-CALL. During the call, information such as a confirmation number, the location of the test center, and the exam time is given. Credit or debit cards from American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or Visa are used to process payments.

On the Regional Registration Center (RRC) page of the ETS website, you may find the contact details for locations outside of the United States.

Mail Registration

Request a GRE General Test Authorization Voucher via mail upon payment. the GRE General Test Authorization Voucher Request Form in its entirety (PDF).

Send the completed form and the paper check or money order to the address on the form. To make an appointment, register online or give a call after getting the authorization voucher. Prior to the authorization voucher’s expiration date, make an appointment.

When is the best time to take the GRE?

For anyone who wishes to take the computer-based GRE test, the options are virtually limitless. Here are some suggestions to help you reduce the options accessible to you because choosing a date might be difficult.

Application deadlines

  • Find out the application deadlines for the programs you have chosen to apply to after making your decision.
  • At least two weeks before the application deadline, you should reserve a test time.
  • Six weeks before the application deadline is the ideal time to take the GRE exam, provided that your preparation is getting finished sooner.
  • This will enable you to retake the GRE® test if necessary.
  • Before you may repeat the exam, you must wait 21 days.
  • After the GRE test date, the results are sent to the institutions in 10 to 15 days.

The key is to make the most of the time you have to study for the test while still allowing adequate time in case you need to retake it.

gre test dates

Other Factors

When choosing the GRE exam dates, you should also take the following things into account:

  • What would fate mean for your other obligations? Are you in a frame of mind that will allow you to do well on the test? – You might want to think about scheduling the exam at a later time if you are stressed out for reasons unrelated to the exam.
  • Will the results of a retake be made accessible in time for your application deadlines?
  • How comfortable are you with your GRE exam preparation?

How long should you study for GRE?

Depending on your objectives and the demands of the program. However, scheduling a preparation program according to your schedule is not hard.

Get a diagnosis

Take a diagnostic exam to find out where you are in relation to your desired GRE General Test score.

Back up your work

Choose the day you want to take the test and then check the calendar to see how many hours you have for study time. Take away all the time you might normally spend to your regular activities, such as your commute and schoolwork.

Then eliminate any times that you have previously reserved for another event, such as going to a friend’s place. You may be able to study during the hours that are left.

Be realistic

Decide now how many of these free hours you can spend on your GRE exam preparation. Regarding this, be reasonable and avoid overloading oneself.

Maintain a schedule

Create a study plan that works with your current schedule. Your ability to do well on exam day will depend on how well you follow your timetable.

But when should you register for the GRE test?

The amount of time ahead you have begun test preparation will determine this. You should register as soon as possible if you have fewer than five months till the exam.

This is due to the sudden reduction in the number of GRE dates that are offered. However, if you are studying for the exam months in advance, you should reserve the date as soon as your mock GRE test scores start to fall within 5 points of your desired score.

How do you cancel or postpone my GRE exam date?

You will get a prorated refund of the test fee if you postpone your GRE date three days prior to the test. You must pay US $50 to reschedule your exam.


In conclusion, being aware of the GRE Test dates 2024 is crucial for all test-takers looking to further their education or advance their careers. The General Test is offered year-round and the Subject Tests are offered three times a year in September, October, and April. When choosing the right test date, it’s important to consider your schedule, allow sufficient time for preparation, and choose a date that aligns with your academic or career goals. With proper planning and preparation, test-takers can increase their chances of success and achieve their desired scores on the GRE. So, make sure to stay informed about the specific GRE Test dates in 2024 and take the necessary steps to reach your academic and career aspirations.