how long is nclex rn exam

How Long Is NCLEX RN Exam? | 2024 FREE NCLEX RN Test Prep

If you are preparing to take the NCLEX RN exam, you probably wonder “how long is NCLEX RN exam”. Follow this article carefully to know the beneficial answer.

Updated at May 15, 2022

If you’re preparing to take the NCLEX RN exam, you probably wonder “how long is NCLEX RN exam”. Knowing what to expect on exam day will help you feel more comfortable when answering questions that test your critical thinking skills. We’ll explain all you need to know about the NCLEX time limit in this article.

How Long Is The NCLEX RN Exam?

how long is nclex rn exam

How long is the NCLEX RN test? Takers of the NCLEX RN exam have six hours to complete the exam, which provides a brief tutorial, two pre-programmed optional breaks, and any unscheduled breaks. The first scheduled break will take place two hours after the initial start time.

Time per NCLEX RN Question

When preparing for the NCLEX RN, you should practice answering questions and keeping track of your time. Given the time allotted to complete the NCLEX RN exam, you should aim to spend one minute on each question. Throughout your nursing school, most nursing schools will provide you with 60 to 90 seconds for each question on tests and exams.

You don’t want to speed, and obvious questions that need calculations may take longer, but you should keep the one-minute limit in mind. If you’re having trouble with one question, select the best answer and keep on. If you spend too much time on one question, you may be forced to rush through others as time runs out.

Keep this time frame in mind while you complete NCLEX RN practice test to evaluate if you are on track. If you require additional time, evaluate what is slowing you down and work on improving your weaknesses. Are you having trouble with basic facts, calculations, work delegation, or some other aspect of your studies? If you’re completing quickly, check the percentage of questions you’ve answered right; if it’s low, consider slowing down to see if it helps you think deeply about each question and improves your overall score.


You could be thinking if you need to take breaks or if you can just keep going. Breaks, on the other hand, are optional, and you’ll have to make your decision during the exam. If you think you’re in a good groove and a break could put you off, you should keep testing.

If you are tired or frustrated, on the other hand, a break can be very beneficial since it allows you to take a big breath, relax, and refocus. This, too, will be a personal decision depending on how you are feeling at the time.

Study hard, stay focused, and be confident if you want to pass the NCLEX RN exam. You’re on your way toward becoming a nurse, and you’re excited to get started.

FAQs – How Long Is NCLEX Rn Exam?

how long is nclex rn exam

How many questions are there?

Everyone must answer a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 265 questions. You will be given 15 experimental questions that will not count for or against you, regardless of how many you answer. Exam administrators use them to prepare for future exam questions.

How much time will I have?

There is no time limit on each individual question. The exam will take a maximum of 6 hours to complete, along with a tutorial at the beginning. There are no breaks that are needed. After 2 hours of testing, however, there is an optional break, and after 3.5 hours of testing, there is another optional break.

When does the exam end?

When one of the following occurs, your exam is ended:

  • You have shown basic competency and answered the minimum necessary questions (75).
  • You have shown a lack of minimum competency by answering the minimum necessary questions (75).
  • You have answered the most questions possible (265).
  • You have exhausted your time limit (6 hours).

TIP: Avoid focusing on the length of your exam. You should only expect to test for 6 hours and complete 265 questions. And, if you have a long exam, keep in mind that you are still in the game as long as the computer continues to give you questions, so concentrate on answering them all to the best of your ability.


how long is nclex rn exam

Now you know about the answer to the question “how long is NCLEX RN exam”. Don’t forget to take our free NCLEX practice test to get familiarized with the format as well as the questions of the actual exam to strengthen your knowledge and skills, as a result, enhancing your chance to pass the NCLEX exam with a high score on your first attempt. Good luck to you!