how to become an EMT in Arizona

How To Become An EMT In Arizona? [2024 Ultimate Guide]

Becoming an EMT in Arizona requires the candidates to possess professional skill sets and knowledge. Read this post to know how to become an EMT in Arizona.

Updated at May 9, 2022

In terms of the therapeutic profession, EMTs (stands for Emergency Medical Technicians) have vital responsibilities. They are regularly the primary responders when disasters strike and ought to be prepared in life bolster and other restorative strategies. Becoming an EMT in Arizona is comparable to being one anyplace else. It is required for you to get broad preparation and take thorough tests for starting your career as an EMT. After the process of passing the tests, you’ll have to enlist with the Arizona Department of Health Services for the purpose of getting their official state certification.

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How to become an EMT in Arizona? For the purpose of getting the Arizona EMT license and becoming an EMT in Arizona, it is required for you to deeply understand the process as well as the requirements. The below article will provide you with the most up-to-date information about EMTs in Arizona.

Overview of EMTs in Arizona

Arizona is recognized as a US National Registry State, and after the process of getting a national-level certification, an EMT proficient in the state of Arizona has the opportunity to get a state-level EMT permit. The planned EMT has to receive the EMT training program from a state-approved preparing center. For the purpose of successfully passing and getting this certification, it is required for the EMT candidate to pass a strict examination, conducted by the NREMT (which stands for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians). This NREMT examination will cover both a composed computerized exam, as well as a down-to-earth aptitudes examination.

What is the EMT Training Standard?


how to become an EMT in ArizonaIt is obligatory for all the Prospective Emergency Medical Care Technicians to successfully total endorsed programs. An imminent EMT candidate also has to achieve at least a 9th-grade perusing level for the purpose of being conceded to a preparing program at any level.

The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System has posted a report that incorporates certified preparing organizations and up-and-coming Emergency Medical Technician classes. The Bureau has moreover distributed pass rates within the national certification examination.

An Emergency Medical Technicians training program will last for at least about 130 hours. It’ll meet the standards portrayed within the state-run show book. The lead educators may be a doctor, RN, doctor assistant, or experienced Emergency Medicine Cape Town. The educational modules will create the competencies depicted by the National Interstate Activity Security Organization; the Bureau site incorporates a link to this archive.

A person who has completed EMT preparation may be qualified to enter an Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (which is often called AEMT for short) program. An Advanced EMT program will last for at least 244 hours. At least 100 hours will comprise instruction and aptitudes preparation; at least 144 hours will comprise clinical and practical encounters. The workforce at the AEMT level performs a few intrusive methods; IV and pharmaceutical organizations are among the aptitudes that an AEMT will eventually ace.

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What are EMT examination requirements?

EMT candidates have to successfully pass 2 examinations. Candidates for starting EMT certification need to get data in terms of the down-to-earth examination from their program.

The cognitive exam is managed in a standardized way all through the country. At the EMT level, the exam is computer adjusted; a candidate has to deal with a wide range of questions, which fluctuate from 70 to 120 questions in total. The candidate has to pay an examination fee of $70. It is also required for the candidates to make NREMT accounts, pay expenses, and check that they have gotten endorsement. The program chief can authorize candidates to require the examination.

When all the mentioned steps have been successfully completed, it is possible for the candidates to print their ATTs and contact Pearson VUE for the purpose of scheduling their examination. You can directly call the Pearson VUE via this phone number 866-673-6896.

The permitting office has given a testing data bulletin that incorporates essential information (republished from the official site of the NREMT) and a list of Arizona testing destinations that you can easily access. Right now, there are computerized testing destinations in Mesa, Kingman, Prescott, Flagstaff,  Lake Havasu, Yuma, Sierra Vista, Phoenix, and Tucson. A few testing locales are found on university campuses.

An Emergency Medical Technician who has already completed preparation at the progressed level will go through the examination once more time. It is required for the EMT candidates to make an application from their NREMT account. The AEMT cognitive examination is computer-delivered and incorporates a total of 135 questions. They have to pay 100$ for taking this exam.

The AEMT exam is managed to concur with NREMT rules and benchmarks. The NREMT has distributed nitty-gritty portrayals of each aptitude station. You can access the NREMT via this phone number 614-888-4484.

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How to become an EMT in Arizona?

how to become an EMT in Arizona

Step 1: Gaining the Necessary Skills

Choose a particular type of EMT

In reality, there are 2 levels of EMT in the state of Arizona. The primary level is the EMT-Basic (which is also known as the EMT-B). This level is the most effortless to accomplish. Following up is the EMT-Intermediate (which is also known as the  EMT-I). At both 2 levels – EMT-B and EMT-I, it is possible for you to achieve a Certificate of Completion (which is also known as the  CCL). Getting to be an EMT-I requires getting to be an EMT-B, at that point enlisting in extra coursework. Despite taking more preparation time, EMT-Is have the next gaining potential compared to the EMT-Bs.

