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Which answer choices accurately match each function with its corresponding solution or factored form? 1) $3850_w100_h16.png$
2) $2517_w114_h18.png$
3) $6189_w233_h20.png$

A 1) $6343_w112_h41.png$ and $5713_w112_h41.png$
2) x = 5 and $5536_w120_h39.png$ and $3906_w119_h39.png$
3) $2782_w322_h20.png$

Use any appropriate factoring method to factor and solve the equations given. Rewrite the first equation into the general quadratic form: $7858_w132_h18.png$. Use the quadratic formula to solve for x: $7744_w160_h41.png$, with a = 3, b = -3, c = 5. $6048_w250_h45.png$, and $1709_w116_h40.png$, so $3404_w112_h41.png$ and $2724_w112_h41.png$. Rewrite the second equation as a difference of cubes: $4653_w130_h20.png$ and apply the general factor form of difference of cubes $9781_w166_h20.png$ to find: $8102_w214_h20.png$, set both expressions equal to 0: x - 5 = 0 so x = 5 and $3618_w132_h18.png$, which requires the quadratic formula: $4834_w203_h45.png$ which becomes $4112_w130_h40.png$, which becomes $7171_w135_h41.png$ and $6821_w135_h41.png$. Begin the third function by factoring the GCF, $9070_w16_h16.png$: $1836_w248_h20.png$. The expression in parentheses should be recognized as a difference of squares, which can be factored using the general form of $1243_w204_h20.png$. So: $4205_w322_h20.png$