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Ontario G1 Test: What Does It Include And How To Pass This Exam? Whether you are a tourist, a foreigner living and working in Ontario, or consider yourself a local, successfully passing the Ontario G1 Test is the first mandatory step to being allowed to drive freely here. However, the driving laws in Canada have […]

Ontario G1 Test: What Does It Include And How To Pass This Exam?

Whether you are a tourist, a foreigner living and working in Ontario, or consider yourself a local, successfully passing the Ontario G1 Test is the first mandatory step to being allowed to drive freely here. However, the driving laws in Canada have certain differences compared to the US, Europe, or other countries. A written exam focussing on traffic law will be completely separate from the others and you must complete this test before being allowed to take any further steps. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this, read the following article to get more information and experience about the Ontario G1 Test that can be beneficial for you during the process of taking your driving license in Ontario.

What Is the Ontario G1 Test?

G1 is a written knowledge-based exam that tests your understanding of road signs and regulations in Ontario. For the purpose of getting your official G1 license, it is required for you to pass the G1 test. When you turn exactly 16 years old, it is possible for you to visit a Drive Test location nearby and test for the Ontario G1 license with a written knowledge-based exam including 40 multiple-choice questions related to the rules of the road. It is considered the primary of the total 3 tests you have to successfully pass to complete the total of the graduated licensing system. It is the only composed appraisal you may get to pass. The remaining two appraisals are practical exams.

The local authority of Ontario has established a graduated driver’s permit (which is often called GDL) program that lasts for approximately 2 years for the candidates to complete all. After passing your composed test at Drive Test, it is obligatory for you to hold your G1 permit for 1 year or just 8 months. In the event that you’re enlisted in a driver training program before you’ll take your first drive test to qualify for taking a G2 permit. The G1 permit permits you to drive under the supervision of a completely licensed driver with more than 4 years of driving experience.

What Does Ontario G1 Test Include?

The Ontario G1 test is separated into 2 main categories: 20 questions focusing on traffic signs, and 20 other questions focusing on the general rules of the road. It is obligatory for you to accurately reply to 16 questions in each area to successfully pass the Ontario G1 test. In addition to the composed exam, you’ll moreover have to pass a vision test which can cost you the fee bundle of $158.25, which can cover your information test, possible G2 driver’s test, and your five-year driving permit. In case you have the demand to retake the composed exam, you have to pay an extra fee of exactly $15.75. The Ontario G1 driver’s test is mainly based on the 2022 version of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook and all the questions appearing on the actual test will be pulled straightforwardly from the study guide.

The Requirements For Getting An Ontario G1 License

For the purpose of applying for the Ontario G1 license, it is required for you to be at the age of 16 and pass an eye and composed test around the Ontario general regulations/rules of the road and traffic signs. Both the eye as well as the composed tests are completely managed at the province’s DriveTest Centre after you yield your application. To guarantee that you ace the information test to urge your G1 in your first attempt, it is necessary for you to ponder the MTO (which stands for the Official Ministry of Transportation) Driver’s Handbook. When you successfully meet all the above requirements of the Ontario G1, you will have enough ability to take your G1 license. However, you are just a new driver and therefore, there will be a number of driving restrictions that you must be subject to.

Besides, during the process of applying for an Ontario G1 driver’s license, it is required for you to provide enough proof of identification that can illustrate your name and date of birth. Below are several documents that are acceptable, including:

  • Your Canadian passport (foreign passport is acceptable)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card with your official photo
  • Your Secure Certificate (which is issued by Northern Affairs Canada or  Indian)
  • Your Ontario photo card
  • Your permanent resident card in Ontario
  • Other legal documents that can illustrate your name and date of birth are also acceptable

Anybody who has the demand of passing their written test needs to include the G1 test into their studying schedule. This can be considered one optimal method to assess where you’re in your studying journey. It will also do wonders in assisting you to review all the knowledge and grant you a thought of whether you’re ready to take the official Ontario G1 test or not.

What Comes After Your G1 Written Test?

In case you pass your G1 test, you’ll be a G1 permit holder. This gives you the right to drive in a vehicle on the street, beneath legitimate supervision.

You’re unequivocally encouraged to practice driving in your own vehicle as much as possible amid this stage of your permitting process. A bit like after you were considering for your G1 test, putting within the time and effort to memorize your driving skills, review it every day, and carefully equip yourself at another stage in testing and the years of effectively working a vehicle securely for the rest of your life.

However, there are still several significant legal restrictions smart and secure car drivers ought to remember during your permitting preparation.

  • You have to drive under legitimate supervision. You must always have an authorized driver within the vehicle with you while you’re driving. The driving supervisor must have a BAC level underneath 0.05 and have more than 4 years of experience in driving.
  • You must not consume alcohol. It is not allowed for you to consume any amount of alcohol in your system during the process of driving and operating your vehicle with a G1 license.
  • Wear your seatbelt. It is required for you to wear a seatbelt during the process of driving. Besides, any person, including the legitimate superior, must also do the same.
  • Follow the limited nighttime driving rules for G1 drivers. Together with your G1 permit, you’re permitted to drive during sunshine hours. You are disallowed to drive between 12 pm and 5 am.
  • Dodge driving on any 400 thruways. Your G1 permit will permit you to drive on any Ontario roadways but 400 thruways or high-speed expressways, checked as QEW. 
  • It is not allowed for you to drive on several high-speed roads, such as Don Valley Parkway, Greater Toronto Area, Queen Elizabeth Way, E.C. Row Expressway, or the Kitchener-Waterloo Way… However, in case you are driving under the supervision of a driving instructor, it is possible for you to drive on any of the above roads.
  • Consider these rules and test driving as much as conceivable along with your G1 permit so you’ll be prepared for another stage of your driving encounter.

What Will Happen If A Candidate Failed the Ontario G1 Test?

It is common that the completely new driver fails their first attempt at the Ontario G1 test. There is a failure range fluctuating between 50 and 70% over Ontario. But, don’t stress. In case you can not pass the G1 knowledge test, you will be able to retake it. The cost that you have to pay for retaking your Ontario G1 Test is $16.00.

Your Ontario G1 Test result is valid for 12 months. Retaking the exam inside this time is advantageous. You’ll just have to revamp the sections you did not pass. If you hold up more than 12 months, you will need to modify the whole G1 test. 

The above information about the Ontario G1 Test is for the re-qualification system in Ontario, e.g. Ottawa. If you are living or working again in Ontario, hopefully, this article can help you in the process of getting your driver’s license.

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