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Proven PL 300 3-step Practice Formula

After our 100.000+ users' success stories, we developed a 3-step strategy to provide you with the most precise and in-depth learning path while minimizing your prep time.

PL-300 Diagnostic Test

First, take this short test and get your detailed report showing your strong and weak areas. Save your time by concentrating on what is in demand.


With quick, bite-sized learning techniques and a detailed study guide for each PL-300 section, you can really strengthen your weakness (on step 1) and boost your scores.

PL-300 Full Test

The last step for your preparation is taking our full PL-300 practice tests and see how far you've come since the beginning. Repeat the 3-step formula until you satisfy with your results!
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All-in-one platform

A complete PL-300 Prep Platform, including a diagnostic test, detailed study guides for all topics, practice questions with step-by-step explanations, and various full simulator tests.

Questions nearly identical to those in the real test

All questions are categorized into the specific sections as on the real PL-300: Same format & same difficulty!

Best for the busy

Easily & quickly grasp all the knowledge with our unique learning technique. And you can learn anytime, anywhere on any devices, even with a few free minutes.

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Learning or playing? Both! Complete round by round to reach your daily achievement and make a move on your learning part!
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The PL-300 test evaluates your skills in determining business needs, preparing and transforming data, creating data models, providing actionable insights, empowering others to conduct self-service analytics, and utilizing Power BI to deploy solutions for users.

PL-300 Eligibility Requirements

To begin the PL-300 certification process, candidates should satisfy the required prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Power BI
  • Knowledge of data analytics
  • Comprehension of the principles of data visualization
  • Prior knowledge of the topology of data warehouse schemas
  • A basic comprehension of data structures
  • The capacity to interpret and execute business requirements
  • Language proficiency in English

Remember that these specifications are not binding. So don't worry if you can't fulfill every need listed above. 

Overview of the PL-300 Exam

You have 100 minutes to complete 40 to 60 questions in a variety of formats, such as multiple-choice, true/false, drag and drop, list builds, and case studies. Both online and in-person testing locations are available for the exam.

The PL-300 test can evaluate your knowledge and abilities in the following four domain areas:

  • Prepare the data (25–30% of the exam): The "prepare the data" portion assesses your ability to collect, organize, and clean data.
  • Model the data (25–30% of the test): This test section assesses your ability to create and run a data model, use data analysis expressions (DAX) to calculate models, and optimize model performance.
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25-30% of the exam). This section assesses your abilities to create reports, make them more user-friendly, and identify patterns and trends in the data.
  • Deploy and maintain items (15-20% of the exam): The exam section "deploy and maintain items" verifies your knowledge of configuring and managing workspaces and items, as well as managing semantic models.

The PL-300’s Passing Score

About 700 out of 1,000 is the passing score for PL-300.

PL-300 Practice Test Tool: What’s Involved?

To help you pass the real exam with flying colors, we have created a complete roadmap that is suitable for a variety of figures (at different levels). The roadmap will be like this one:

Step 1: Diagnostic Test

Firstly, test takers begin taking the diagnostic test. 

Why do they need to take the diagnostic test? Yeah, as you may have learned, the primary purpose of a diagnostic assessment is to gather sufficient information about the test-taker's prior knowledge of the subject. This data is then used to generate a roadmap that fills in the gaps in knowledge. Furthermore, it enables test-takers to identify their areas of strength and weakness and the subjects they need to focus on more. They also get the opportunity to address any confusion before starting a learning exercise. Concentrating on the content that needs to be learned ultimately enhances the learning process' effectiveness and efficiency.

What’s involved in it? Normally, a series of 30 questions is involved in the diagnostic test. Each question is attached to a topic tag at the head of the page. With these, test-takers will determine which topic they make mistakes on and need to pay more attention to during the learning process. You are also informed of the correct answer immediately and given a detailed explanation after finishing each item. Moreover, the percentage of people who make the same mistake as you will also appear. Please be aware that the time for each item is limited to 1 minute. That puts the same time pressure on you as the real test, so it helps you get accustomed to the exam format. 

