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A manufacturing firm shuts down production at one of its plants and offers the facility for rent. Based on the market for similar properties, the firm determines that the fair value of the plant is €500,000 more than its original cost. If this firm uses the cost model for plant and equipment and the fair value model for investment property, should it recognize a gain on its income statement?

A No, because the increase in value does not reverse a previously recognized loss.

When a question does not specify which accounting standards apply, candidates are instructed to assume International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). According to IFRS, property held for the purpose of earning rental income is classified as investment property. However, when a property is transferred from owner-occupied to investment property, a firm using the fair value model must treat any increase in the property’s value as a revaluation. That is, the firm may only recognize a gain on the income statement to the extent that it reverses a previously recognized loss.

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