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The Most Comprehensive 1002 Security Study Guide In 2024

This article will provide you with the comprehensive 1002 Security Study Guide that can be beneficial for you when taking the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam.

Updated at October 3, 2023

General Information

The CompTIA A+ test’s earlier as well as most recent (2024) iterations provide a comprehensive section of the think-aloud outline to this subject. Since around 25% of the questions are on security, there are several factors and subject areas that need to be carefully considered. Very likely, a situation will be used to introduce half of these questions. For more details, continue reading this article for the full security study guide. 

Security Study Guide

Physical Security

When considering cybersecurity, it seems to be quite simple to disregard what a vital part physical security plays in keeping advanced information secure. Physical security is imperative since no matter how numerous security measures you put in place on a gadget itself, physical security is the as it were the thing that will halt a criminal from walking away with the complete gadget.


A mantrap is precisely what it sounds like. It is exactly a trap utilized to avoid penetration strategies such as tailgating and piggybacking. A mantrap may be a little range with a set of two bolted entryways and it isolates the exterior world from a secured range. When entering, a person will enter through the primary entryway, but that entryway must at that point be closed behind them right before the second door can be opened.

Badge reader

It is possible that badge readers are actualized to assist anticipate unauthorized get to. In this sort of environment, employees can be given identifications such as nearness cards or savvy cards. When the worker scans the badge readers, he or she is permitted to section to the zone.

Smart card

A smart card is a type of card that is ordinarily the estimate of your driver’s license or even your credit card. The implanted memory and chipset in these cards can store recognizable proof and confirmation data. A smart card can be modified to utilize as a cash card that’s seen in numerous organizations where workers may utilize their employee badge for the purpose of buying lunch in the onsite cafeteria.

Security guard

Security watches are one of the few security controls that are considered not only preventative controls but moreover obstruction controls and analyst controls. Typically since organizations with onsite security staff are less likely to be focused on assaults than those with no security watches.

Door lock

It is recommended for the Door locks to continuously be used whenever possible. Besides locks anticipating unauthorized entrance to the building, locks ought to too be utilized to ensure rooms containing sensitive hardware (such as the server room or even the network closet).

Biometric locks

Biometric locks can include an extra layer of security to an organization’s physical security. Smart cards and vicinity identifications can be misplaced and conceivably wind up within the off-base hands. Biometric locks utilize the features of individuals, such as their fingerprints or retina, for the purpose of confirming them.

Hardware tokens

A hardware token is considered an effective physical gadget that stores the authentication data. One case of an equipment token is an RSA key coxcomb. These equipment tokens haphazardly produce numbers that can be matched with usernames and passwords for providing added security.

Privacy screen

Privacy screens are screen covers that can be added to your phone, tablet, screen, or portable PC. These screens make it exceptionally difficult to see what is happening on the screen unless you’re sitting directly n front of the screen of devices. This avoids shoulder-surfing, which is the act of spying on another person’s screen to gather data.

Logical Security Measures

Not as other types of physical security controls that you simply can see and touch, logical security controls are things such as security arrangements and program shields that are utilized to secure our frameworks. You ought to be able to clarify these.

Active Directory (AD)

Active Directory (which is often called AD for short) is the Microsoft® directory utilized for the purpose of managing clients, applications, computers, and much more. AD can be utilized to assist actualize security measures over your organization.

  • Login Script

A login script can be thought of as an arrangement of instructions given for a gadget to perform upon login. Login scripts can be set on the profile tab of a client in Advertisement. Login scripts can be utilized to outline arrange drives, log computer, assemble data from a computer, and so on.

  • Domain

Guaranteeing that all computers in an environment are in your domain can guarantee that they will be given the right security approaches. When a computer is in your space, you’ll be able to see it and oversee it inside the AD.

  • Group Policy or Updates

Group Policy or Updates can be greatly valuable in securing an organization. It is possible that group policies can be utilized to set password arrangements, block unwanted applications, and even block access to several We. They can moreover be utilized to thrust out security overhauls, which are critical for keeping an organization secure.

