is rxprep harder than the naplex

Is RxPrep Harder Than the NAPLEX? [2024 Updated]

RxPrep is considered a prestigious site with huge mock tests for preparing for taking the NAPLEX. Is RxPrep harder than the NAPLEX? Check it out!

Updated at October 25, 2022

It may be argued that there are numerous methods to prepare for demanding and high-stakes examinations such as pharmacy board exams, and some methods are better suited than others. Despite this, the usage of practice exams is a tried-and-true strategy that has been validated as an efficient way to increase one’s level of knowledge retention across the board.

Numerous people find that utilizing UWorld RxPrep Test Bank, which offers a variety of practice exams including the NAPLEX, is the most beneficial way to prepare for pharmacy board examinations. So what’s on the RxPrep? Is RxPrep harder than the NAPLEX? Find your answer below!

is rxprep harder than the naplex

What is RxPrep?

About UWorld

UWorld is the industry-leading provider of online education with the purpose of preparing students for professional tests. Since 2003, UWorld has assisted millions of students in preparing for their examinations, whether they are in their undergrad, postgraduate, or specialist studies. A preoccupation with quality is at the heart of UWorld’s goal, which is to ensure that students have access to the very finest learning tools possible.

Utilizing active learning strategies is one of the ways that UWorld guarantees success. Students can rapidly and successfully prepare for every subject that will be on their examinations by working through hard practice questions that are similar to actual tests and receiving explanations that are unparalleled.

About RxPrep

RxPrep provides the study material that is preferred by top pharmacy colleges and universities, the biggest population of pharmacy employers, and the large percentage of pharmacy school graduates from the United States and other countries. This helps students get ready for the NAPLEX and pharmacy law exams in an efficient manner. RxPrep is a company that was established in 2001 by professional pharmacists with the goal of assisting students in excelling on their board examinations and beyond. RxPrep provides a wide variety of study options, including those for the NAPLEX and the pharmacy law test, and so offers everything you need to be successful.

Professional pharmacists who work in fields that are extensively tested make up the RxPrep team. These pharmacists come from a variety of settings, including clinical settings, hospital practice (including general surgery, infectious disease, neonatology, cardiothoracic, and intensive care), and other clinical specializations (such as oncology, pharmacokinetics, and biostatistics).

What’s on the RxPrep NAPLEX Test Bank?

Practice Questions

You can practice with the widest collection of questions in the NAPLEX format, which includes case-based questions as well as examinations for each chapter of the course book. RxPrep NAPLEX Test Bank is composed of over 3,700 NAPLEX-Style Questions that provide an emphasis on essential areas that are evaluated throughout the exam. Additionally, this test bank provides in-depth answer explanations that are accompanied by references to the relevant course books.

Detailed Explanations

The questions in the test bank provide answer explanations for all of the answer options along with page number references from the textbook. The RxPrep team is composed of pharmacists who have a combined experience in clinical practice. 

On this team are specialists who have extensive knowledge in fields that are often examined, including infectious illnesses, cardiology, internal medicine, and ambulatory care. They have been in your shoes, therefore they can help you navigate the path to success on your test.

Online Flashcards

Make your flashcards to study the topic, work on your weakest areas, and increase your memory recall via active learning by creating online flashcards. In addition to that, RxPrep NAPLEX provides several sets of brand-name and generic flashcards, in addition to numerous practice computations.

Reviewing RxPrep flashcards with memorization is simple, whether you are making flashcards to prepare for the NAPLEX or reviewing flashcards that have already been produced for the MPJE particular to your state. Make flashcards on a variety of subjects using the material of the practice questions you are working through (text, images, graphs, etc.). You may do this as you advance through the practice questions. It is also possible to add your keywords to the cards and arrange them in whatever way you want to make learning more manageable.

You can determine the regularity with which you will experience your cards thanks to the “Study” option that is included in both your Online Course and QBank. This facilitates spaced repetition. While you are preparing for your board examinations in pharmacy, using spaced repetition on your flashcards will allow you to remember more material over the long run. In addition to the extensive study resources, you also have access to flashcard decks, which enables you to prepare for your board examinations with the assurance that you will be prepared to perform well on the day of the test.

is rxprep harder than the naplex

Feedback Summary

A feedback summary report provides links to the related chapter of the course book as well as the video lecture, making it simple to locate the material that needs more examination. This feedback summary also includes a study that comprises more than 80 chapters and covers all of the necessary test material, as well as two practice chapters that are formatted like actual exams, bolded medications, and highlighted text that emphasizes the most important information.

In addition, it provides a summary of study suggestions, important medication lists, and case scenarios to make studying easier, and it includes fast guides for the most popular pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, and medical words to promote retention and idea mastering.

Practice Assessments

You will get one thorough NAPLEX practice exam as well as one needed formulae examination to test your knowledge before the actual examination. RxPrep NAPLEX Test Bank checks your preparedness by giving you a full-length practice exam, examines your mathematical abilities by giving you a practice test formatted like an exam, and ensures that you are proficient in formulae by giving you a practice test that covers needed formulas.

Is RxPrep Harder Than the NAPLEX?

So far, there is no official answer as to whether RxPrep is easier or harder than the actual NAPLEX exam. The site has also never given any confirmation of the difficulty of the mock tests provided in the RxPrep Test Bank.

However, many users of RxPrep Test Bank revealed that the difficulty level of most tests here is higher than that of the actual NAPLEX exam, although most of the questions are taken from the question bank of previous NAPLEX exams. Simply put, if you are getting 50-60% of the RxPrep questions right, you can assume you will get 70-80% of the actual NAPLEX questions right. Of course, these are just very subjective opinions, but they can still be considered a reference.

However, this is considered beneficial. If you get used to and answer difficult questions, it will be easier for you to deal with the actual questions. It will also improve your chances of winning the actual NAPLEX test. However, understanding your capacity is essential. If you are just entry-level, immediately working on high-difficulty questions will only make you more stressed and stuck. So let’s start with the simplest.

Final Words

Over time, RxPrep is considered a prestigious place where you can find mock tests, online courses, and related communities which can be beneficial for your NAPLEX studying and preparation process. Is RxPrep harder than the NAPLEX? Honestly, there is no exact answer to this question since the capability and experiences of each person are completely different, but we hope that this article can help you make a suitable decision. Good luck!

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