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Carole works at a bookstore and a restaurant. In a 28-day period, Carole worked $3457_w9_h37.png$ of the days at the bookstore and did not work $3683_w18_h37.png$ of the days. On the remaining days Carole worked at the restaurant. How many days did Carole work at the restaurant during the 28-day period?

A 19

Carole worked $3457_w9_h37.png$ of the 28 days at the bookstore, so she worked 7 days at the bookstore $6059_w73_h37.png$. She did not work on $3683_w18_h37.png$ of the days, which equals 2 days $7653_w74_h37.png$. Subtracting these amounts from 28 gives the number of days she worked at the restaurant (28 − 7 − 2 = 19).