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Which word best fills the blank in this sentence? As a child of a military officer, Milton knew the hardships of life on the move; he had been in five different schools by the time he was in 7th grade after all; but his ____ nature ensured that he always made new friends quickly and he never suffered long from the loneliness of being the "new kid."

A gregarious

The word gregarious means that you are outgoing and social; you enjoy meeting and talking with people and you are easy to be around. As a result, even though he was moving often, Milton made new friends easily no matter where he ended up. Introverted is an antonym of gregarious. Enigmatic means there is an air of mystery about him, but if he's making friends quickly, he's probably not very secretive or mysterious. Bellicose means aggressive, which would not make Milton very successful at making friends.

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