  • Organizational Units

Organization units (which are also called OUs) are subdivisions of your space inside the active catalog. For illustration, in case the organization ACME Corp possesses three isolated areas, they may select to have three organizational units inside their domain.

  • Home Folder

A home folder can be created for each client in AD. In case the home folder can not exist when it’s included in AD, at that point AD will make the organizer and set the authorizations for you. By default, this folder can be gotten to as it were by the client and the domain administrators. A home folder ought to be utilized by folders for the purpose of storing their records on the server. Since computers can be misplaced or stolen, it’s best for clients to store their reports on the server in this way instead of storing them locally on their possess machines.

  • Folder Redirection

Organizer redirection permits administrators (as well as in a few cases clients) to divert the way of a particular organizer to a modern area. One prevalent usage of typically to divert a user’s Documents folder (that’s put away locally on the machine) to a network area, for example, the Home folder.

Other Methods

There are other types of methods that can be used for the purpose of ensuring security. 

  • Mobile Device Management Policies

Mobile device management (or the MDM for short) approaches are utilized to implement security measures on versatile gadgets such as cell phones and tablets. Numerous organizations require that their clients get to mail or other business-related apps on their phones, but this will show security dangers to the organization. MDM approaches can offer assistance counterbalanced a few of the chances. An illustration of an MDM approach would be an organization requiring anybody getting to trade e-mail or trade apps to have a lock screen on their laptop or phone with a PIN code.

  • Port Security

In order to avoid unauthorized gadgets from sending activity, port security ought to be utilized. There are a number of distinctive choices when executing port security. For illustration, you’ll characterize the greatest number of MAC addresses that can be utilized on the port.

  • Antivirus or Anti-malware applications

The users will never be permitted to browse the Web without an antivirus or anti-malware application/program. Although it’s vital to note that antivirus and anti-malware programs are not able to anticipate all malware, they do anticipate a huge number of assaults.

  • Firewalls

Firewalls ought to be utilized by organizations to begin with a layer of defense for their systems. Firewalls come in numerous distinctive sorts counting parcel sifting firewalls, intermediary firewalls, and stateful review firewalls. At the essential level, firewalls permit the creation of rules, known as getting to control records, which indicate the sorts of parcels that are permitted and refused. Firewalls come as both equipment and program gadgets. They can be standalone or a portion of another arrange gadgets such as a switch or a switch.

  • Directory Permissions

Not all clients inside an organization ought to be given get to all information that the organization has put away. For illustration, a client benefit agent will most likely not require the same level of getting to as the Chief Information Security Office (or the CISO for short). In arrange to confine clients from getting to the information they ought to not see, catalog authorizations ought to be utilized. Catalog authorizations permit directors to control what level of getting to a client ought to be given on a per registry level. A few of the authorization sorts incorporate full control, alter, and examined.

  • Virtual private networks

Virtual private systems (which are also called VPNs) are greatly valuable for organizations that permit clients to work remotely additionally multi-location organizations. For organizations where workers work remotely, it can be set up so that a user is able to associate safely with the organization’s arrangement through a client VPN. For organizations that have numerous areas, site-to-site VPN burrows can be designed to extend the arrangement over all of these given locations.

  • Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention (or the DLP for short) is the hone of avoiding unauthorized information from clearing out an organization. Touchy information can be spilled either intentioned or inadvertently. In any case of the cause, the repercussions can be serious. Data loss prevention strategies can’t avoid information misfortune totally, but they are utilized to diminish the chances of information leakage wherever possible.

  • Access Control Lists

Access Control Lists (or the ACL) are utilized to indicate which activity ought to be permitted through a firewall and which activity ought to be blocked. Utilizing access control lists, activity can be blocked or permitted based upon a number of things counting source or goal port as well as the source or the goal IP address.

