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Wonderlic Score To IQ: Score Conversion Chart [2024 Updated]

You don’t know how to convert your Wonderlic score to IQ? This post will give you a chart to help you determine your results with both scoring systems.

Updated at May 16, 2022

It’s usually a nerve-wracking experience to look for the ideal employment and then be chosen. If you need to do well on an IQ exam like the Wonderlic to achieve your dream career or get into the college of your choice, the pressure can be amplified. 

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) assesses intelligence, linguistic, numerical, spatial abilities, and the capacity to think swiftly and clearly. The WPT is a rapid IQ test that is used all over the world to screen job prospects in a short amount of time. While many people wish to know their Wonderlic score to IQ score and vice versa, due to the structural differences between the two tests, there is no straightforward technique to convert the Wonderlic results to an equivalent IQ number.

Various organizations use the Wonderlic score test to determine whether you are qualified for a position in their organization. Here’s a quick rundown of all you need to know about Wonderlic score to IQ conversion and how to enhance it in Wonderlic.

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An overview of the two tests

wonderlic score to iq

Wonderlic Personal Test

Average Score

The average intellect score on other intelligence tests, such as the IQ test, is set at 100. The WPT assigns a score of 21 to the average person.


The 50-question WPT has a time limit of 12 minutes. Participants must cease working when their 12 minutes are up, regardless of whether the test is completed. The WTP is faster than other IQ tests because of its brisk speed and a short set of questions.


The WPT is similar to other IQ tests in that it starts with easy questions and progresses in difficulty, with the most difficult questions coming last.

There will be no negative marking

Wrong answers do not result in a penalty. Participants should read the questions carefully and select the best response, as with any test, but they will not receive negative marks for incorrect replies.

There are no test aids allowed

The use of calculators or dictionaries is prohibited during the test. Participants write their responses in pencil on the test after reading the questions.

Focus Areas of Wonderlic


The following types of questions may appear on the verbal component of the test:

  1. Making connections between words and definitions.
  2. Rearranging jumbled sentences into their proper sequence.
  3. Finding similar sentences.
  4. Drawing conclusions and deductions based on knowledge and critical thinking skills.


The numerical section of the test could include the following types of questions:

  1. Using decimals, fractions, and other arithmetic concepts, solve equations.
  2. Continue the pattern.
  3. Comparisons of numbers

IQ Test

The abbreviation IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It’s a score that indicates how well someone comprehends and perceives their surroundings. IQ tests are used to assess a person’s intelligence and determine if they possess any special abilities or skills.

Average ‎IQ – Classification Table

IQ test range

IQ Classification

% of World Population

130 and above

Very Superior






High Average






Low Average





Scores under 70

Extremely Low


Average IQ score by age

Age Average

The average IQ score by age



Adults between 18 and 19 years


20 to 24 years old


24 to 34 years old


35 to 44 years old


45 to 54 years old


55 to 64 years old


Reasoning is crucial to IQ. Testing is used to assess reasoning ability, which is comprised of several components and three key factors: fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, and performance IQ. Intelligence tests can only measure a few aspects that go into deciding the overall level of intelligence, such as age, sex, and education levels, among other things – they only measure a few aspects that go into defining the overall level of intelligence.

The majority of IQ tests rate a person on a scale of 100. The highest possible score is 145, and the lowest possible score is 61; the difference between these two extremes indicates only one standard deviation from the group’s mean IQ. IQ range If you get a result of 110 (a “superior” IQ), it signifies your IQ is 10 points better than the average in that test population. Similarly, a score of 67 (an “average” IQ) indicates that you were 11 points below the individual mean.

Average IQ score by Job

IQ test range

The average IQ score by Job


Laborers, Factory Packers, Sorters, Gardeners; Farmhands, Upholsterers, Miners, and Sales Managers.


Carpenters, Truck and Van Drivers, Cooks and Bakers, Warehousemen, Small Farmers.


Machine Operators, Sheet Metal Workers, Butchers, Shopkeepers, and Welders.


Foremen, Salesmen, Policemen, Clerks, Electricians, Telephone Operators.


Nurses, Stenographers,  Accountants, School Teachers, Pharmacists, Managers.


Physicians, Lawyers, Engineers and Surgeons.


Research Scientists and Professors.

What is Wonderlic’s scoring system?

wonderlic score to iq

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is available in two versions: the WPT-R, which contains 50 questions for one point each, and the WPT-Q, which contains only 30 questions at 1.66 points each. This means that the maximum point total for each is 50.

The Wonderlic has an average score of 20. Different jobs will necessitate greater scores. A technician, for example, might need a score of 26, while a systems analyst might need a score of 32.

