naplex study guide

A Comprehensive NAPLEX Study Guide For Your First Try

If you are a current pharmacy student, NAPLEX would be an indispensable step. Equip yourself with this full NAPLEX study guide for your first try.

Updated at June 12, 2023

The notion of NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam) if you are a current pharmacy student.

Every pharmacy student in the US must pass this exam in order to become licensed as a pharmacist.

As you may guess, the test is particularly significant and, if you haven’t ready for it, can be quite nerve-wracking. In this article, we’ll provide you access to the NAPLEX study guide and introduce some effective study techniques that help you pass the exam on your first try.

Before going into the guide, let’s learn what is the NAPLEX exam. On this website, we offer thousands of free NAPLEX practice test questions to help you thoroughly prepare for this exam!

naplex study guide

What is the NAPLEX exam?

The NAPLEX is a 250-question, multiple-choice, computerized test that is used to assess applicants’ knowledge, judgment, and ability levels in order to decide if they are qualified to practice pharmacy at the entry level.

Managing drug therapy, properly and safely preparing and administering pharmaceuticals, delivering drug information, and advancing public health are the three core competencies tested on the exam.

How to Study for NAPLEX Naplex Study Guide

Know the topics covered by the NAPLEX

The NAPLEX Competency Statements are available on the website of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) (

You can see a thorough breakdown of the subjects covered in the test here. The majority of the exam gauges your capacity to provide medication securely and efficiently. Your competence to correctly manufacture, combine, distribute, and administer prescription medications will also be examined.

Understand the NAPLEX scores

The NAPLEX score is scaled, so it is not based on the percentage or number of questions you got right; rather, it is an independent value based on factors like how many of the questions you got right and how tough they were. A passing grade is one with a scaled score of 75 or higher.

There is no longer a set minimum of questions that you must respond to in order to obtain a grade. Unanswered questions receive a failing grade. Even if you have to speculate, you should answer every question.

Practice with the Pre-NAPLEX

The Pre-NAPLEX is an online practice test with 100 questions that are drawn directly from previous tests. Once you begin the exam, you must finish it all in one sitting; you have 140 minutes to do it. Following the exam, you’ll get a report that you can use to determine which topics require extra study.

The Pre-NAPLEX can be taken twice, but each time you take it, you must pay a price. Your school could set up a controlled, exam-like environment for pupils to take the Pre-NAPLEX in groups.

Participate in a review course

A NAPLEX review course could be provided by your pharmacy school. This course may be delivered online or through a mix of live and recorded lectures. Additionally, you may buy review programs that provide you access to online live lectures, study guides, and practice exams.

Utilize portable devices when studying

On both Apple and Android smartphones, you may download a variety of NAPLEX study apps. With these applications, you may study anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes to review flashcards or respond to practice questions.

Access to eBooks may also be available via your pharmacy school. If provided by your school, access to the books could require logging into the library there, and it might only be available to students.

naplex study guide

Understanding the format of the exam

Since the NAPLEX Exam will create questions for you depending on your response to the preceding question, you cannot skip questions on it. This implies that exam questions will be assigned based on your degree of expertise.

You must be aware of the different question forms before the exam. The NAPLEX Candidate Registration Bulletin has examples of each type.

There will be both typical multiple-choice questions and multiple-choice questions with numerous right answers. There are other questions that need you to calculate the answer and then type it into a box.

Additionally, you might need to rate the available options in light of a certain set of facts. In addition, you can be asked to choose where on a diagram your answer option should be shown. You’ll be able to pass the NAPLEX by using the resources provided above to practice these questions kinds.

Be used to the NAPLEX procedures

The NAPLEX Candidate Registration Bulletin contains comprehensive information on how to register for the exam, the prerequisites, what to expect on test day, and how to acquire your score report. Making sure you are familiar with all of these guidelines in advance helps reduce exam day stress.

You might need particular paperwork from your state in order to register for the test. Additionally, you should be familiar with the eligibility requirements, guidelines, and schedule listed on your approval to test letter. Before you attend the testing facility to take the exam, you should familiarise yourself with the norms that will be followed there.

Take the Break

When offered a break (there may be a few available), accept it. We know you just want to get the hell out of the exam room but do yourself a favor.

The optional breaks don’t reduce your time allotment for the NAPLEX, which you have up to 6 hours to complete. Think about how concentrated you are throughout an exam. Imagine subjecting your body to that for six hours. We’re telling you now that you will burn out and do poorly on the second half of the exam.

Take a rest instead, that would be better. Move around, stretch, and perhaps have a small food. Simply attempt to divert your thoughts somewhere else for a few minutes while taking some deep breaths. It will pay off.

The day before the exam

Spend the day not studying

The day before the major event is for you to unwind and regain your strength. Wake up at the same time you will need to the next day. Limit your study time to going over your own notes and flashcards if you feel you must.

A backup strategy

Do you have a backup plan in case, for instance, your car won’t start? Do you believe your alarm clock will properly wake you up? If not, establish a backup plan with friends. Make sure to get up on time, rested, and rejuvenated.

Before you go to sleep, prepare the materials you’ll need for the exam. This includes any personal goods like eyeglasses, a photo ID, schedule permission, and a confirmation number.

Have a restful night’s sleep

Take a hot bath or drink some warm milk to aid with your sleep. Avoid using sleeping pills since they could make you feel sleepy in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, knowing the material is the greatest approach to NAPLEX’s success. Your chances of passing the NAPLEX, let alone performing well, are close to none if you lack good knowledge.

Knowing the material, however, does not ensure success. Make good use of the NAPLEX study guide to achieve your expected scores and goals.