how to find comptia certification number

How To Find CompTIA Certification Number? [2024 Updated]

Your employer requires you to verify your certification? So, how to find CompTIA certification number? Keep reading this post to find the answers.

May 3, 2022

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers certifications in a number of IT-related subjects, including networking and general computer repair. You must pass one or more exams to prove your knowledge and expertise in order to get certified. While some employers could accept your resume or CompTIA ID card as evidence that you meet these standards, there are other situations where you might need to provide documentation of your CompTIA certification. How to find the CompTIA certification number then? You might come across what you’re looking for on this page.

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How To Find CompTIA Certification Number?

how to find comptia certification number

You must know that CompTIA does not offer written certification verification for those who pass the CompTIA certification exams. You can check CompTIA certification as well as offer it to schools, employers, or other representatives via one of two CompTIA-approved methods:

  • Download a PDF certificate
  • Create a transcript.

How to make a CompTIA certificate download?

Select the Certification tab after signing in to your CompTIA certification account. Next, under Downloads, select the PDF certificate link for the correct certification. The URL and verification number on the PDF certificate is needed to verify your certification.

How to create a transcript?

Select the Transcripts tab after logging into your CompTIA certification account. Next, to start the process, select the Create New Transcript option. Choose the options and certifications you want to include, then enter the recipient’s email address. 

How to your CompTIA certification ID?

Each certificate has a Certificate ID that can be found at the bottom.

How to add CompTIA certification to LinkedIn?

how to find comptia certification number

  1. View Profile, then tap your profile image
  2. Tap the Add icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Switchback and forth between Background and Licenses and Certifications
  4. Complete the required fields and save the document in the top right corner of the screen.

Do organizations require your qualifications?

Employers can verify a candidate’s certificates and degrees, regardless of when they were earned. Let’s say a company wants to know if an applicant has the necessary credentials to work in a specific industry. They’ll have to resort to a different form of background check known as professional license verification in that case.

The Bottom Line

Have you figured out the “how to find CompTIA certification number” question already? From now on, you can immediately demonstrate your qualification to your employer in two simple ways.