how to retake nclex rn exam

How to Retake NCLEX RN Exam [2024 Comprehensive Guide]

If you failed the NCLEC RN exam, read this article to know how to retake NCLEX RN exam. We provide the most comprehensive guide to the retaking process.

Updated at May 15, 2022

When test-takers learn that they did not pass the NCLEX exam, they are left with a lot of questions. What did I do wrong? Did I spend enough time studying? Do I have what it takes to get success? What are the next steps for me?

Don’t feel discouraged if you find yourself in this situation. You aren’t the first individual to fail the NCLEX. Not at all. The NCLEX is a hard exam, and some students may need multiple attempts to pass. Follow this article to know the requirements for NCLEX RN exam retake and how to retake NCLEX RN exam. We provide the most comprehensive guide to the retaking process.

U.S. States With Different NCLEX Retake Policies

how to retake nclex rn exam

Testing regulations differ by state, and some states may have stricter NCLEX test retake policies for nursing school graduates. To assist you in your preparation, check with your state’s BON policy on exam retakes.

The following state nursing boards have more stringent retest requirements:


Testing applicants must take the NCLEX within two years after graduating. If they fail, they need to wait 45 days before retaking the test. They’ll have to complete a board-approved remediation program before taking the test again after failing three times. Candidates have a total of six opportunities to pass.


Within two years of graduating from nursing school, Louisiana nursing students can take the NCLEX exam up to four times. After that, students need to re-enroll in a nursing program before taking the test again.


Candidates in Colorado are given three testing chances within three years after the first test date. They’ll need to petition for a waiver and complete an approved nursing program to take the test a fourth time.


Within four years, Texas allows first-time nursing school graduates to re-examine every 45 days. If a candidate fails after this time, their testing eligibility is revoked, and they must enroll in and complete a board-approved nursing program again.


Test takers in Florida have three attempts to pass the NCLEX. After that, they must complete a remedial course approved by the Florida Board of Nursing in order to be eligible for a fourth examination.


Candidates in Kansas have two years to pass the exam after graduation, after which they must meet state board requirements and submit a petition for Permission to Retest.


Before being eligible to retest a fourth time, Indiana nursing graduates must prepare a presentation for the nursing board indicating their serious intent to be a candidate.

South Carolina

Candidates who fail their exam in the first year of graduation in South Carolina can repeat it once every 45 days for up to a year after the first attempt. If they do not pass the exam within that time, they must complete a remediation program before taking the exam again. They’ll need to register for a nursing education program again by their three-year testing anniversary.

However, each state board is unique, and not all have such strict NCLEX retesting restrictions. Nursing candidates in New York, for example, can retest an unlimited number of times for only the Pearson VUE NCLEX retake fee. There are no additional fees or licensing requirements for the state of New York.

How Soon Will You Know If You’ve Passed The NCLEX?

It’s reasonable that nursing school graduates are nervously awaiting their official test results after putting in so much time, dedication, and effort in school. It’s the difference between a nursing license and a retest, after all.

Official NCLEX test results are usually published six weeks following testing by the nursing regulatory body (NRB) for your test. However, if you haven’t received your results after this time, contact your local nursing regulatory body.

Six weeks can seem endless. Many nursing state boards, fortunately, participate in a service that can provide results in much less time.

Check to see if your NRB participates in the Quick Results service to get results quickly. Although these aren’t official results, you should get an idea of your score within two business days of taking the test.

This can assist you to learn about the requirements for retesting in your state or prepare for your nursing career. This ultra-fast service costs $7.95 and is only charged if you can access your test results.

However, even if you earn a passing score, the Quick Results service does not ensure that you will be eligible to practice as a registered nurse. You must wait for your official results from your state’s NRB before working as a licensed nurse.

However, if you fail the exam, you’ll be given an NCLEX Candidate Performance Report (CPR) that shows areas of strengths and weaknesses in each content area.  This report might guide you in the correct direction and help you create a study strategy to improve your chances of passing the next time.

How many days do you have to wait to retake NCLEX?

how to retake nclex rn exam

NCLEX Retake Policy

Before retaking the exam, the NCSBN requires that an individual wait 45 days from the date of their first attempt. Any additional attempts are subject to the 45-day waiting period; the applicant must wait 45 days from the date of their last attempt. If you fail the first time, you need to register for the NCLEX and pay to take the test again.

Local Retake Policies

Each state may have its own policies that apply in addition to the NCSBN policy. The waiting period in Pennsylvania, for example, is currently 46 days. It’s crucial to check your state guidelines to see whether the state in which you’ll be licensed has any additional or different requirements for individuals who are retaking the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN tests. Online, you may find links to each state’s BON/RB website (

How to Retake NCLEX RN Exam

  1. Re-apple the NCLEX RN exam with the CRNS.
  2. Re-apply with Pearson VUE when you’re ready to retake the NCLEX RN.
  3. Pearson VUE sends an Authorization to Test (ATT) via email once your registration has been verified by the CRNS. The exam must be scheduled within a 180-day period, according to the ATT. The NCLEX RN application will be canceled and the Pearson VUE fee is non-refundable if a candidate does not write the exam within the 180-day period.
  4. You can now book your exam. Pearson VUE will send you a confirmation email once your exam has been scheduled.

