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When the author writes that C. diegosuarezi “should have been a meat eater,” she most likely means that the species

A D. had body features similar to those of its meat-eating relative

Choice D is the best answer. The author notes that the new dinosaur “should have been a meat eater” given that it had “an ancestry that links it to Tyrannosaurus rex,” which, the author implies, was itself a meat eater. Like the T. rex, C. diegosuarezi had “sturdy back legs,” a “thin body,” and “short, stout arms” that “made it look a bit like T. rex.” C. diegosaurezi, however, had other features that linked it to herbivores. Choices A and B are incorrect because there is no evidence in the passage that the author thinks C. diegosuarezi would have been healthier or would have grown even larger had it eaten meat. Choice C is incorrect because the author indicates that the “long neck,” “small head,” and “mouth full of leaf-shaped teeth” gave C. diegosuarezi “a Brontosauraus-like appearance” and that “like the Brontosaurus, it would have eaten plants, making it an herbivore.”

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