how to pass the tabe test

How To Pass The TABE Test 2022-2024

Be positive and do your best. Is that all to pass the TABE test? If you are still confused then read this article to know how to pass the TABE test.

Updated at November 16, 2022

Success on the TABE will not only help you understand and improve important life skills, but it will also open opportunities for future study and career.

You should not miss such a good opportunity, but find all ways to be successful in that exam.

So, how to pass the TABE test?

If you are a new adult student, a college will give you the TABE to evaluate your baseline knowledge, whether for class placement or admittance.

To ace this test successfully, let’s go through some study tips for the TABE test!

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how to pass the tabe test

What is the TABE test?

The TABE, or Test of Adult Basic Education, is a thorough exam that gauges a person’s command of the fundamental abilities required for success in both school and the job.

This exam is designed to evaluate students’ practical competence levels and to decide the next steps in their academic careers.

Due to its timing and comparable subject matter, the TABE can also be utilized as a preparation tool for the GED and other standardized exams. It often takes three hours or longer to complete the entire regular TABE test.

How to Pass the TABE test

Know the test

You should be informed about the subjects being assessed if you want to do well on the exams. Your understanding of arithmetic (both with and without a calculator), reading, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary is tested on the fundamental TABE exam.

Topics including social studies, mathematics, geometry, writing, and science are covered in more difficult exams. You should acquaint yourself with what will be particularly assessed for each main test topic on the basic TABE examination, as shown below.


You must be able to comprehend offered images, recollect information after reading a passage, evaluate material, and be able to describe the meaning of the text in order to pass the reading component of the exam.


You must be familiar with the properties of decimals, integers, and fractions as well as how to solve word puzzles and evaluate data or statistics in order to pass the math parts. You’ll need to understand pre-algebra principles, the order of operations, and how to handle problems involving measurements and estimations.


For the language part of the TABE, be certain that you are confident with sentence construction and grammar. You’ll also need to be familiar with formatting for both paragraphs and longer pieces of writing in addition to spelling and vocabulary.

Study specific subjects

You may find a tonne of free internet materials to assist you in performing well on TABE examinations. Along with webpages on language and vocabulary, you may find websites that teach you arithmetic formulas and rules.

There are free resources available to assist you in learning more specialized subjects including nouns and verbs, sentence structure, fractions, exponents, and many more. Study materials are also available at campus bookstores and online.

Know the scoring requirements

The TABE test has no pass or fails criteria. Instead, your score ranges will be utilized to enroll you in programs and courses at the proper levels.

According to TABE test results, universities could assign students to courses like Adult Basic Education or GED Test Preparation as part of their adult education program.

You might need to take TABE examinations to get into programs like automotive and cosmetology at technical institutions or trade schools. Your institution or program may need that your TABE results be current, for instance, they must have been completed within 180 days or a year, in order to enter into specified programs.

In certain programs, you can be asked to take more TABE exams to evaluate how well you’re doing, and if your scores don’t rise, you might be let go.

how to pass the tabe test

Finally, prepare well before the test date

Being as well-prepared as possible is essential to performing well on the TABE. A positive mindset will surely be beneficial. It’s normal to feel a little anxious, so don’t worry about it. Just calm down!

Read the guidelines and instructions for each TABE segment carefully, and ensure you can hear and comprehend them. Simply ask for more details if you don’t exactly grasp them!

You must carefully schedule your time since the TABE portions are timed subtests. Therefore, try to avoid focusing too much of your limited time on a single subject.

Simply move on to the next question if you need more time to think of a response, and come back if you still have time. Make sure you begin by responding to all of the questions for which you are confident in your knowledge of the solution.

Check to see if you understand the question! This might seem like common sense, yet it’s so simple to forget certain basic phrases. Which of the following are not uneven numbers, for example? If you read that question too quickly, you can miss the phrase “not an uneven” and choose the incorrect answer.

Don’t try to read anything that isn’t there because the TABE test doesn’t have any trick questions. Since carelessness might result in a rather poor score, you should complete your answers precisely and neatly.

You must notify the proctor or examiner as soon as you realize you have marked any answers incorrectly. Your best course of action is typically your initial,  instinctive answer.

Only update the answers you are certain were incorrect when you reviewed or double-checked your responses. When a question leaves you uncertain, the first cross out the answers that you are certain are unquestionably false, and then mark the answer that represents your best estimate.


It doesn’t matter if you’re re-entering a class after break and need a little refresher or you’re finishing off your professional and technical education degree and want to make the most of the experience, we always have a solution to match your goals and time.

Don’t worry too much or struggle to find solutions on how to pass the TABE test before the test day. We are always here to support you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties.