is the teas test hard

Is the TEAS Test Hard? Passing the TEAS on the First Try

TEAS is a popular test for anyone who wants to start their career as a registered nurse. Is the TEAS test hard? Find the answer in the below article!

Updated at November 15, 2022

Is the TEAS test hard? This is a question that make a lot of discussion within the community, and maybe this article can throw some light on the topic. On the TEAS test, there is no need for a passing score minimum. While some educational institutions would demand a certain composite score, others will set a minimum score requirement. The examination itself does not have a required minimum score; rather, the minimum score necessary to pass is determined by the particular institutions and programs involved.

When determining minimum composite score ranges, certain educational institutions may utilize national mean scores (usually ranging from 65% to 75%), while more competitive educational institutions would employ more competitive score averages (often ranging from 78% to 90%).

is the teas test hard

Is the TEAS Test Hard?

The TEAS may be difficult for you to complete if you’re the kind of person who has trouble doing well on standardized examinations. Some people find it difficult to cope with the sheer variety of the topics covered. The Reading and English portions of the exam have been rated as somewhat challenging by a good number of test takers. However, feedback from a significant number of TEAS takers indicates that the Science and Math portions are more difficult and involved.

Some people may find the test challenging because it is timed. You are given a certain amount of time to finish each component of the test, and after you have submitted your answers, you cannot edit them. It’s possible that you won’t remember a lot of the stuff that was covered if you’ve been working for a while and haven’t been in school for a while.

Generally, the TEAS exam is challenging due to the challenging nature of nursing school. With the help of the exam, nursing schools may choose the applicants who have the greatest potential for becoming licensed nurses. The TEAS test is one of several hurdles you will have to overcome to maintain your position as a healthcare professional. It is also one of the first stages on the path to becoming a registered nurse, which is a very important career goal.

Approximately 40% of the student population take the TEAS exam more than once. Participants should have a clear understanding of both the personal problems they face in the examination and their capabilities and limitations. They may find that this enhances their ability to prepare for the exam. One of the worst errors you may make is not adequately examining the subjects because you do not give yourself enough time to do so. The difficulty level of the TEAS test will become less challenging when the level of preparation improves as a result of increasing the amount of time spent studying efficiently.  

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As of the year 2019, applicants are permitted to repeat the examination; however, some institutions restrict candidates to wait at least 30 days between test dates, and many schools limit candidates to a maximum of three tries on the TEAS exam each academic year. This information is summed up in the table that follows.

TEAS TestFormat
Proportion of Candidates Passing the TEAS Test on the First Try (As of 2019)0.6
Proportion of Candidates Taking the Test the TEAS Test MoreThan Once (As of 2019)0.4
Retakes PermittedYes
Number of Times You Can Take the TEAS Test3 times per year on average
Time Between Test DatesPossibly a 30-day wait period

How to Prepare for the TEAS Test?

For participants to be well prepared for the TEAS exam, it is highly advised that they schedule at least a 6-week plan of studying. Candidates can organize this study time by working backward from the examination date that they select when they enroll for the test.

Participants in the test have to enroll for the examination following the admissions requirements of their respective programs. They should think about and be fully cognizant of the scoring system and the minimum score they need to reach their goal, how long it will take to get their results, the first and last date to input their results to their institution, the institution’s second-attempt guidelines (up to 30 days of waiting period), and the number of TEAS tries they are permitted annually. 

After a date has been chosen for the TEAS exam, the most effective strategy is to begin by gaining knowledge about the examination itself. Participants are expected to be familiar not only with the structure of the test but also with the material that will be evaluated. Candidates may build a thorough study regimen for themselves by taking into account their particular strengths and limitations.

Participants are encouraged to review the subject by making use of a variety of study resources and methods. In conclusion, participants in the TEAS exam should educate themselves about the scoring procedure to have a better understanding of how to get the greatest score possible.

How to Pass the TEAS Test on the First Try?

As was previously noted, to succeed on the TEAS exam, candidates should make use of a variety of study tools and pay attention to study advice. Candidates have to get a head start on their preparation for the TEAS by utilizing a TEAS study guide to learn all they can about the test’s layout and its subject matter. These guidelines let test takers know what to anticipate on the day of the exam and analyze where they excel and where they struggle with the subject matter. Participants who are studying the content should think about taking TEAS practice exams at regular intervals so that they may track their level of mastery of the subject matter.

As test takers continue to prepare for the real thing and gain more familiarity with the subject matter, they ought to see their scores improve on the mock exams they’ve been given. The variety of sample questions that are included in practice tests is another way that test takers may better prepare for the sorts of questions that will appear on the real exam. Students may also practice answering questions within time limits.

Examinees should do everything in their power to maintain good health and obtain enough rest in the days leading up to the exam. Those who struggle with anxiety disorders may have to discover unique techniques to perform well.

Participants need to watch their time carefully throughout the test, make sure they read the guidelines and questions carefully, and only verify their answers if they have enough time left over. On the TEAS, there is no punishment for providing an incorrect response, thus candidates should be careful to provide intelligent estimates even on the questions they do not have the answers to.

Final Words

Is the TEAS test hard? In fact, there is no exact answer to this question because the response depends a lot on candidates’ abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and even their performance on the test day. However, we still hope that this article can bring you beneficial information to ace the TEAS so that you can smoothly start your career.