  • Email Filtering

Email spam could be a popular method used to spread malware. Indeed, when spam doesn’t contain malevolent joins and connections, it still clutters up client inboxes, making them less profitable. Organizations can diminish the sum of spam gotten by executing an Email Filtering. Mail channels can audit messages both inbound as well as outbound. In a few cases, mail sifting can moreover check active mail messages for touchy information.

  • Trusted/Untrusted Software Sources

Since end-users may not be as well-versed in what programs are authentic and which are not, program establishments ought to continuously be looked into by an administrator. A client may accept they are downloading a trusted program, but it might turn out to be malware. By forbidding client establishments and requiring chairman endorsement, this situation is less likely to happen.

  • The Principle of Least Privilege

Authorizations ought to be given to a client in case they completely require them to total their work. This thought is known as the rule of slightest benefit. The fewer clients who have gotten to touchy files, the less probability that something will happen to these files.

Malware (scenario)

The term malware is utilized to portray any noxious program that incorporates trojans, spyware, infections, and worms. Let’s take a more profound see at a few of the diverse sorts of malware that exist nowadays.


Ransomware was given its title since it basically holds your records and information delivered until you pay the aggressor. As the popularity of cryptocurrency  (bitcoin as an example) has developed, so has ransomware. This is often since presently assailants can ask bitcoin as their strategy of installment to discharge the information after a ransomware assault making the assailants more troublesome to track down.


Trojans are noxious programs that camouflage themselves as beneficial programs. Envision a situation where a client downloads a program that they accept will permit them to tune in to music or observe a motion picture at no cost. They download the program since they accept it to be an important and valuable program. But when they go running the program, they have really introduced malware on their gadget.


A few assaults will attempt to introduce keyloggers onto a user’s computer in arrange to take private information, passwords, or credit card numbers. Keyloggers come in both equipment and computer program shapes. A keylogger will track all of the keystrokes made on the computer running the keylogger. This data can at that point be transmitted over to the assault for them to parse searching for valuable stolen data.

Social Engineering, Threats as well as Vulnerabilities

It is recommended for you to compare and differentiate distinctive sorts of dangers, social designing, and vulnerabilities when taking this test. Taking after are subtle elements of these problems.

Social Engineering

Social engineering can be considered one of the most detective fraudulent acts of controlling people into giving you unauthorized get to to a building or room, or giving you private data.

Other Concepts and Considerations

  • DDoS

DDOS (which is short terms of distributed denial of service) may be a benefit assault in which different computers (regularly a botnet) are utilized to send a plenitude of activity in an endeavor to bring down users’ network’s resources.

  • DoS

This alludes to a dissent of benefit assault in which a huge sum of insignificant activity is sent in an endeavor to overburden and bring down a gadget or organize.

  • Zero-Day

A zero-day assault is one that targets a defenselessness for which engineers have not had time to discharge a fix for or settle however

  • Brute Force

During a brute force assault, the assailant will endeavor to figure as numerous of the values as possible. The brute drive is for the most part utilized as a strategy of secret word breaking but can also be utilized in a few other scenarios.

  • Dictionary

One type of brute constrain assault is known as a word reference assault. Instead of the aggressor attempting to come up with passwords to figure themselves, they can utilize a list of all spilled passwords online and attempt them.

  • Rainbow Table

A rainbow table could be a database in terms of plaintext passwords and their comparing hash values. This could be utilized in a brute force assault.

  • Spoofing

Spoofing may be a frame of a pantomime assault. A few commonly spoofed things incorporate source e-mail address,  source MAC address, source IP address, as well as usernames.

  • Non-Compliant Systems

Non-compliant programs or software can posture a danger to the network of the organization. It’s imperative to settle non-compliant gadgets right soon as you take note of them.

  • Zombie

A zombie is another term used to describe a bot. Usually, a computer has been taken over by an aggressor and can be utilized for malevolent activities.

