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1212Which of the following answer choices accurately matches each function with its corresponding solution or factored form?

A 12121) and
2) x = 5 and and

1212Use any appropriate factoring method to factor and solve the equations given.
Rewrite the first equation into the general quadratic form:
. Use the quadratic formula to solve for x:
, with a = 3, b = -3, c = 5.
, and
, so
and .
Rewrite the second equation as a difference of cubes:
and apply the general factor form of difference of cubes to find:
, set both expressions equal to 0:
x - 5 = 0 so x = 5 and , which requires the quadratic formula:
which becomes
, which becomes
and .
Begin the third function by factoring the GCF, :
. The expression in parentheses should be recognized as a difference of squares, which can be factored using the general form of . So:

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