where can i take the hesi a2 exam

Where Can I Take The HESI A2 Exam? [2024 Ultimate Guide]

You are about to take the HESI A2 Exam, but you are worried about “where can I take the HESI A2 exam?” We're here to answer your question.

Updated at March 14, 2023

When planning to take the HESI Exam, your initial thought may be, “Where can I take the HESI A2 Exam?”. Here, we’ll go through known locations for the HESI A2 exam as well as the regulations on test day. For a high exam score, don’t forget to take our free HESI A2 practice test.

Where Can I Take The HESI A2 Exam?

Those who are required to take the Health Education Systems, Inc. Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) assessments have two basic options:

  • Exams may be held on-site at postsecondary schools that need them as part of the admission process
  • This test is also available at Prometric testing centers around the United States.

How to take the HESI A2 at a College or University?

where can i take the hesi a2 exam

Individuals must confirm the registration procedure with the school where they will take the test. Students may be asked to phone the testing facility to book an appointment, or they may be directed to an online registration system that allows students to plan and pay for the exam through the college’s website. On the Elsevier website, students must also register an Evolve account. The cost of tests varies, so you’ll need to check with your school for that information.

How to take the HESI A2 at a Prometric Site?

The second answer for “where can I take the HESI exam” is the Prometric Site.

Students who want to take the HESI A2 at a Prometric site must first create an Evolve account on the Elsevier website and register for a distance test. Students should also check their college or university’s testing regulations to see if there are any particular instructions for setting up distance testing. When the request is accepted, the person will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to schedule their exam. It’s typical for these requests to take up to three business days to be processed.

What are the HESI A2 Exam Time Limits?

where can i take the hesi a2 exam

Each of the test’s eight academic sections provides specified administration periods that schools and Prometric sites can use to set exam time limits. It’s worth noting that not all colleges require all eight academic sections, therefore time restrictions may vary. The following are the suggested times for each part:

Test Portion


Reading Comprehension

60 minutes


50 minutes


50 minutes

Math Basics

50 minutes


25 minutes


25 minutes

Anatomy and Physiology

25 minutes

It’s crucial to verify with your chosen school to discover which parts of the exam are necessary, as well as the place where you’ll be taking the examinations to see how much time you’ll have to take them.

What is the requirement on the day of the test?

All people taking the HESI A2 at one of Prometric’s sites are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before their tests are scheduled to begin. Students may be required to arrive at least half an hour before their scheduled testing time at HESI A2 testing sites.

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What should you bring to your HESI exam?

where can i take the hesi a2 exam

To prove your identification, you’ll need a government-issued ID card such as a driver’s license, SLCC one card, passport, or state-issued ID card. The name on the ID card must match the name on the appointment confirmation and the Evolve account you created. Individuals should also bring sharpened No. 2 pencils, according to certain schools. A calculator and other test-related items will be provided by the Testing Center.

Personal items such as calculators, pencils, mobile phones, MP3 players, HESI A2 books, or any other materials, and notes will not be permitted within the examination area. Your own items can be stored in lockers at the Testing Center while you are taking the exam.

How to pay for the HESI?

Can you bring the money needed with you when you go to take the exam?

The HESI will be paid for when you schedule your exam through RegisterBlast using a credit card. After scheduling and paying for your exam, you have the option to cancel it. In this case, you will receive a refund of your test money less a $20 cancellation fee. You can change an existing appointment for a $20 fee. The HESI charge includes access to the Evolve remedial alternatives as well as the cost of taking the entire test.

You now have all the information you need to the question, “Where can I take the HESI A2 exam? We wish you well on your exam as you progress in your nursing profession.