Register for an approved EMT course

For the purpose of finding a preparing course endorsed in Arizona, let’s check the course within the Arizona Department of Health Services. The list is upgraded occasionally to reflect up and coming courses. Explore a course near you and contact the suitable institution in terms of the fee, course dates/times, and other particular questions you’ll have.

Complete the course

Be diligent in your EMT preparing course and go to each course. Perused all the writings required. You’ll be instructed imperative restorative data that will not assist you to pass the EMT tests, but to assist others who are harmed and conceivably indeed spare lives. Depending on the escalation of the course, it might be one to 3 months.

Your course will give you the handle pediatric medications, injury (head, neck, chest, or spinal wounds), life systems and physiology, legitimate and moral issues concerning EMT work, lifting and moving patients, and related therapeutic circumstances. The National Highway Traffic Safety Organization has distributed a valuable direct depicting what EMTs ought to know approximately an assortment of circumstances. Utilize the instruction for the purpose of distinguishing what you need to know after the course.

Take the NREMT test

Right after the process of completing your preparation course, you’ll be prepared to gain your certification from the NREMT (which stands for the National Registry of Crisis Restorative Specialists). Visit the application page and begin your application procedure.

  • The NREMT test is a computer-based test. Computer Adaptive Tests (or the CATs) utilize a calculation to manage questions, so no two tests will be exactly alike. 
  • The questions will cover a wide assortment of data that is recognizable from your preparation course. The test will last for at least 60 questions to a maximum of 70 questions. 
  • When the computer decides with 95% certainty that you are competent, you can successfully pass.
  • Carefully reply to each question as well as you can. 
  • Besides the NREMT computerized test, you’ll illustrate your capacities in a viable examination. This will mimic an EMT circumstance for the purpose of reacting to a restorative emergency. These circumstances will draw broadly on your preparation and EMT instruction to decide whether you’re prepared for certification. 
  • Rent an NREMT study guide from your nearby library, or purchase one at your bookstore to assist you with the test.

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Step 2: Opening Your ADHS Account

Enlist an account with the ADHS

Visit the Arizona Department of Health Services (or the ADHS for short) web page and after that press the yellow “Register” button. Peruse the data, at that point tap “Continue Registration” which is located at the bottom of the website.

Select your role assignment

You’ll actually be an EMCT (which stands for the Emergency Medical Care Technician). This working position includes EMTs progressed EMT-I/99s EMTs, and paramedics. Within the “Role Assignment” drop-down menu, select EMCT, at that point tap “Next.” The “Role Assignment” box will grow, and you’ll be able to select an organization you work for. In case you’re not doing it for any organization, sort the words “Not employed” within the text box labeled “Filter Orgs by Name.” Press the “Not Employed” choice within the organization chart when it comes up, at that point, let’s tap “Next.”

Enter your name 

It is required for you to enter your first as well as your last name. In the event that you want, you can include a profile image, a suffix, and a center beginning. You’ll moreover include a profile picture. In case you don’t enter a profile picture or center beginning at this time, you’ll go back and include one afterward. Or in case you select to add a profile picture, select a really professional-looking picture, as the picture will show up on your certificate card later.

Ensure that your head and shoulders are obvious and you’re adjusted inside the outline. The picture should have a size of at least 150 x 150. Bigger pictures will be resized down to the size of exactly 150 x 150, and littler pictures will be rejected for any reason.

Enter your personal information

After the process of entering your name, you’ll have to include contact data to total your application, counting your home address as well as a phone number. You’ll moreover have to incorporate one-of-a-kind identification data, counting your Social Security number and date of birth.

Create a password and username

It is recommended for your username to be vital and special. Your watchword must be from 8 to 20 characters long and must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one image (the character set open by holding the move key and squeezing a number).

  • Your 1st initial combined along with your final title is as a rule a great client title. 
  • Do not utilize a watchword that you’ve utilized on another online account. Great online security requires crafting unique passwords for each online account. 
  • Have a chunk of paper convenient to compose down your client title and secret word. Keep this paper in an effectively open but secure area. 
  • Keep it within the top drawer of your work area, for the occasion, or in a notepad in conjunction with other data to assist you to log in to your email, web journal, or other online administrations.

Confirm your account

After the process of completing the examination application, search for a mail affirmation. A client benefit agent from the Bureau of EMS & Trauma System will favor your account. Amid regular business hours, it shouldn’t take long to urge your account up and running. In case you’re applying after normal commerce hours, be that as it may, you’ll likely hold up until the following commerce day before the process of affirming your created account.

