how to schedule a comptia exam

How Do I Schedule My CompTIA A+ Exam In 2024?

When you’re ready to take your CompTIA exam, you can schedule your test on the Pearson VUE website. Follow this article to know how to schedule a CompTIA exam.

Updated at March 26, 2024

After finishing their studies, students are urged to take the CompTIA certification exam. The instructions below will show you how to schedule a CompTIA exam. You may take a CompTIA Exam either online or in person.

Let’s get started with our free CompTIA practice test to familiarize yourself with the format, questions, and knowledge of the actual CompTIA Security+ exam, from that get your highest score and pass the exam on the first attempt.

2 Easy Ways to Schedule a CompTIA Exam

Register for An In-Person Exam

CompTIA In-person Testing allows you to test at any of the thousands of Pearson VUE test centers across the world.

Choose in-person testing if you:

  • Don’t have access to a private, distraction-free area.
  • Don’t have access to the reliable Internet.
  • Have a limited understanding of written and spoken English, as well as other language barriers.

To schedule an in-person CompTIA exam, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a CompTIA account if you haven’t got one

When you establish an account, make sure you include a current, valid email address. Important information like your exam results and credential status will be emailed to the email address you provided when creating your testing account.

Step 2: Log into your CompTIA account to book your exam.

When you’re all set to take your exam, go to Pearson VUE’s website and select an official Pearson VUE test facility near you. When scheduling your exam, you will have the option of choosing your preferred testing center.

Step 3: Review the testing policies and processes.

Before sitting a CompTIA exam, all certification test-takers will be asked to agree to the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. Refusing to accept the agreement will result in the loss of your exam fee. Check the CompTIA Testing Policies and Candidate Agreement right now.

Step 4: Check into the testing center and take your exam.

On the day of your test, make sure to:

  • Allow plenty of time to go to the test center. We recommend coming at least 15 minutes before the appointed time. This gives you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures.
  • Bring two kinds of ID with you. The Candidate ID Policy defines acceptable types of identification.


You won’t be allowed to take any personal goods into the testing room. This involves bags, books, notebooks, computers, tablets, cellphones, and smartwatches. Some test centers include locations where you can secure your items, but you should check with them to see if you will need to do so. When you check in for the testing session, a picture of you will be taken before you begin your exam. The image is utilized to maintain the greatest degree of security and authentication, and it is part of CompTIA applicant testing procedures.

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Take a CompTIA Exam Online

Online testing, offered by Pearson OnVUE, is a remote test proctoring solution that allows you to take your CompTIA certification test from anywhere with access to a private area. To take an examination online:

Step 1: Review the testing policies and processes.

Before sitting a CompTIA exam, all certification applicants will be asked to sign on to the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. Refusing to comply with the agreement will result in the loss of the test fee. There are additional policies and procedures particular to online testing, such as system specifications, exam workspace, and testing for individuals under the age of 17. Please make sure you check them here:

Step 2: Perform a system test on the same device and network that you intend to utilize to take the test.

The system test requires 5-10 minutes to finish. You will be asked to snap photos of yourself and your test space. To prepare your test workplace, take all books and writing materials out of reach, unplug any other monitors or laptops, and remove any writing from your walls (for example, on whiteboards). You must have an ID and a phone (which should be kept out of reach after check-in).

In addition to satisfying the system test criteria for minimum screen resolution, make sure to examine and validate your scaling display settings before checking in and starting your exam. Scale options should be configured to 100% (Windows users) or the default (Mac users).

Suppose your screen settings satisfy the necessary resolution requirements but your scale settings are set over 100%. In that case, the test content will most likely not render smoothly on-screen, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience during the delivery of your CompTIA test.

Complete the system test before the exam begins to avoid disruptions and increased stress during your testing visit.

Step 3: Register a CompTIA account if you do not have one already.

When you establish an account, make sure you include a current, valid email address. Relevant information regarding your exam results and credential status will be emailed to the email address you provided when creating your testing account.

Step 4: Log in to your CompTIA account to set up your online exam.

When you’re prepared to take your exam, go to CompTIA’s website to set up your testing environment as well as schedule the exam. Before booking your exam, be sure you can meet all of the computer, internet connection, and workspace conditions.

STEP 5: Visit to the CompTIA website to log in and complete the exam.
Return to the CompTIA homepage and log in. Click My Exams to start your scheduled online test.

*Online testing proctors only speak in English, and the OnVUE testing software is written in English. Furthermore, CompTIA’s whole suite of translated examinations is available for nations that use online testing. Online testing is unavailable in China, Iran, South Korea, Slovenia, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, and Syria. Site licenses are also excluded.

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Can CompTIA exams be taken online?

CompTIA now offers online testing in addition to taking an exam in person at a test center. Using online testing, you can test from anywhere, especially from the security and privacy of your own home. Read the article “How to take CompTIA Security+ exam online” to deeply understand all the information.

How do I get my CompTIA score report?

Log into your Pearson VUE account and download your score report.

How many times can you take the CompTIA A+ exam?

Because there are no limits on the number of limits on exams or the time between exams, you can retake the CompTIA A+ certification exam as many times as you like. So, if you’re not confident you’ll pass the exam on the first attempt, you should go for the backup plan.

How often are CompTIA exams given?

New CompTIA exams are released every three years to keep the content of the exams up to date.

As with any certification exam, you should plan ahead of time including ample study time as well as a scheduled time when you will write (sit for) the exam. You should schedule your exam at least 30 days ahead of time and study for it within those thirty days.

Now you’ve known the process to take the exam and how to schedule a CompTIA exam. We hope that you will find this article useful and obtain beneficial information.