Microsoft Windows® OS Security

Security Study Guide

Microsoft Windows® gives valuable settings that can be utilized to improve security. It is vital that you simply know their names and how they are utilized.

Users and Groups

As said already, clients will not all require the same level of getting to control. Windows® authorizations could be a basic portion of getting to control.

NTFS and Share Permissions

NTFS ought to be utilized because it will give the foremost control over information assets. NTFS is a short term to describe the New Technology File System. The advantage of utilizing NTFS consents over share consents is that they are applied to both nearby clients and arrange clients which are based on the authorizations allowed to a person client at the Windows® logon. Share authorizations are not connected to clients who log in locally to the machine.

Shared Files/Folders

Shared Files/Folders could be a simple method to collaborate with others. In any case, it’s imperative to be mindful of the security concerns that come alongside it.

Workstation Best Practices (scenario)

During the process of testing, you may have to be able to require a given situation approximately a workstation and create fitting security measures on an “effective method” level to secure that workstation. Here are several pieces of information 

 about this.

Password Best Practices

Passwords are one of the primary lines of defense against an assailant. It’s critical to set solid and paramount passwords.

Account Management

Administrators have to take responsibility for guaranteeing the security of workstations utilizing different policies.

Disable Autorun

Certain programs or plates will run instantly when put into the computer. It is the most effective method to debilitate the autorun and autoplay highlights on the working framework. Usually, since it gives you time to assess the thing before permitting it to run on the PC.

Patch or Update Management

Operating systems as well as any other programs thrust out upgrades or patches at whatever point vulnerabilities that have to be settled are found. It’s pivotal to a computer’s well-being that these patches are introduced. Organizations will ordinarily utilize a few third-party programs for fix and overhaul administration.

Mobile Device Security (scenario)

Mobile devices have gotten to be a vital portion of commerce as we know it. Workers are anticipated to be accessible at all times through their phones. But with the most up-to-date wave of portable gadgets in commerce, organizations must consider the dangers.

Screen Locks

When a client has got to business resources by means of a portable gadget, it’s fundamental to guarantee that the versatile gadget is fair as secure as a workstation would be. This implies having a bolt on the screen so that in case the phone is misplaced or stolen, assailants don’t have to get to the business resources.

Remote Actions

Regularly, a client must assent to allow the organization inaccessible organization over their portable gadget in case they need to be able to get to the organization’s resources away from the mobile device.

Wireless and Wired SOHO Security (scenario)

It is necessary for you to be able to consider a situation around a Small Office or Home Office (which is often called SOHO) and plan the most effective security measures for that environment, whether it is wired or wireless. There are a few security measures particular to wireless systems. Let’s take a see at a few of these things.

Changing Default SSID

Keeping the default SSID can give a potential assailant the data they got to target you. For illustration, the default SSID may appear precisely what sort of wireless gadget you’re utilizing. It’s best to alter the SSID before you start utilizing the wireless network.

Setting Encryption

Setting wireless encryption protects your wireless network with a verification convention. Wireless encryption will require both a watchword and a scrambled key once you interface. The encryption key can by and large be found within the setup page of a wireless router.

Antenna and Access Point Placement

During the process of setting up a wireless network, you need the network to span your whole building or workspace, without spilling the exterior of your organization. It’s a troublesome errand to do flawlessly, but this may be accomplished by doing wireless network studies and guaranteeing that your antennas and get to focus are set within the right areas.

Wi-Fi Ensured Setup

WPS, which is the short term of Wi-Fi Ensured Setup, was made to create setting up wireless systems less demanding for the average client. In any case, it includes a built-in imperfection that produces it amazingly defenseless to assaults. It is the most effective method that, in case you buy a wireless switch with WPS, you ought to quickly guarantee that it is turned off.

Radio Power Levels

By bringing down the radio control levels, you’ll be able to guarantee that the wireless gadget isn’t broadcasting the flag well exterior of the vital extent for your organization.

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