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Wonderlic Scores: Good, Average and Best Scores in 2024

If you're wondering about how the Wonderlic test is scored, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about all things related to the Wonderlic scores.

Updated at May 15, 2022

It’s usually a nerve-wracking experience to look for the right job and then be selected. If you need to do well on an IQ exam like the Wonderlic to obtain your dream job or get into the college of your choice, the pressure can be increased. The Wonderlic scores are used by many businesses to decide whether or not you deserve to work for them. Here’s a then comprehensive guide of everything you need to know about the Wonderlic passing score and how to improve it.

What Is The Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, or simply the Wonderlic Test, is a series of intelligence tests designed to assess potential employees’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills for a variety of jobs and industries. To put it another way, the Wonderlic Test is an example of the renowned IQ test used to measure an applicant’s overall intelligence and critical thinking ability in order to determine whether or not they are qualified for the position. Although this exam is primarily used by higher education institutions such as graduate schools, more employers are beginning to use it as part of the hiring process.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions that must be completed in less than 12 minutes. Each correct answer is worth one point, and as the test progresses, the questions become more difficult. A maximum score of 50 points is achievable. Unanswered questions earn a score of zero – the Wonderlic lowest scores.

Scoring Criteria Of Wonderlic Test

wonderlic scores

No Negative Marking

The Wonderlic Test score is used to determine whether or not an applicant is an ideal candidate for a job. The scoring in this test, like any other IQ test, is based on an average, maximum, and minimum range. The number of questions you answered correctly determines your Wonderlic test score.

Is it WPT-R or WPT-Q?

A shorter version of the test is used by some employers. Instead of 50 questions, you will be given 30. This version is also known as the Wonderlic personnel test quick test (WPT-Q). It is simpler to administrate and complete. Later, you may be ordered to carry the full version Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) later.

WPT-R and WPT-Q have different scores

The test consists of 30 to 50 questions (depending on the variation of it – WPT-Q or WPT-R). Each test should be completed within that amount of time (12 minutes for WPT and 8 minutes for WPT-Q). Each correct answer gets one point in each version. You will receive zero points if you skip a question or answer wrongly.

Each question is weighted equally

Keep in mind that every question, regardless of difficulty or placement, is equally valued. There are no point deductions for the wrong answers.

All candidates are graded using the same system

The Wonderlic test is frequently graded the same method for all interviewees. The difference appears at many professional levels. This is because various organizations and companies have established requirements for the kind of positions that are available.

The average score of the Wonderlic test

The average test score is 20 out of a possible 50, according to Wonderlic, Inc. A person with a score of 10 or higher is considered literate, and most companies consider them fit for less demanding occupations. The average test scores for various professions can differ greatly.

The average score for a chemist is 31, while the average score for a cashier is 21. These two professions are very different, and they require people with very different skills to do them successfully.

When it comes to job applicants, getting a good score can help you stand out from the crowd. You can only improve your chances of getting a job by recording a higher than average Wonderlic score, whether you want to be a nurse or an engineer.

For first-time test takers, a quick tip is to answer all of the questions. It has been shown that only two to three percent of takers complete the test within the twelve-minute time limit.

What is a good Wonderlic score?

Because the Wonderlic is supposed to reflect an IQ exam under more strict circumstances, any score can be multiplied by five to indicate the equivalent score on the standard IQ scale (Average IQ = 100). Knowing that, according to E.F Wonderlic, a score of 20 on the Wonderlic is similar to 100 on a standard IQ test, and a score as low as 10 can still be called literate.

A score of 25 or higher would put someone in the above-average range of scoring, while extremely high scores would indicate someone who is uniquely qualified for the task at hand.

Because Wonderlic tests are specialized to the field they are assessing, scoring at the extremely low end of the spectrum could indicate that someone is not fit for that particular position, but may possess attributes more suitable for another one.

A low score (say, 10/50) does not necessarily indicate that the person taking the exam has a cognitive or intellectual issue. It could instead indicate that a person is better suited to handling a different set of challenges. We all approach challenges and problems differently, and there may be situations when one person’s way of solving a problem is incompatible with the problem at hand.

