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$7311_w9_h37.png$, 2.28, $1059_w18_h37.png$, 0.199.
What number in the list above has the greatest value?

A $7311_w9_h37.png$

The fraction $7311_w9_h37.png$ is greater than 1 because the numerator is larger than the denominator. This makes it greater than $1059_w18_h37.png$ and 0.199, which are both less than 1. The fraction $7311_w9_h37.png$ can be converted to a mixed number $5562_w34_h37.png$ or decimal (approximately 2.66) by dividing 8 by 3. The other choices are incorrect because $7311_w9_h37.png$ (or approximately 2.66) is greater than 2.28, $1059_w18_h37.png$, and 0.199.