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MBLEx Scores: Is There Any MBLEx Minimum Passing Score?

MBLEx scores is one of the most concerning topics for anyone taking the MBLEx exam. So how is this test scored and how to get a passing result? Check it out!

Updated at November 16, 2022

You start looking at the MBLEx scores while preparing for the exam. A few figures are floating about (such as 630 and 900), your instructor has informed you that the passing score is either 75% or 80%, meanwhile, some sources claim that there is no passing score. Who has the upper hand?

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mblex scores

The solution to this conundrum is not simple.

It is necessary for us to begin by going through the objectives of the MBLEx, followed by a brief overview of the evolution of the scoring of exams, and finally a discussion of the most recent modifications to the examination score report. In this way, you will know precisely what to expect to prepare for the test most effectively.

The purpose of the MBLEx is not to compare the expertise levels of the individuals who take the exam or to determine which student may achieve the highest grade in a therapeutic massage course. A higher score is not always indicative of a person’s future performance as a massage therapist. The purpose of the examination is to determine whether or not a candidate possesses the base level of knowledge and skills necessary to begin a career in massage therapy as an entry-level professional.

The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination, or MBLEx, is a standardized test that is administered in almost every state in conjunction with educational prerequisites to assess whether or not a candidate is qualified to professionally conduct massaging and get a therapeutic certification from that state.

How is the MBLEx Scored?

When it was first utilized as a test for entry-level massage thought-out the US in 2008, the MBLEx was graded and scaled out of a possible total of 900 points. A candidate was deemed to have met the requirements and was certified to practice massage at the entry-level if they received a score of 630 or above, which was regarded to be the minimum passing score. Candidates were required to retake the test if they had a score that was lower than 630.

630 out of 900 equals 70%, for those who don’t want to do the arithmetic.

2014 Change: The Implementation of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

The introduction of computer adaptive testing (CAT) by the FSMTB in 2014 resulted in significant alterations to the format of the MBLEx. There were just 100 questions available to be answered instead of 125. This is because CAT adjusts the difficulty of the test questions based on the candidate’s aptitude level, which allows for faster and more accurate results to be produced from the exam. Each question reveals a little bit more about the individual’s true skill level by assessing the level of difficulty of the question a candidate can dependably answer correctly. This is done by analyzing the level of difficulty of the question.

The minimum score required for passage was kept at 630.

2017 Change: Pass/Fail Exam Reports

In July 2017, the FSMTB announced that they will no longer use a numerical score. Only a PASS or FAIL label would be shown on the exam handout that the candidate received. Candidates have no way of knowing whether or not they have correctly answered all 100 questions or how many points are required to pass.

Those who do not pass will be provided with a score report that contains very helpful information. Even if a candidate does not pass the exam, their performance on the MBLEx printout will be displayed according to how well they did in each of the eight subjects. Candidates who are successful in passing their exam will not be provided with a summary of how they performed in each section.

MBLEx Scores Reporting

The MBLEx consists of a total of one hundred questions with multiple-choice answers, and once students have finished the test, rather than receiving a score, they will be given either a pass or fail outcome at the testing center they attended. The pass/fail results are also delivered to the state licensure bodies that test-takers stated on their MBLEx registration within twenty-four hours of when they were received by MBLEx. People who wish to receive extra reliable data after taking the test need to submit a form for transferring their MBLEx results.

mblex scores

Diagnostic Information

If there is a pass-or-fail system in place, there is a possibility that some students will struggle to comprehend how much further they have to progress after receiving a failing grade on an examination. In the case that a student does not pass the exam, they are given a diagnostic that outlines how well they fared on each of the seven different topic groups that were covered on the examination. The seven domains have been organized in this way so that they correspond to the most important topic areas that massage therapists need to have knowledge in. 

Students who do not pass the exam are given a score that falls into one of three categories on their exam score report: either bad, borderline, or good in each of the seven curricular areas. Students who perform well on the examination do not receive a report of this kind. If a student discovers that they performed well in some of the seven curriculum areas but poorly in others, this information may allow them to concentrate on their studies in preparation for a retake of the exam.

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What’s the MBLEx Minimum Passing Score?

In a nutshell, no required minimum score must be achieved to pass the MBLEx; hence, enquiring about what that score is will not provide you with any useful information. The fact that there is no MBLEx test score available in any kind of numerical representation might be frustrating for many people who are taking the exam for the first time. This is because of a few different things.

You have to understand that the FSMTB is being completely honest when they say they will only give you a pass or a fail and not a score before anything else. This is not the case here, in contrast to several other important tests, where you will receive a pass or fail on the day of the test and a more accurate numerical score subsequently. You will only ever be shown if you passed or failed the test, along with a few word indicators of how well you fared on the various components.

Second, it is essential to have a solid understanding of how CAT works. The key notion that underpins the CAT is that the exam will be tailored to your specific needs. This suggests that if a candidate is doing well on the test, the questions that are presented to them will get progressively more difficult, and if they are not performing well, the questions will become easier. 

Because the relative importance of each question varies, there is no way to determine how many questions you might possibly get wrong and yet pass the test. If you are doing well on the MBLEx, for example, and are receiving questions that are more challenging, it is possible that you will miss more questions and still pass than someone who is getting the questions that are the simplest. Because of this, the test will adapt to your specific needs and assess whether or not you genuinely meet the qualifications to become a massage therapist.

What is the Next Step?

Though there are no MBLEx scores available, candidates need to put in the effort necessary to effectively study for the MBLEx if they want to have any chance of successfully passing the test. They should establish a solid foundation throughout their massage therapy education and training which they should fortify even further by engaging in more concentrated studying that is specifically directed toward the material that will be covered on the test.

There is no standard set of criteria or rules for massage therapists throughout the states. It is strongly recommended that anybody thinking about taking the test look into the requirements for their state. We hope that this article on MBLEx scores can be beneficial for you. Good luck!