Because it helps a manager or leader to assemble a team of people who think in complementary ways, the Wonderlic test is still a very good test for differentiating “personnel.” A high score on the Wonderlic test (let’s say 43/50) could indicate that the test-taker is well-suited to the challenges of effective work, and it may indicate to prospective sports franchise or an employer that there is a lot of potential within someone that can be turned into positive growth for the team or business.

Average Wonderlic Scores by Profession

The average scores for various professions, according to the Wonderlic group, are as follows.

Wonderlic Average Score 50: the highest Wonderlic scores).



Electrical Engineer


System Analyst




Accountant/ Teacher/Reporter/Executive


Copywriter/Librarian/Investment Analyst


Sales Person






Security Guard/Welder







Wonderlic IQ Conversion Chart: Wonderlic Test Score Chart – Wonderlic Scoring Percentiles

wonderlic scores

Wonderlic Test Score, Percentile Rank (Mensa version of the Wonderlic), Approximate IQ (Mensa Percentile Rank to Estimated IQ Conversion), Mensa Percentile Rank to Estimated IQ Conversion & Mensa Wonderlic Version.

You may be interested in learning about Wonderlic percentiles. This helps you to see how you compare to other groups in a population in terms of human intelligence. This is well demonstrated in the figure.

Mensa membership is available if your percentile rank is 98 or above. This is a society with a high IQ. It is possible for someone who has been accepted to contribute to the intellectual world. More than 100 countries have enrolled their citizens in the society.

Surprisingly, most companies do not reveal the details of your Wonderlic test score. They choose to keep the information secret. Even so, you may find out how you did by taking the tests online.

Essentially, the Wonderlic Test reflects your intellect level in a strict circumstance. To achieve an equivalent score on a standard IQ scale, multiply your score by 5. A Wonderlic score of 26 or more is regarded as good, and a high score indicates that you are the best candidate for the job. This is critical in the employment market because the test is usually targeted to a particular field that an employer is evaluating. If you get a low score, it indicates you don’t have the necessary skills for the job.

Ideal Wonderlic Test Score

When determining the ideal score, there are several factors to consider. They are:

Company Related Factors

The threshold score will be determined by the testing company. Some organizations will have a greater or lower Wonderlic score than the globally acknowledged score of 20. If a business wishes to accept as many applicants as possible, it will reduce the cutoff such that the appropriate number is achieved. A company with a limited number of positions, on the other hand, will only consider candidates who score well.

Related Factors of The Applicants

The threshold score will also be determined by the applicant’s distinctive characteristics.

Job’s Characteristics

The best Wonderlic test score varies depending on the profession. Some of the jobs necessitate a high IQ in order to be successful. People who participate in athletic activities, for example, must be alert and solve difficulties fast. Workers in other professions are not expected to master skills in order to perform well. In addition, the Wonderlic scores are designed to produce specific career perceptions.

How to Get a High Score In The Wonderlic Test

Potential employers use the test to select the best candidates for a job opening. As a result, a high Wonderlic score is essential to increasing your chances of getting the job. Some organizations may allow you to retake the test, while others have strict policies that state that if you do not pass the first test, you are no longer eligible for any subsequent tests. To achieve a good score, it is therefore critical to prepare thoroughly. Here are some recommendations for how to do it:

Know your Syllabus

Keep in mind that this isn’t just a mathematics test. It’s a combination of English, cognitive thinking, skills, and math. To do well on the Wonderlic, you must be competent in all of these areas. Review your mathematical skills, read more, and improve your grammatical skills. This will make it much easier for you to answer false and true questions and solve math problems.

Buy a Good Study Guide

You must prepare for the Wonderlic tests in the same method that you have for other tests. Understand the basic questions. By reading widely, you can restore your long-forgotten math and language skills. You should also work on your cognitive skills.

Take Some Tests before the Actual Day

You will be able to rate yourself and make necessary improvements if you take at least three tests before taking the Wonderlic test. This also offers you the confidence you require when taking a timed test.

