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Custom color paint is mixed by adding $1441_w9_h37.png$ gallon of coloring to $1$ gallon of white base. A room requires $4592_w19_h37.png$ gallons of custom color paint. How many gallons of coloring are needed to mix with $3176_w19_h37.png$ gallons of white base?

A $5019_w18_h38.png$ gallons

If one gallon requires a certain amount of coloring, $6813_w19_h37.png$ gallons of custom color paint will require $6813_w19_h37.png$ times as much coloring. So, this is a multiplication problem: multiply the amount of coloring needed for 1 gallon by $6813_w19_h37.png$. $5713_w53_h37.png$ Convert $5510_w19_h37.png$ to an improper fraction ($1763_w9_h37.png$) $1403_w44_h37.png$ $4557_w18_h38.png$ You could also use a proportion to solve this problem, but it is not as simple as the above method.