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Johnny spends $1742_w9_h37.png$ of his income on food, $9909_w18_h38.png$ of his income on gas, and $8471_w9_h37.png$ of his income on rent. What percentage of his income remains after he has paid for food, gas, and rent?

A 38.2\%

Begin by finding the common denominator of the three: $3803_w113_h14.png$. Johnny's total income can then be written as $5704_w127_h38.png$. The cost of food can be written as $6425_w27_h37.png$, the cost of gas can be written as $9050_w27_h38.png$, and the cost of rent can be written as $8110_w27_h37.png$. Subtracting each of these costs from his total income yields: $2373_w240_h38.png$, which represents the amount of money he has left after paying for all three. To find the percentage, divide 214 by 560 and multiply by 100: $8272_w204_h37.png$