Attempt All Questions

One of the most common mistakes made by job applicants is failing to answer some questions. Even if the answers are incorrect, attempt to answer all 50 questions. There is no negative marking, which increases your chances of getting a good score! You might be surprised to learn that you can estimate properly under pressure.

Avoid Wasting Time

Because you only have 12 minutes to complete 50 questions, you should make every effort to avoid wasting time when answering questions. Calculators are not allowed!


Practice on a regular basis to improve your skills. Prepare for the Wonderlic exam by taking practice tests. It will provide you with an opportunity to exercise your skills before taking the real test.

Let’s get started with our free Wonderlic practice test to enhance your chance of passing your actual exam with a high score on your first attempt.

Always Aim High

Always aim for a high score. This necessitates extensive reading and research..

Be Confident

It is possible to get high Wonderlic test scores. Many others have answered the same questions and had outstanding results. Do not be frightened; doing so will just decrease your chances of winning. Before the test, do some breathing exercises to help you keep relaxed. It is also beneficial to speak with people who have gone through the process. Some of them may be ready to aid you in the process.

Keep in mind that the employment industry is completely competitive today. Consider advanced example exams to practice and modify your skills for the desired job in this regard. The good news is that a sample test result does not guarantee that you will get the same result on a real employment Wonderlic test.

It just serves to help you assess your abilities before taking the test. You may considerably increase your chances of landing the job you desire if you have the right skills, knowledge, and dedicated advancements.

FAQs – Wonderlic scores

wonderlic scores

What does the Wonderlic test really mean?

The Wonderlic test is a quick test that allows businesses to decide whether or not to hire someone right away. The exam is called “the Wonderlic” simply because the firm that created it is called that (Wonderlic, Inc.).

Will I be penalized for wrong answers?

No, your score is only dependent on correctly answered questions. Each question is worth one point (or 1.66 points on the WPT-Q). If you don’t know the answer, go ahead and guess!

What is the average score on the Wonderlic?

The average is 20 out of 50.

What is considered a good score on the Wonderlic?

This is based on the position for which you are applying. Some jobs require a score near the average of 20, whereas others require a score of over 30. Find out what skills are required for the position you’re looking for to determine your personal “good” score. A score of 20 puts you in the 50th percentile, a score of 26 puts you in the 80th percentile, and a score of 29 puts you in the 90th percentile.

Who will see my score report?

When you complete the test, your score report is promptly sent to your employer. It won’t be seen by others. They might share it with you, but you’ll have to request them first.

What math is on the Wonderlic test?

This includes reviewing the fundamentals of whole numbers, currency, estimation, fractions, decimals, percent and ratio, measurement, averages and rounding, basic operations, geometry, and algebra. An answer key is included with the Wonderlic Math practice test to assist you in reviewing your practice test results.

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic test?

On the Wonderlic test, may I use a calculator? Many test-takers wonder if they can use a calculator because the Wonderlic test contains roughly 33% math. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to bring one to the test. However, scrap paper could be used.

What to expect from a Wonderlic test?

  • Logic Questions: the Wonderlic logic questions usually include a lot of spatial recognition and deductive reasoning questions.
  • Verbal Reasoning: on the Wonderlic, there are also a variety of verbal reasoning questions.
  • General Facts and Rapid Recognition.
  • Word-Based Questions


The Wonderlic Test is a time-tested exam that can be used for a wide range of jobs and industries. While the Wonderlic Test was originally developed for business professionals, it has proven to be an excellent tool for assessing applicants for the National Football League and even the United States Armed Forces.

Some say that the Wonderlic Test is a quick Intelligence Quotient Test, with Wonderlic scores obtained in a matter of seconds. However, it appears that viewing the Wonderlic Test as a simple assessment exam that you might take for employment now and in the future is more appropriate.

Don’t forget to take our free Wonderlic practice test to get familiarized with the format as well as the questions of the actual exam to strengthen your knowledge and skills, as a result, enhancing your chance to pass the Wonderlic exam with a high score on your first attempt. Good luck to you!