Bylaws and policy changes influence regulations and entry requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Retake The NCLEX Exam?

With Pearson VUE, the registration fee for NCLEX retesting is $200, plus a $75 reapplication fee. You must pay the $7.95 fee for Quick Results if you want faster results.

Contact your local nursing board to learn about your state’s retesting procedures and requirements before paying any registration fees.

Preparing for Retaking The Exam

There are several factors that can influence your NCLEX exam results. One way to boost your chances of passing the NCLEX is to make sure you eliminate or reduce any problems that may affect your performance that is within your control.

Let’s get started with our free NCLEX RN practice test to pass the actual exam with a high score on your first attempt.

Review Test Plans

Test plans for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams are provided on the NCSBN website ( to help you prepare for your exams. These study guides provide examples of information that will be on your tests so that you can get familiar with the test question formats and content before taking your NCLEX exam.

Find Your Test Location

It’s a good idea to figure out where your test will be held ahead of time and get to that location before your test day. If you plan to take public transportation, take public transportation to the test site. If you plan to drive, make sure you arrive early enough to find available parking. It is also helpful if you travel to your test location at the same time of day that you will be taking your test.

This will allow you to see if there is any roadwork that might cause delays, as well as how accessible parking is at that specific time of day. On test day, familiarizing yourself with your route and practical things such as parking will assist reduce the risks of unexpected transportation delays.

Develop a Study Schedule and Support System

You also might want to set up regular study time each day so that you don’t go too long without reviewing the information you’ll need for your tests.

You should also figure out what studying strategy works best for you. Some individuals are capable of organizing their studies and encouraging themselves by awarding themselves for achieving study goals. Others need someone to hold them accountable and remind them to study on a regular schedule. Some people prefer to study alone, while others benefit from the help of a study group or study partner. Determine which approach is implemented for you and use it for your NCLEX test prep.

FAQs – How To Retake NCLEX RN Exam

how to retake nclex rn exam

How quickly can you retake the NCLEX?

Despite the fact that the vast majority of candidates pass the exam the first time, those who do not pass are permitted to retake it 45 days after their initial test date. Candidates can retest up to 8 times per year. Candidates must pass the NCLEX test within three years of graduating from nursing school.

What happens if you fail your NCLEX?

In most states, NCLEX-RN candidates can fail the exam and retake it up to eight times each year. Some states limit how many times a candidate can retest before needing a refresher course. If you failed the NCLEX, you should check with your state board of nursing to see if you can take the tests again.

How many times can you retake NCLEX RN?

If you do not pass the exam, you will have 45 days to retake it. If you’re wondering how many times you can take the NCLEX, the NCSBN retake policy allows for 8 retakes per year, with 45 days between each exam.

Why did I fail NCLEX?

If you failed the NCLEX, it’s possible that you didn’t study enough. Identify your areas of opportunity and determine how you’ll approach your next attempt differently. You may have tried to cram too much learning into too little time, or you may not have studied enough.

Is it hard to pass NCLEX-RN?

Logic and critical thinking skills, rather than memorization, are required to pass this exam, making it more thorough and hard. So, if you’re wondering, “How hard is the NCLEX-RN?” the quick answer is “extremely hard.”

How long is NCLEX valid?

Once an NCLEX registration is created, it will remain open for 365 days while the NRB verifies candidate eligibility. You must test within the validity dates on the Authorization to Test (ATT) email once you have been accepted.

Which state is easiest to get NCLEX?

NCLEX New York is a single-state test that requires no prior experience. It is the simplest and least costly of the three states. It will only take 6 to 7 months to process and has fewer requirements.

Why is NCLEX so hard?

Unlike nursing school exams, which test knowledge, the NCLEX assesses your ability to apply and analyze nursing knowledge in real-life circumstances. This test stresses logic and critical thinking over rote memorization, making it far more difficult and thorough.

Is the NCLEX changing in 2022?

For now, the NCLEX will not change, so if you plan on taking it before 2024, you can rest and not worry about what the Next Gen version will look like.


After the first failure, do not give up. Repeat the procedure until you pass the exam. With this comprehensive guide, we hope that you will know clearly how to retake NCLEX RN exam.

Don’t forget to take our free NCLEX RN practice test to get familiarized with the format as well as the questions of the actual exam to strengthen your knowledge and skills, as a result, enhancing your chance to pass the NCLEX RN exam with a high score on your first attempt. Good luck to you!