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Step 3: Applying for Certification in Arizona

how to become an EMT in Arizona

Log in to your ADHS account

Carefully check your individual data to guarantee everything is exact and up-to-date. To check the data of each tab, essentially press on the tab. For occasion, in case you need to see if your address is adjusted, press the “Address” tab. On the off chance that it ought to be overhauled, press on “Edit Address Details” at the foot of the open tab. The individual data you give in your account will be consequently included in your EMT application.

Begin your application

On the left-hand board, tap “Application.” Starting from the drop-down menu, you can select the “Initial Certification” box. In case you would like to pull back your application at any time, don’t forget to log in to your ADHS account, then press the “Application” button on the left-hand board, and finally, tap “Withdraw Application” once your examination application comes up.

Provide your laboring eligibility status

The primary step within the Emergency Medical Technicians application is to supply confirmation that you’re qualified to be lawfully utilized within the U.S. Check a suitable record, at that point press the content perusing “Browse” on the “Public Benefits Eligibility” parcel of the application. Transfer your record to the application and tap “Next”.

  • Satisfactory forms of work qualification documentation incorporate international ids, a letter from a current boss, a Certificate of Citizenship (for example the Frame N-561), or a birth certificate yourself. 
  • Certain combinations of archives, such as a census record together with your title on it and confirmation of birth in a U.S. domain might moreover qualify as qualification documentation. 
  • Social Security cards as well as your driver’s licenses are not satisfactory business qualification records.

Submit your personal information

The rest of the examination application comprises more clear questions related to your foundation, counting questions about your criminal history and your instructive foundation. You’ll moreover have to be given the test level and certification number of your National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians test.

Utilize care to be exact when entering data with almost your instruction and individual foundation. Whereas you’ll be able to reexamine most parts of your application indeed whereas it is beneath audit, you cannot physically reexamine your criminal history and your administrative disciplinary history right after you have successfully submitted them.

Check for application approval

After the process of submitting your application for audit, you’ll be able to track its advance by logging into your ADHS account. You can tap on the “Messages” button on the left-hand board to discover data relating to your application’s status. Also, you may get overhauls relating to your application status from your email.

Step 4: Finding a Working Position

Look for openings

See online and offline for work in your region. Check your nearby daily paper for extra work openings. On the other hand, you may ask specifically with major healing centers and fire divisions in your zone to see if they are searching for EMTs. Rescue vehicle administrations moreover enlist EMTs but make sure you’re doled out to a work that includes replying to crisis calls, otherwise, you might conclude fair driving the rescue vehicle from one put to another. In case you’re having inconvenience finding work, begin out as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for a university or sports stadium.

Ace the interview

It is recommended for you to specifically emphasize the quality of your level of education. Let’s talk more about your qualities and achievements, and tell the boss how your ability set can contribute to their institution. Be able to clarify your possessiveness in getting to be an EMT. What propelled you to seek after work as an Emergency Medical technician? Familiarize yourself with the boss you’re applying to. Be able to put through an employer’s specialization or notoriety to your possess capabilities.

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Keep up your certification

It is required for you to test for recertification each 2-year period for the purpose of keeping your EMT certification in terms of the Arizona Department of Health Services. The recertification program is managed by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and is called the NCCP (which stands for the National Continued Competency Program). To apply for recertification, yield an application through your NREMT account online.

  • You need to be effectively utilized as an Emergency Medical Technician for the purpose of applying for recertification. 
  • The program comprises 40 hours of proceeding instruction, counting 20 hours of national prerequisites, 10 hours of nearby prerequisites, and 10 hours of personal (elective) necessities. The national and nearby necessities are chosen by the NREMT and the ADHS, separately. The elective necessities are chosen by you, but must moreover be courses endorsed by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 
  • You can call the phone number 602-364-3189 to contact ADHS in case you want more data about the recertification process.

Out-of-State Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians can be authorized in Arizona on the premise of national certification, either at the level at which they are applying or at a better level. For in-state candidates, the regulatory procedure can start early. Certain steps are carried out by the preparation program.

EMT applications currently can be submitted via online platforms. Candidates will have to scan and transfer archives such as work qualifications; the whole application does not ought to be wrapped up in one sitting. A candidate has the alternative of uploading an individual photo. The Bureau has arranged an arrangement of flyers and PowerPoint introductions to assist clients to explore the framework. Candidates are welcome to call certification staff in case they experience challenges amid the online application preparation.

A candidate who answers “yes” to lawful or proficient discipline questions has to illustrate associated documents. A criminal history isn’t always precluding but depends on the particular circumstances. The length of time that a person will be precluded depends on the seriousness of the wrongdoing. An Emergency Medical Technician who afterward meets necessities for AEMT will utilize the online platforms to yield an update form. The updated candidates have to enter their NREMT certification number.

How to become an EMT in Arizona is clearly illustrated in the above article. Therefore, we do hope that this piece of information can do wonders for your preparation process for the purpose of becoming a professional EMT. Good luck to you!