Item Response Theory (IRT) is also used by the Wonderlic, which implies that the difficulty of each question you see is determined by whether or not you answer it properly. As a result, if you answer a question right, the next question will be harder than if you replied incorrectly.

The amount of questions you correctly answer determines your score. If you guess incorrectly, you will not be penalized. Your score would be a 25 if you got 25 out of 50 correct on the WPT-R. Your WPT-Q score would be a 25 if you got 15 out of 30 correct.

Wonderlic Test Scores Range

The Wonderlic Test has no set scoring system. Because each industry has its own set of norms, this is the case. The higher the cut-off mark, the higher the qualifying score, depending on the employment criterion.

An illiterate person receives a score often. A Wonderlic score of 10 to 20 is bad, but it does not rule out the possibility of employment. It simply suggests that the person is not competent for the offered position, but that he may be able to find less cognitively demanding work, such as a guard.

A Wonderlic test score of 20/50 is considered average, and this varies from organization to organization. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the average Wonderlic score is 31/50.

How To Convert Wonderlic Score To IQ?

There is no way to determine your Wonderlic to IQ or vice versa because the IQ and Wonderlic are similar but independent examinations. However, approximations can be made using a normal distribution bell curve. Generally, the Wonderlic score IQ conversions are listed below, based on the standard deviations of both tests.

  • 68 on IQ = 5 on Wonderlic
  • 85 on IQ = 14 on Wonderlic
  • 100 on IQ = 22 on Wonderlic
  • 115 on IQ = 29 on Wonderlic
  • 132 on IQ = 36 on Wonderlic

Below is Wonderlic to IQ chart you can refer to:

You might also be curious to learn about Wonderlic percentiles. This allows you to see how you compare to other groups in a population in terms of human intelligence. The diagram clearly illustrates this.

Mensa membership is available if your percentile rank is 98 or higher. This is an intelligent society. Someone who has been accepted can make a contribution to the intellectual realm.  More than 100 countries have enlisted their citizens in the society.

Surprisingly, most employers do not share the specifics of your Wonderlic test score. They choose to keep the information private. Even so, you may find out how you did by taking the examinations online.

Essentially, the Wonderlic Test measures your intellect level in a controlled environment. To achieve an equivalent score on a normal IQ scale, multiply your score by 5. A Wonderlic score of 26 or more is considered good, and a high Wonderlic IQ score indicates that you are the best candidate for the position. This is critical in the job market because the test is usually targeted to a specific field that an employer is evaluating. If you get a low score, it suggests you don’t have the necessary abilities for the job.

FAQ – Wonderlic Score to IQ

wonderlic score to iq

What is considered a good Wonderlic score?

This is dependent on the post for which you are applying. Some jobs require a score near the average of 20, while others require a score of over 30. Find out what qualifications are required for the position you’re looking for to determine your personal “good” score. A score of 20 places you in the 50th percentile, a score of 26 places you in the 80th percentile, and a score of 29 places you in the 90th percentile.

What is Wonderlic’s average score?

The average is 20 out of 50.

What was Einstein’s IQ score?

Because there is no scientific data to support or refute the assertion, there is no conclusive response to this subject. According to some reports, Einstein had an IQ of 160, while others claim it was closer to 200.

Is an IQ of 140 considered high?

Because IQ is subjective and varies from person to person, there is no conclusive answer to this question. A 140 IQ, on the other hand, is considered extremely high and would normally qualify someone for the top position in their industry.

What is the typical IQ range?

Because IQ ranges vary significantly from person to person, there is no single answer to this question. Adults’ average IQ ranges from 100 to 130, according to widespread agreement.

What is the average intelligence quotient?

Adults have an average IQ of between 100 and 130.

What is the IQ of a genius?

There is no conclusive answer to this question because brilliance is defined differently by different people. However, an IQ of 130 or more is typically considered to be a genius IQ.

What does having an IQ of 120 or higher imply?

Because IQ is a relative measure, there is no conclusive answer to this question. An IQ of 120 or higher, on the other hand, suggests great intelligence and the ability to think in complex ways.

The Bottom Line

Because the Wonderlic is supposed to reflect an IQ exam under more strict conditions, any score can be converted into a regular IQ scale equivalent. You can convert your Wonderlic score to IQ using the Wonderlic score in the IQ chart above.

Because it helps a manager or leader to assemble a team of people who think in complementary ways, the Wonderlic test is still a very good test for differentiating “personnel.”

A high score on the Wonderlic test can indicate that the test-taker is well-suited to the challenges of productive work and that there is a lot of potential within someone that can be turned into positive progress for the team or business.