pert test study guide

Comprehensive PERT Test Study Guide [2024 Updated]

PERT test study guide is one of the most important things you need to know before taking the PERT test. Check this article for more beneficial information!

Updated at November 16, 2022

The purpose of the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (also known as PERT), which is given by the state of Florida, is to provide an accurate evaluation of your comprehensive academic abilities within the 3 areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Your placement in the appropriate college courses will be assessed based on how well you perform on the exam. This article will help you to have a comprehensive understanding of the PERT test study guide. On this website, we also offer thousands of free PERT practice test questions to help you thoroughly prepare for this exam! Check it out!

pert test study guide

PERT Structure

Writing, reading comprehension, and mathematical reasoning are the subject matter tested on the PERT. You will have approximately three hours to finish the entire exam. Let’s study each PERT section in greater detail:

PERT Mathematics section

On the PERT Mathematics test, you will be graded on your comprehension of a variety of mathematical concepts, including equations, polynomials, coordinate planes, and more. Below is the more detailed topics that can appear in the Mathematics section:

  • Utilizing existing principles or techniques 
  • Algebraic expression evaluation
  • Planes of coordination 
  • Focusing on two-variable simultaneous linear equation pairings Polynomials and Equations
  • Using established principles or methods
  • Using binomials and monomials to divide 

To get more details and tips about this section, please explore our PERT math test study guide!

PERT Reading section

During the Reading section of the PERT, you will be assessed on your ability to decipher word meanings, recognize links between sentences, and differentiate between facts and points of view. Below is the more detailed topics that can appear in the Reading section:

  • Analyzing how different novels approach the same problems from different perspectives
  • Defending or refuting claims made about a work
  • Determining an author’s objectives
  • Determining what is fact and what is an opinion 
  • Examining the features and beliefs of real-world and fictional characters
  • Recognizing and distilling the most important information and ideas
  • Determining the links between the events in a work
  • Analyzing the logic and eloquence of an argument
  • Acquiring an understanding of the meanings of words and phrases by close examination of the content, tone, and structural arrangement of a text

PERT Writing section

In the PERT’s Writing section, you will be evaluated on a variety of skills, including your ability to establish a subject or thesis, your command of grammar and spelling, as well as your thinking and organizing abilities. Below is the more detailed topics that can appear in the Writing section:

  • Establishing a thesis or subject through the application of standard English writing conventions to show (grammar, mechanics, etc.)
  • Abilities regarding the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization of the English language
  • Creating and maintaining a style or tone; efficiently and coherently mixing facts from several sources
  • Transferring difficult information by presenting, discussing, and referencing facts, conclusions, and observations
  • Claiming while also acknowledging the validity of other arguments
  • Maintaining concentration on a single issue or contention
  • defining a thesis or theme
  • Capabilities in both concept formation and administration
  • linguistic ability, particularly in the construction of sentences

Is the PERT Test Hard?

It is possible that the PERT test will be difficult because it is structured in the format of the Computer Adaptive Test  (CAT). In other words, if you give the correct response to the question, the next question will be more difficult, and if you give an incorrect response, the next question will be easier. This pattern continues until the end of the test. 

With this method, the questions that are presented to you are hand-picked to ensure that they are tailored specifically to your expertise. It is not possible to amend responses to questions that were asked before. The majority of individuals believe that the PERT test’s math section is the most difficult.

pert test study guide

How Should You Prepare for the PERT Test? PERT Test Study Guide

Try PERT Mock Tests

Not only the amount of time you spent studying is important to your performance on the PERT examination, but also how you prepared for the exam is critical to your results. It is important to conduct checks at regular intervals to evaluate the impact that your education is having on your life. 

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to test yourself with mock PERT tests so you can monitor your improvement. Taking practice examinations is beneficial since they show areas in which you may improve. When you are taking a free practice test for the PERT exam, pay particular attention to the following three groups of questions:

  • Those with the incorrect responses
  • Those required guessing, even if you were correct
  • Those you found challenging or time-consuming to finish

This will make your weaknesses abundantly evident to you and point you to the areas in which you need to devote more time to learning. Why did you struggle to provide satisfactory responses to each of these questions? Was it because the material was too complicated for you to understand? You seem to have forgotten the vocabulary; is that why it happened? Do you feel like you may benefit from further practice answering questions like these to boost your speed and confidence? 

When you go back and look over the material, one of the things you should do is think about the questions and figure out how you can improve the areas that are lacking.

Using Answer Explanations

In addition, a section that elucidates the various answer choices may be found on the majority of the PERT practice exams. After reading the explanation, it might be tempting to believe that you now have a complete comprehension of the topic. 

An explanation, on the other hand, will often just cover a small piece of the broader context of the inquiry. Even though the explanation appears to be straightforward, you should nevertheless perform an in-depth study on each concept associated with the matter until you are certain that you have a solid understanding of it.

What to Bring on the PERT Test Day?

Participants taking the PERT in high school might not need to worry about providing identification, while those taking the test in college are expected to do so. Documents of identity issued by the government, such as a driver’s license, are required to be shown. 

College students are required to get student identification numbers as well. Students in high school who are taking the test at a college may be permitted to use an ID letter from their school as long as it fulfills the standards of the institution; nevertheless, they are still required to provide an ID issued by the appropriate government agency.

What to Know Before the Test?

  • Aware of the time: Your exam is set to start or the open testing period hours unless you are taking the test at your high school. In that case, you should arrive at the testing location at the time that you have established. If you arrive early, you will have time to sign in and provide whatever information the site of the exam may want from you.
  • Know how to get to the testing facility: If you are going to take the exam at a college or institution, verify the address and make sure you are familiar with the directions to get there. It is in your best interest to travel there in advance so that you are familiar with the route, are aware of the parking alternatives nearby, and are aware of the projected amount of time needed for the journey.
  • Know the content outline: To aid you in effectively preparing for the PERT test, make sure to gather resources that may be relied upon as references.

Making Preparations for the Test

There is a possibility that you will need to pre-register for the PERT test; however, this is not always the case. High school students in Florida who intend to take the PERT exam at their school will not be required to do their independent preparations for the exam. This is because the requirement is already included in their academic schedule.

Students may be permitted to walk in at any time during open testing sessions to sign up for the exam. Students at certain educational facilities are required to plan their examinations or enroll in classes on the internet. If you are planning on taking the PERT at a postsecondary school, check the website of that institution for information on how to register for the exam.

Final Words

Above is all the information related to the PERT test study guide. We hope that this article can be beneficial for you during the process of studying and acing this test. Good luck to you!