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Joanne is having a pizza party. Each medium pizza costs 8.99 and each large pizza costs 12.99. She does not wish for the total cost to exceed 300, and she wants to order at least 30 total pizzas. If M represents the number of medium pizzas and L represents the number of large pizzas, which of the following systems of inequalities accurately represents her situation?

A L + M ≥ 30 and 8.99M + 12.99L ≤ 300

The number of medium pizzas, M, and the number of large pizzas, L, must be at least 30. This is expressed in an inequality as M + L ≥ 30. The ≥ indicates that the total number of pizzas is at least 30.
The total cost of the pizzas cannot exceed, that is, they must be less than or equal to, 300. The cost per medium pizza, M, is 8.99, and she orders M medium pizzas; the cost per large pizza, L, is 12.99, and she orders L large pizzas. Algebraically: 8.99M + 12.99L ≤ 300. The ≤ indicates that the total cost can be, but cannot be greater than, 300.

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