The overall results at the end of the test will tell you more. You will acknowledge the proportion of both correct and incorrect answers that evaluate your prior knowledge about the PL-300 test.  

Step 2: Learning 

This learning section is divided into 4 sections, each of which covers a topic that will appear on the real test.

  • Prepare the data
  • Model the data
  • Visualize and analyze the data 
  • Deploy and maintain items

Each section comprises a different number of parts, depending on the amount of knowledge it covers. Notice that you have to answer all questions correctly to get permission for the next part. Hence, you are allowed to do it again more than once, and the false questions will automatically return until you correct all of them.

Again, this is the platform where you are learning. Don’t hesitate to perform time and time again until you get a thorough comprehension of all the questions in each topic. Once you are confident in your knowledge, let’s take the mock test.

Step 3: Full Test

There is a certain number of practice tests synthesized in this “full test” section. In each test, we design three different test levels. You can commence with the easy-level test in advance. With this test mode, we do not set a time, so you can think deeply and find the correct answer. At the same time, we also allow you to immediately see the answers to each question and specific explanations. Coming to the medium test level, you will start getting accustomed to the time setting when you must complete questions within the allotted time. When time is integrated, you need to modify your testing strategies and think of a way to cope with time pressure. Consequently, the speed of reading and thinking has to be improved. The ultimate level—the hardest one—challenges you more than the first two, as you only have specific seconds to deal with every single item. The shorter the time set, the harder the test is. Trust me! If you are patient and take one single step following our roadmap, it will change your results in the future.  

You are using the most prestigious and useful online prep course to prepare for your upcoming PL-300 test. Therefore, if you want to entirely enjoy all our amenities, let’s support us by getting a Pro account at an affordable price. We guarantee not to let you down.  

PL 300 FAQs

What is the cost of the PL-300 test?

Depending on the nation or area in which you decide to take the test, the PL-300 exam's price may change. The exam costs $165 if you're in the US.

How many questions is the exam going to have?

The number of questions on a certification exam may vary as a result of periodical update that reflects the latest technological advancements. The majority of Microsoft Certification tests consist of 40–60 questions, though this can vary.

Does taking an English exam have any requirements?

Exams for Microsoft Certification are available in multiple languages. However, students who need to take the exam in English rather than their mother tongue can request accommodations for the extra time. Additional time is approved on a case-by-case basis. Make a request for test accommodations with Certiport or Pearson VUE.

How does the report with the scores look?

The score report includes a bar chart displaying performance in each skill area evaluated in the exam, along with a numerical score for total exam performance and a pass/fail status. It is possible to identify the applicants' strong and weak points using this information.

How are test scores determined?

Once the exam is over, the points you received for each question are added up, and the result is compared to the cut score to see if you passed or failed.

What is the policy for exam retakes?

The individual will have to wait 24 hours before reapplying for the exam if they don't receive a passing score. The candidate's certificate dashboard can be used to postpone the test. A candidate may retake the test up to five times. You won't be able to schedule your third attempt for 14 days after your second attempt is unsuccessful. A 14-day waiting period will also apply to the fourth and fifth attempts.

What is the cancelation policy for exams?

Examinees may postpone or cancel their exams with Microsoft up to 24 hours prior to the exam session. To avoid paying cancellation penalties, you must, however, postpone or cancel your exam at least six working days before the scheduled exam date. Moreover, you will not receive your exam cost back if you do not show up for the exam.

Final Word

For professionals who work in data analysis and visualization, the Microsoft PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst certification is becoming more and more popular. Especially beneficial for industries where data-driven decision-making is essential, the certification can help you grow in your profession and improve your marketability. The value of a certification is ultimately determined by individual factors like professional goals, the certification's applicability to particular professions, and the willingness to contribute time and resources. Effective preparation, the use of approved Microsoft resources, practical exercises, and effective time management are all necessary for passing the PL-300 exam. This conclusion adds to a broad skill set in the ever-evolving field of business intelligence and data analytics.