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Given the evidence in the passages, with which statement would the authors of both passages most likely agree?

A B. The Green Bank Telescope can detect extremely small amounts of energy.

Choice B is the best answer. Passage 1 notes that the Green Bank Telescope is vulnerable to “human-made interference” and that even “a rogue radio signal could prevent potential discoveries.” Passage 2 describes the telescope as “so sensitive it can detect the energy given off by a snowflake as it melts.” Choice A is incorrect because only Passage 1 mentions the Green Bank Telescope being able to “detect the energy given off by a snowflake as it melts,” and that passage does not suggest that such measurement would be a proper role for the telescope, which is instead designed to help astronomers “understand how stars form.” Choices C and D are incorrect because there is no evidence in either passage that increased sales of robotic lawn mowers may require the creation of more radio quiet zones or that people have been moving away from Pocahontas County

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